In today’s day and time, smartphones have influenced every sector of the business connecting eCommerce companies. And its active usage has helped to shift conventional commerce to eCommerce business.

The innovation of mobile apps motivated eCommerce businesses to introduce themselves to new customers worldwide. Customers, especially the Millennials, prefer to shop for their products online through the mobile application.

The beginning of eCommerce and m-commerce applications like the Myntra online shopping app has had an enormous impact on the fashion world.

The fashion and style influencers need to keep themselves updated with changing trends, fashions, seasons, occasions prevailing in the market.

It offers a chance to manufacturers, designers, brands, and others to connect to a wide range of audiences in a single go. What’s more tempting is that all the visitors get to look at all the brands under one roof and at their desired time and place.

If you want to know the benefits of developing an eCommerce like the Myntra online shopping app, then engage yourself with the blog to get the theory.

If you have an idea to create an online shopping app like Myntra, connect with a top mobile application development company that can help you best to execute your plan.

About Myntra

Myntra is India’s No.1 fashion destination for online shopping. The online shopping app locates all the latest deals and offers and simultaneously browses a wide range of fashion brands for men, women, kids, and living.

The main motive of Myntra is to reach out to its audience with top brands and products and provide an exceptional user experience to its users across India.

Features of a Mobile App Like Myntra Online Shopping App

  • Easy sign-ups through Gmail, Facebook accounts.
  • Customers get access to 2,30,000+ products from 1600+ brands
  • Users get to introduce themselves to the latest fashions trends of Kurtis, sarees, shoes, shirts, coats, footwear, traditional wear, lifestyle, and many more
  • Users can filter the product based on their specifications like size, color, brand, style, fit, price, occasion, and many more.
  • It also provides users with styling tips from design specialists.
  • Include Myntra coupon codes in the shopping app and get the latest updates on the ongoing best deals and offers.
  • 30 days easy return and exchange.
  • Compatible with various gateway options like Net-banking, Credit/Debit cards, UPI, PhonePe, and many more.

Essential Features Top Mobile Application Development Company Integrates To Develop An Online Shopping Myntra.

1. Registration

Users like to deal with simple registration processes, as complex processes irritate and confuse them, and in those situations, they wish to uninstall your application.

A top mobile application development company will take care of these problems and build an effortless registration process for your online shopping app.

2. Social Media Integration

The catapulted registration strategy can help users take out their precious time and fill in the primary login and registration details.

Your users can further share the business limits, and offers with their friends and families and then assists them with advancing business.

3. Push Notification

Push notification is one of the most vital elements in mobile application development as it encourages sending notifications for various upcoming or prevailing offers and discounts.

It helps brands connect to their audience, and it helps the audience stay aware of the discounts and offers.

4. User Interface

Alluring and engaging Myntra app design keeps its users engaged in the mobile application.

Similarly, it is required to develop a captivating design and fascinating UI for your online shopping app to boost your eCommerce sales. It advances your brand image and gains people’s trust.

5. Product Review

The Myntra online shopping app has in-build features to rate and survey their products and services. Providing access to customers to rate and survey on a particular product helps businesses concentrate on the review and modification.

6. Checkout

The immediate check-out highlight in online shopping apps allows customers to place an order with the information already entered and then further share the billing history and transit details with the buyer.

7. Multiple Payment Integration

To develop an online shopping application with multiple payment gateways benefits of reaching out to new customers. It helps users to buy their desired product from their preferred payment option.

Integrating various payment gateway options as the Myntra online shopping app helped boost your business’s sales. You may check out the compiled list of payment gateways for mobile apps.

8. Security

While users have a transaction from any eCommerce site, we tend to take a lot of information about the users like their address, email id, bank account details, card data, and many more.

Integrating the security alert assures your users that there is no kind of fraud taking place.

9. Purchase History

Providing customers with access to their purchase history can help them keep a follow-up on payments, items delivered, and items in transit. Further, they can contact customer care if they have any queries.

10. Analytics

While companies wish to follow on user experience and performance of business and products, analytics is significant, and Google Analytics can help you.

You can have your analytic reports and measure your business growth with the help of the best mobile app analytics tools available in the market.

11. Advanced Filters

Advanced filters integrated into Myntra online shopping app help users search for their specific product depending on the pattern, location, price, and several other details.

It helps users to search for their specific requirements in no time and then proceed towards checkout.

How Much Does An Online Shopping App Like Myntra Cost?

A Myntra online shopping app would have numerous kinds of data arrangements, like customer-focused content in item information, pictures, videos, and many more.

The cost majorly depends on the components like design, size, platform, top mobile application development company you choose, and many more to develop an online shopping app like Myntra.

Let’s have detailed insights into these components.

1. Design for the App

To develop an online shopping application, integrate attractive UI & UX design as it is one of the vital parts of any online fashion shopping application. Keep updated with the latest UI & UX design trends.

It is the only factor that attracts customers and keeps them engaged in your online shopping application. An amazing attractive UI/UX design like on Myntra online shopping application can cost you a bomb.

Hence by utilizing advanced structuring devices and designs, the design cost can be reduced, and top mobile application development companies can help you best with this.

Before diving into designing, you must understand UI and UX Design differences for business productivity.

2. App Platform

The app development cost differs from Android to iOS, iOS to Windows, and others. As in the Myntra online shopping app, app development’s Myntra app cost was lesser for iOS than Android.

If you are very specific about your budget and the huge paycheque of the mobile app platform is not supporting your budget, choose React Native. It can be your best option to move ahead.

3. Application Size

Mobile application size of online shopping apps intends to the number of functionalities and highlights your shopping application would have.

The more integrated functions, the more will be the cost for your online shopping application. Taking into account incorporating just the important highlights in version 1 of your application can reduce your app cost to a great extent.

4. App Developers

The experience, mastery level, execution, and geographic area of a developer of how they use iOS app development services will have a huge effect on the cost of developing a mobile app like the Myntra online shopping app.

5. Basic Features

The Myntra app cost fluctuates based on user statements, shopping carts, wish lists, reviews, comments, suggestions, and other essential features that include the time and change in overall costs of developing an online shopping app like this.

6. Advanced And External Features

The Myntra app cost differs on various innovations like geolocation, data sync, booking/transfer calendar, push advice, data transform, OTP confirmation, integrating iOS app development services, and in-app messaging/calling.

7. Mobile Wallet

Ask your top mobile app development company to integrate a mobile wallet into your online shopping application. It eliminates various payment issues, and users very well appreciate it.

While taking all the features mentioned above, like Myntra app design, Myntra app development, and Myntra app download, Myntra app cost can go about from $10k – $90k.


The fashion industry is booming these days, and trends and styles keep changing daily. It indicates the future of eCommerce.

Users want to stay in fashion, be it their office look, movie look, drive look, airport look, party look, or any other. So it is the right time to develop an online shopping Myntra.

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An online marketplace is an app or a website where users can shop from different sources and locations. The operators of this marketplace don’t own any sought inventory. The business for these apps is based on presenting people’s inventory to users and aiding a transaction. eBay can be considered an appropriate example to explain marketplace apps, as they sell absolutely everything to everybody.

On average, the cost to develop an eCommerce app ranges between $30k to $170k. The cost of an eCommerce mobile application depends on various factors like app design, platform, complexity, development, delivery, and various others.

The development cost of marketplace apps depends on several functional features and the resources to be added in the mobile app development. The cost to develop a marketplace application ranges somewhere between $40k – $90k by considering both the components.