The mobile game market is witnessing growth since the introduction of smartphones. The mobile gaming market share got a further boost in the COVID 19 pandemic. This is the best time to know about mobile game development trends if you are planning to develop a mobile game.

So, there is no doubt that this is the correct time to take up a gaming app development project. However, to stay ahead in the game it is necessary to know the mobile game development trends.

Before you hire a mobile game development company, check out the mobile gaming industry statistics. This information will help you in deciding the type of games to develop.

Also, you should research how to market a mobile game to get a good ROI.

Do you think you have enough information on hand to begin? If yes, then check out the following gaming industry trends for 2021!

Mobile Game Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

#1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the latest app trends. The trend is not limited to gaming. In the case of gaming, virtual reality can give your audience exactly what they want – an immersive experience.

Some of the VR headsets that are actually getting the audience’s attention are PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Are you eager on taking advantage of mobile gaming growth? Then consider offering hardware compatible with your VR game app.

The VR headsets in the market now may be expensive but you can expect that to change soon. They will soon become affordable for most of the gamers out there.

VR is going to be the next big thing. That makes it one of the mobile game development trends to consider.

#2. Augmented Reality

For people who don’t understand technical jargon, the best example of AR is Pokemon Go. We think everyone remembers this name due to its popularity.

The mobile game industry statistics show that Pokemon Go has over 750 million downloads.

We think the numbers are enough to tell you what to expect in the future. While VR will present a completely new world, AR will alter the existing world.

AR uses technologies like GPS, computer graphics, and others to turn the real world into a game. AR has not developed completely.

But the popularity of Pokemon Go gives us a glimpse into the potential of AR. Needless to say, AR is one of the top video game trends.

#3. eSports

Live gaming events are a new thing. People have moved out of their regular living room gaming competitions. Now, people come together in public places to host a gaming competition.

eSports is among the most popular multiplayer video game that is played competitively for an audience.

The mobile gaming industry report states that eSports is a $1.5 billion market in 2020. Well, these figures should be enough to motivate you.

While you are at your game development planning, consider integrating two game development trends with eSports.

The two trends can be AR and VR. Such a unique concept will give you an edge over your competitors.

#4. Face Recognition

Surprised? You must have not expected face recognition to be in the list of game development app trends. Until now face recognition was mostly related to security-based applications.

But that is about to change now. You can expect it to be present in video games too. A mobile game will become more interesting if players can play with their look-alikes.

It can be made possible by using face recognition and 3D technology. As face recognition is already being used in a lot of other things right now, the gaming industry will be no exception.

We suggest using face recognition technology in games is something to discuss with your iPhone game development team.

#5. Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is one of those mobile game development trends that exist in the industry but the full potential has not been explored. Microcontrollers and computers are advancing every day.

It will make it easier for gamers to select something from the list. It will not only improve the UI of your game but also allow interaction on social media.

Right now, there are ways to use this technology in the mobile game business. What’s more? Developers and industry giants are already curious to know its complete potential.

#6. Wearables

Wearables are not a new term. Millennials depend on their wearables for doing daily tasks on the go. Wearables were initially used for fitness purposes, but now the focus is on using this technology for gaming.

It is one of the mobile app industry trends that will bring about a change in the gaming industry. MadRat Games is already using this technology in SuperSuit.

It is a wearable gaming platform. The aim is to cut down the screen time of children. Also, the aim is to increase social interaction and physical activity of children.

As you explore more of wearables in gaming, you can achieve a breakthrough that has never been seen before.

#7. A Trip Down the Memory Lane

No one can resist the magic of playing their childhood games. So, remaking old video games is definitely one of the mobile game development trends to look out for.

Moreover, if the remade games follow the latest game design trends, you can attract a larger audience.

Your primary audience for such games would be of course the grown-ups. But you can also attract the younger generations by adding graphics or new features.

#8. Increase the Social Aspect

Humans need to socialize. It is one of their basic needs. The socializing aspect of games can be very helpful in the pandemic.

When players are befriending people in the game, they will spend more time on the game. Spending more time on the game also means that gamers will increase the subscription period.

Looking at the COVID 19 situation, it seems that people are going to be remote working for a while. In fact, until everything is safe, most people will be confined in their homes.

So, increasing the social aspect of your dream game is one of the mobile game development trends.

#9. Offer Cross-Play Options

Due to cloud gaming, game platforms are able to provide both partial and full support for other platforms. For your audience, this can be an advantage as they have their favorite platforms.

Cross-platform gaming can also help you get a wide range of audience because not everyone can afford both PS4 and Xbox.

The demand for cross-play is on a rise from the consumers. On the other hand, the platform owners also want to retain their loyal audience.

In spite of some technical glitches, the majority of the games are now offering cross-platform support. Cross-platform gaming option is one of those mobile game development trends that is only going to see a rise from here onwards.

#10. Increased Involvement of Gamers in The Making Process

The process of creating games has evolved with time. Earlier it was developers creating it and the marketing team selling it.

Now, mobile game marketing requires combined efforts from both teams. The creators will use more and more user-generated content to promote their game.

The one way that creators will adopt is to fuel their marketing strategy with user-generated content across generations. It is the combines growth of developers as well as gamers.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that with advancements in technology, gamers/audiences expect the gaming experience to improve too.

Looking at these mobile game development trends, it can be said that the overall gaming experience will become more immersive and realistic too.

AR/VR will introduce new gadgets to the users. Furthermore, gaming has already become one of the major means of communication among millennials.

If you were looking for the right opportunity to get into the gaming sector, then this is the right time. People of different races and nationalities are coming together to participate in live gaming events.

Overall, gaming is helping create a more inclusive culture and at the same time keeping the gamers engaged.

Right now, gaming and social media are the primary means of self-expression for millennials. You can expect them to become more popular in the future.

To make your game app successful, hire a reputed android game development team. A professional team will make sure that your audience gets a seamless gaming experience irrespective of their device.

Yes, finding the right developers may seem like a daunting task right now but a little research will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. Remember, a development team can make or break your app.

Apart from the game app-related decisions, you also need to decide on its UI/UX, the experience of the development team that you require, etc.

All of these decisions will have a substantial impact on the final cost of your app development project.

Do you need some guidance on developing a successful gaming app? Or do you need some help in marketing your game to the right audience?

Whatever it is, our experts have got you covered! Tell us about your brilliant gaming app idea on [email protected]!

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