Have you ever given thought to building an app like Skype that can have access to video as well as audio calls? If yes, you are good to go. Technology has helped man to get connected simply and easily.

One of the most popular used apps for staying connected is Skype. Skype helps you to make calls, voice calls, chat, video calls, and exchange documents.

The idea of developing an app like Skype will be a great solution to high-paid phone bills and interrupted international calls. Building an app like Skype can be a delightful idea for people looking out for something new.

What does it take to build a similar app? A renowned mobile app development company can help you with building the right app, like Skype! Come and have an insight into how a similar one can be developed!

Have an insight; before you plunge on to Develop your Application

Before you plunge onto a bandwagon with the hope of reaping millions in a few days, better be clear with a few things.

When the reality is different from the thought, create a clear purpose and objective for a Skype clone. After all, the idea is to develop a video chat application that marks its place in the industry!

Look for the two most important aspects, before you jump on to development. To develop an app that stands out from the crowd, ask yourself:

  • Are you planning for an app like Skype for both android and ios platforms?
  • Are you targeting millennials or having something to attract business clientele?

Before commencing, verify your customers and their needs. Studies show that 60% of the video chat app is used by aged between 18 and 29 years. Only 40% of the app is used by the age group 30- 49 years, so be careful while targeting your traffic.

Traffic with the young generation will be attracted by an interesting application, filled with stickers, icons, logos, and stickers.

On the other way, if your app is giving priority to the business audience, then video conferring facilities should be the primary feature and not stickers.

What makes you choose Skype as the Ultimate?

Out of a plethora of video calling applications, what makes you choose Skype? Skype is an application that has too many features to offer, which sets it apart.

The rich-in-feature application has been a benchmark, urging developers to build something similar.

Find out, what makes you have an idea of building something similar to Skype. Ensure, you do not miss any feature for your mobile app development.

☛ User registration

To build an app similar to Skype the registration process must have a two-way process. One way, is the user has to put his details like email, phone, and name for completing the user registration. The other way is the option to register using Facebook or Gmail account. This is the most convenient way which the users even prefer. It is easy and helps the registration process to be quick. To build apps similar to Skype you need to have such a feature.

☛ User profile

Your app must have a user profile feature as Skype has. It helps to store all the information of the user. It contains contact information and a photo. Users can easily identify the other user with the help of the profile information. It is easy for chatting and calling options. Make sure your mobile app development Agency have it designed for you.

☛ Search option

With the search options, one can search for his friends and other users in the application. This feature helps the user to send an invite to the other user he wants to contact. This option helps to add friends to their accounts. For an app similar to Skype this is a must.

☛ User status

This feature helps to notify whether the user is available for a chat or not. Options such as available, busy, and not available can be given to notify other users. If one is busy he can notify others with an application status.

☛ Geo-location

An app like Skype is globally used. It is a globally used communication platform. If you are planning for a similar app then the geo-location feature is a must. It helps the user to set his or her location in the app. It helps in location detection, where users can easily identify the location.

☛ Encryption

Encryption is the latest trend and a priority in every app. Every android app development company uses encryption for every app. It helps in security. An app includes personal confidential data that should be secured. Encryption makes it secure with coding options.

☛ Voice and video call

The most important features behind the popularity of Skype. It should have access to voice and video calls. Make sure you don’t miss this if you are planning for similar app development.

Start with identifying your app technologies

When the country is at its saturation point with some of the tech giants like google and zoom, there is space for some new apps to make a mark!

The demand for the right application is skyrocketing globally, so use the right technology while app making.

To build an app like Skype you will need to have a complete list of Technologies involved in the app-making. The applications are the most important tool while making an app.

The mobile app development company uses all the Technologies to build an app like Skype.

  • Android
  • Android Java, Android studio, and Rest APIs
  • Third-party integration: Pub Nub, Pusher, Applock (for chatting)
  • iOS
  • Swift, Code
  • Third-party integration: Pub Nub SDK and App Lock
  • Desktop Application
  • Socket IO used for chatting
  • React Node JS

Summarizing global cost for Skype-like applications

To make your idea turn into a masterpiece, an insight into the cost structure plays an integral part!

Make a masterpiece out of your superb idea of an app like Skype with the right budget. The location of your development team will fix your cost.

The more reputed android app development company, the higher are their rates for developing an app for you.

To develop an app like Skype, it would take approximately 665 hours to 800 hours in total. Given below is an approximate median cost for various countries.

  • North America: $ 60- 250 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $ 60- 150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $ 40 – 120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $ 20- 100 per hour
  • India: $ 10-80 per hour

How to initiate your app development process

Planning a development is quite easy; executing it becomes a hideous task. A proper guide is a must if you are looking for an app like Skype.

Applications like skype are hype now, with huge popularity. Longing for such app development? Follow the steps to grow something big like Skype.

1. Back end development

This includes designing a wireframe or a strategic blueprint of the application. For every type of Application, this is the foremost step to go forward.

This step has the server part, developing it based on whether your app is a simple or a complex one. A personalized Baas solution needs to be developed if you are aiming for complex Applications.

To build an app like Skype you need to build a customized Baas. With such a personalized Baas option you can do free video calls like Skype.

2. Designing

Once you are done with the backend part, time to sort the front-end development that is the UI and UX designing. Designing the user interface and the user experience is the next step.

Design the navigation simple so that the users don’t find it difficult to look for the features in your application. It becomes easy for them to find the features in your app.

To make an alternative to Skype video call it is a must to have all the features built the exact way. Make the design quite attractive and trendy.

3. Technologies

The most important thing in app development. As discussed above the Technologies used for different operating systems are not similar.

For Android and iOS, the technology is quite different. So look for the right technology while you develop your app. If you are planning a development specific to iOS consult an iPhone app development company.

How to Monetize your App?

An application can help you monetize hugely. Use the app in the right way to fetch some great amounts of revenue.

How do you do that? Check out:

  • Advertisement
  • Paid calls
  • Premium stickers

An app like Skype that stands out from the crowd

The way, different video chat applications are reshaping communication, holds a great promising space for future players!

Armed with determination and clear objectives help you develop your mark in the tech industry. In today’s World Technologies are advancing on a regular basis.

Every day a new feature pops up! It is very important to stay updated. An app like Skype is a huge benefit to society, both individually and for business.


The right idea can lead to great innovation. With the right start and following the best way you can build apps like Skype and easily develop a similar app like Skype with some more interesting features to help mankind do a lot more with the application.

So now, with complete insight into a similar app like Skype, go ahead and start your app development right away.

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