What actually makes a ‘good app’? The one that runs seamlessly on the two most powerful revenue-generating platforms through cross-platform app dev tools; Apple app store & Google play store.

But businesses find it hard to keep a check on the budget if they opt for native applications. This has paved the way for cross-platform application development.

The market actually outshined the estimated figure of $6.9 in the year 2019. To get hands-on easiness of code reusability & cost-effectiveness, cross-platform development is a must for enterprises.

There is an amazing collection of cross-platform app dev tools that developers can use nowadays.

Let us find out the tools that are top-performing in the current market.

Top Performing Cross-Platform App Dev Tools

#1. Xamarin

The tool for cross-platform app development that can help businesses design apps for numerous platforms is Xamarin. This cross-platform development tool instantly tapped on better credibility with its acquisition by Microsoft in the year 2016.

It can operate seamlessly on platforms like iOS & Android as developers use C# – shared codebase. Businesses have the luxury to share 75% & beyond of their codes across various platforms.

The ease of writing once & running anywhere never goes out of the trend. Xamarin functions on a solitary code by recognizing it. This boosts the procedure of cross-platform mobile application development.

Most importantly, apps built with Xamarin feel & look just like Native applications. This happens as the tool utilizes native interfaces that will function as per the requirement of a business.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

  • HCL
  • BBC Good Food
  • Fox Sports

#2. React Native

These days prominent cross-platform app dev tools are helping change the entire business landscape.

However, when it comes to hybrid frameworks, the tool that an app development company always puts to use is React Native. It is the trendiest tool for cross-platform mobile apps development.

With React Native, businesses can share 80% of a specific codebase across platforms. This will also depend on the app’s complexity.

The app development time with this tool decreases. Along with rendering ready-to-apply aspects, it makes it possible for developers to preview the results instantly.

The “hot reloading” aspect of such cross-platform app dev tools permit developers to witness changes brought upon in code & within seconds.

This framework is attuned with several 3rd party plugins. Also, in the context of memory, it uses less amount of space. The emphasis on UI by this tool is beyond comparison.

This brings upon a responsive interface. Businesses can also get access to native functionalities such as camera & accelerometer. This leads to a top-quality user interface which is native-like.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

  • Uber Eats
  • Skype
  • Walmart

#3. Flutter

Looking for the best cross-platform mobile development tools? Many will be surprised to see the addition of this framework by Google in this list.

In May 2019, the stable build called Flutter 1.7 was announced by Google that comes with elements like AndroidX support & RangeSlider widget.

Businesses when using Flutter can run applications on both iOS & Android platforms. They do not even need to invest extra time & money. This makes it a perfect frame for MVP development.

On the other hand, if a business is aiming for JavaScript cross-platform mobile development, then Futter is the best option.

It is one of those cross-platform app dev tools that use the programming language called Dart. Almost every JavaScript developer is familiar with this language.

Flutter is also suitable for developing custom apps for both Android & iOS platforms.

Developers can easily go through the changes made in the codes due to the feature called “hot reloading”.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

  • Google Ads
  • Abbey Road Studios
  • Alibaba

#4. Ionic

There are many reasons why businesses these days are opting for native cross-platform mobile development. Better UX, less dependency on bug occurrence, faster apps are a few valid reasons.

To integrate these benefits in an app, developers must use ideal cross-platform app dev tools like Ionic. It is an HTML5 SDK with which businesses can build native feeling apps.

JavaScript, HTML & CSS are high-end technologies incorporated. This SDK emphasizes on the UI interaction & look of applications.

The foundation of Ionic lies on a UI SAAS framework. It is designed particularly for Smartphone operating systems.

This is one of the most sought-after cross-platform app dev tools as it offers many UI components. This again helps in creating robust apps.

Another benefit businesses can receive from the Ionic framework is that they can ship continuously. Right from CD/CI, live-updating & mechanized native builds; Ionic App flow marks the complete mobile DevOps lifecycle.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

  • Diesel
  • Sworkit
  • ChefSteps

#5. Sencha

When a business seeks to craft applications that can function on all platforms & not worry about the apps’ compatibility, it needs tools like Sencha.

