eCommerce industries are experiencing widespread forward-looking innovation currently. This popularity is fuelled by customers that stipulate the need for exceptional experiences.

The growth of this industry is outpacing the entire retail growth by an amount of 14.2% vs. 4%. 60%. Most online website traffic generates from mobile yet it only accounts for just 38% of revenue.

Change is taking place within the industry very fast. Merchants do not really carry the luxury of preparing for the future as it is occurring right now everywhere around the world.

Several high-end eCommerce websites are coming into the limelight. The focus is now on forthcoming Magento Development Trends.

Startups & entrepreneurs are now seeking better Magento development services for expanding an edge over their competitors.

Let us learn about the various enticing latest eCommerce trends in detail.

Trends to look for in 2021

#1. Headless commerce

The web development trends that the world will be really thankful for in 2021 will truly change the face of eCommerce. For instance, the headless commerce trend is currently very popular.

With this, merchants & sellers are making a shift from monolithic systems to slanting microservice stacks & headless architectures.

These deliver enhanced performance & agility. This technology carries the potential of developing applications in parallel. With this, scaling & isolating microservices is possible.

This facilitates the efficient launching of front-end experiences such as PWAs or Progressive Web Applications.

#2. Voice commerce

By the end of 2021, the number of smart speaker individuals will enhance by approximately 20%. This rise offers clear hints to the future of eCommerce trends like voice commerce.

In fact, the upcoming year will witness smart speakers as the ticket to shopping online. Many sellers are already implementing voice commerce in their online stores.

Incorporation of such trends in any eCommerce development strategy will only lead to higher ROI.

A few ways to include voice search in the eCommerce store are as follows:

  • The addition of new skills to Amazon Alexa & Google Assistants
  • Content optimization for appearing in the voice queries
  • Offering voice-based navigation on the website or app
  • Facilitating a simple flow for buying products via voice search

#3. Ethical trends

Currently, consumer wakefulness of the ecological footprint of various consumptions is rapidly rising. 2019 witnessed things like climate strike movements all over the globe.

This was followed by consumers putting pressure on industries & governments. This was the purpose of putting forward only sustainable solutions for addressing farming practices, CO2 production, waste reduction, plastic packaging, etc.

So several Magento eCommerce developers are now implementing this trend. More consumers are now slowly realizing the hidden effects of consumerism & eCommerce in general.

According to a recent survey, 85% of individuals strongly feel that organizations must help enhance the environment.

Another study shows that almost 70% of online shoppers consider product sustainability to be the most important factor for advancing purchases.

Such zeal for corporate responsibility is now slowly being shared across generations & gender lines. This makes adding these Magento Development Trends a must in 2021.

#4. Social commerce

When you want to make the most out of your eCommerce website, Magento Development Trends like social commerce hold special significance.

This is an era when shoppers undergo integrated experiences all the time on their social media platforms. This makes them favorable for grabbing all the finest deals on the Internet.

The number of online ads is enhancing with each passing day on all social media platforms. Due to this, people all the time can learn about products & services in a convenient manner.

Such enticing experiences follow with regular purchases. Thus, a Magento specialist can never miss out on this trend.

Social media integration is a must these days for guaranteeing the success of any eCommerce website.

#5. B2B NextGen e-commerce

If you try to gain a deep insight into the nature of B2B companies, you will discover that only16% of them are customer-centric. This is because most companies do not even try to understand the mind of a B2B buyer.

Business-to-business brands need to develop a direct-to-consumer channel. By this, businesses can gain ownership of customer data. This will help in optimizing the customer experience across every channel.

With the advancement of Magento 2 new features, in 2021, B2B companies will move their focus from product-centric to consumer-centric.

The brands will also get to explore fresh channels & prospects for enhancing customer experience. Magento Development Trends like this when implemented correctly, can expand the target audience to large extents.

#6. AR/VR

Widespread revolution is striking several industries in the current times. This is due to the emergence of technologies like Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

As a matter of fact, these technologies are proving to be highly beneficial for Magento eCommerce website development.

Many people, who love shopping online, complain about the incapability of witnessing certain products. VR & AR technologies are functioning vigorously for eradicating such gaps in online shopping.

There are valid reasons why eCommerce developers and marketers are largely considering the integration of these Magento Development Trends.

For instance, shoppers can actually visualize products in the real world with the incorporation of innovative AR technology. Shoppers can also realize whether the products are fulfilling their demands or not.

The real world can set a connection with the virtual world through virtual reality that altogether offers a virtual experience.

Online stores can provide in-store experiences through VR technology. This helps customers with greater details for making correct decisions.

The utilization of VR/AR is a super amazing Magento eCommerce development trend that will absolutely rule in the year 2021.

#7. Faultless omnichannel experiences

Online vendors & merchants have perceived their omnichannel approach from only the sales standpoint. If they still continue doing this, they will miss out on important Magento Development Trends.

The growth of number of touchpoints for making good decisions is on the rise currently. This is making marketing & sales channels gradually more complimentary.

This is again triggering the requirement for steadfast product experiences. So even if it is small business eCommerce, integrating the trend of omnichannel experiences is a must in 2021.

As per a study, almost 89% of buyers agree to pay more for a better customer experience. Ecommerce sellers must first gain a proper understanding of the effect of the manifold channels on their consumer journey.

This will help them to develop their product experiences & thrive successfully in the omnichannel experience market.

#8. Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce for sharp product recommendations is no longer unfamiliar to the whole world.

As the previous few years witnessed the arrival of better algorithms, this technology has evolved a lot.

This is just not one of those prevailing Magento Development Trends in 2020. But people will also recognize it as one of the most critical trends in the year 2021.

Ecommerce websites get the chance of preparing smarter product recommendations that will directly improve the customer experience.

Ecommerce businesses will be able to evaluate trends with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The evaluation of trends with buyer behavior & sales channels will help in ascertaining the greatest price, place & time for listing the various products.

It will largely help in boosting the marketing & sales efforts of various eCommerce businesses.

#9. Boosting conversions with micro animations

Since the very early days of the web, the world has largely appreciated the utilization of animations such as GIFs.

However, the current era is witnessing the implementation of Magento Development Trends like entertainment & memes.

Almost every social media channel has a wide array of memes every day entertains people. This is quite engaging as well.

Hence, if animated icons are employed as one of the eCommerce shipping best practices, it can largely improve the eCommerce experience.

It will also reinvigorate the various brands. Boosting conversions will then be a piece of cake for Magento specialists and eCommerce merchants.

#10. Marketplaces

Buyers these days look for a competitively priced & easy marketplace experience while shopping from eCommerce websites.

As a matter of fact, in the upcoming 5 years, platforms can account for more than 40% of worldwide corporate revenue. Both B2B & B2C merchants will be reverting to these platforms.

So if you want your eCommerce website to reach millions & satisfy them, incorporating such Magento Development Trends is necessary.

Parting thoughts

With more number advanced mobile devices & online websites, the realm of online shopping is realizing new heights. Today’s eCommerce development company is the one that guarantees flawless customer experience.

Online sellers can create more high-end websites for maximizing their revenue with the help of Magento Development Trends.

The trends always assist eCommerce merchants to stay updated. The trends are all set to make their way in 2021. We can definitely say that the (future) time to come is already here.

You will require Magento development services to solidify your foundation if you are an entrepreneur with brimming eCommerce ideas.

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