This cross-platform app framework is on the buzz right now due to its amazing features. Enterprises can customize apps for offering sheer convenience to users.

Sencha cross-platform app dev tools help in obtaining touch-friendly applications.

Sencha comes with more than 115 UI components. The process of integrating the components into an app is hassle-free.

Not just this but developers can carry out end-to-end testing of applications on every platform with this tool.

Businesses find it highly amusing to use this cross-platform mobile development tool. This is because of its feature called “Themer” for fabricating reusable themes.

The process takes place by customizing the themes put up on Ext Angular, Ext React, iOS, etc. Also tracking app information is easy as Sencha comes with a detailed data visualization table.

#6. Adobe PhoneGap

Looking for a robust cross-platform app framework? If yes, PhoneGap by Adobe is one of the finest cross-platform app dev tools businesses can revert to.

The tool utilizes languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. This cross-platform app framework is open-source.

With Apache Cordova, businesses can gain access to the comprehensive collection of PhoneGap toolset. With the toolset, developers can rationalize the application development process like a piece of cake.

However, anyone can create an application directly with PhoneGap as it provides a cloud solution. It also comes with a humongous amount of plugins.

This tool is also compatible with cross-platform desktop development. It employs an instinctive desktop just like for mobile application development.

Then the tool serves the application crafted on the desktop to Smartphone devices that are linked to it.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

#7. Appcelerator

The best mobile application development platform that is turning heads these days is Appcelerator. It is possible to design native-like applications with the utilization of a sole JavaScript code.

This cross-platform mobile development tool is also known for its quality. Be it any operating system or device, businesses can easily build applications.

The biggest benefit of such app development kits is that enterprises can track the app usage & outcomes of the app projects.

This is because developers can easily test the applications with the help of automated mobile tests. They can easily identify crashes and bugs.

Most importantly with Appcelerator, businesses can get hands-on Hyperloop. It is a renowned cross-platform API for the purpose of multi-platform app development.

Few renowned applications built with this framework are:

  • GameStop
  • Ray-Ban

#8. Corona

Perfect for cross-platform website development, Corona helps in designing apps & games for desktop, Smartphone devices, TV devices with a single code base.

Corona boosts the coding procedure. Developers can seamlessly update codes, keep a track of the changes & get hold of the outcomes on real devices.

The benefits of this mobile cross-platform framework are several. App optimization takes place for performance due to Lua’s trivial scripting power. This improves the performance of the app at every level.

Corona is comprehensively utilized in 2D games. This is because 2D games carry superior-quality graphics to which the utilization of tools like Corona is a must.

Few renowned games built with this framework are:

  • The Lost City
  • Egg Baby
  • Designer City

#9. Qt

Does your business aim in creating embedded devices & fluid applications with just a single code for iOS, Windows, and Android? It is possible with the utilization of Qt which is one of the most appreciated cross-platform app dev tools.

In case you want to renovate your app, it is possible to bring changes easily with Qt.

You can also measure the popularity of the app on various platforms. The interface of the tool is simple which is why developers find it hassle-free to use.

Few renowned apps built with this framework are:

  • VLC media player
  • CryEngine
  • Autodesk Maya

#10. 5App

The presence of organized resources within an organization will always mean high productivity levels for employees. This calls for using apps development tools like 5App.

It is also suitable for businesses that handle HR consulting and learning.

Cross-platform app dev tools like 5App utilize languages like JavaScript & HTML5 for the purpose of app coding. This tool places a special focus on the security of application data.

Any business can support their employees’ performance & learning as the tool helps in creating relevant content.

5App is compatible with iOS & Android devices.


Every business nowadays launches its applications. The success of the app product depends on the number of downloads either from the Apple Store or Google play store.

The design and the content of the app must be able to attract the correct target audience. To ensure this, businesses can benefit from Cross-platform app dev tools.

However, selecting the correct cross-platform development tool is not easy. Businesses can avail cross-platform mobile apps development services from an app development company.

With these avant-garde companies, businesses can get hands-on high performing applications. To avail services, get in touch with us.

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