The internet has evolved every prospect of life, and betting on sports hasn’t become an exception. Previously people used to visit casinos or football matches if they wish to place bets, but now that is not the case.

Nowadays, people can place bets sitting in their hall, on the beach, or anywhere they wish to. As the sports betting industry has evolved, users can now place bets from any casinos, betting clubs, or even sports betting apps worldwide.

There exists a broad array of online betting applications and sports betting apps. And it was studied by Businesswire that this app gambling industry will be able to generate up to $565 billion by 2022.

If we analyze the growth, then it can be said that as with the global economic growth, changes in gambling habits and legalization of online betting applications, online betting apps, and online casinos will drive growth for the industry.

Let’s find out the answer to What is the best sports betting app? and How to develop the best sports betting apps?

Challenges To Consider While You Looking Forward To Developing Sports Betting App

Developing apps for betting on sports is not that easy as it sounds. It would be best to consider many things before you approach the iPhone App Development Company for building your online betting application. Like Getting a license, payment system, app store release, and some other challenges to overcome before launching your sports betting app into the market.

Be Aware Of Online Gambling Laws:

Before you move further to develop your best sports betting application, you need to get a license for online gambling.

Without getting a license, you cannot take a single step towards developing apps for betting on sports. As licensing is the first and foremost step to develop a successful online betting application.

As we are not professionals in the gambling industry, the data mentioned regarding gambling law and licensing is only for information.

Countries all over the globe follow distinct laws and regulations to regulate their online gambling applications. So let’s look deep into the laws of a specific country.

You can also hire a lawyer to get more insights about laws and regulations, and they can also help you speed up the process.

Here is some general information on the rules and regulations of launching online betting apps.


If you are planning to launch your online betting application in the US, it may be complex. As there are only some states in the USA where online gambling is legal, it includes New Jersey, Nevada, and others.

☛ Europe

Each European country has made its own rules and regulations for online betting applications. Most European countries allow several types of online gambling, in Germany online gambling is illegal, but it’s comparatively easy to get a license and launch online betting apps in Italy.

☛ Australia

Australia has the most appropriate environment, to begin with, the best sports betting app. It’s legal to run and own online sports betting app in Australia once you get the license in your hands.

In simple words getting a license can be a tough job. And it is necessary to follow the laws, rules, and regulations of the country where you are planning to launch your sports betting application.

How To Upload Sports Betting App On The App Store/Play Market

In 2017, Google allowed the developers to launch the sports betting app android to the play market. But still, age restrictions continue to prevent young users from installing and getting through these online betting applications.

It requires a gambling license before you wish to upload your sports betting app to the play market. And Google insists that all betting apps should be made free.

Apple made several rules and regulations that need to be followed if someone wishes to launch their sports betting app for iPhone.

These rules are quite similar to Google, like requiring a betting license, age restriction, geofence, and making it free.

Getting your way through the play market or app store is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is follow the rules, and you are halfway to your destination.

Payment System Integration

Betting is incomplete without a fast and secure payment system as it will be a successful result of each transaction.

There are lists of payment systems that can be integrated into sports betting apps, like Skrill, Stripe, and NETELLER. Let’s get a brief description of them:

☛ Skrill

Skrill has become one of the tops and most secure payment platforms for online betting applications as it lends anonymous transactions and a quick way to cash out wins.

☛ Stripe

Stripe is a user-friendly and easy to integrate payment platform in online betting apps. But Stripe has some of its own made rules and regulations about its usage of apps for betting on sports.


NETELLER is being used by millions of people all over the world. And it is accepted as the most secure, quick, and anonymous online payment platform.

User-friendly And Intuitive Design

It would be best if you made sure that your sports betting app should attract users. Hence, it must pay attention to the spontaneous UI/UX design and user experience through the app.

Mobile apps need to be built to be simple and easy to use by considering the latest trends. Regardless of the trend of minimalism, and quick animation won’t bother.

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Essential Features To Be Integrated Into Your Sports Betting App:

1. Registration and Login

Users will be asked to login/signup if they wish to start placing bets. The most typical way of user registration is email id and password.

Several other registration ways you can integrate into your online betting apps are Facebook, Phone numbers. But don’t miss out on adding an option of Forget Password section in your sports betting app for iPhone as it makes your app user-centric.

2. Wager Creation

Creating a wager is the most crucial part of developing any sports betting app. Players would get access to choose their event, set picks, and then bet amounts.

3. List Of Wagers

Users need to go through the entire list of events and categories before they plan their bets. Therefore it would be made accessible for users to filter the events according to dates, status, winning rates, etc.

Further for advancement, you can also plan to add a suggestion system. Users can watch recommended events based on the user’s betting history.

4. Wallet

Building a handy wallet in your sports betting app android can make your app user-friendly. It can carry out effortless cash in and out the procedure for the users.

Players have to add their card details in the app and then place bets without worrying. An Android app development agency’s help provides an opportunity for players to delete or change their cards.

As there has been colossal acceptance of online payment systems, integrating payment options like Google Pay, Paytm, Apple Pay is a great idea.

Sports betting app undoubtedly requires a menu bar where users can find a gateway to reach gambling policy, contact managers, or other support agents if they want.

6. Notifications

Users will remain engaged with your online betting application if they get the notification for upcoming events, new wagers, or any other modifications.

Therefore integrating push notification is an amazing idea always to keep communicating with your users.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Betting Application

The cost of developing online betting apps is not as expensive as it may seem to you. Here we tried to draw a rough estimate on how much it will cost to make sports betting app.

Admin Panel Development will take about 3-4 weeks and may cost you around $5000+; further, the Backend Development may require 6-8 weeks.

Mobile Development may consume 10-12 weeks, and both will cost about $5000+ and $10000+ respectively. UI/UX Development may take about 3-6 weeks and cost about $1000 – $2000.

Therefore the estimated cost of developing sports betting app can start from $20,000, and with additional functions, can go up to $80,000.

The rising popularity of eSports has led to an increase in eSports. Read the article if you want to estimate the cost to develop a fantasy sports mobile app like Dream11.


You would require skilled and experienced developers and patient lawyers when you plan to develop sports betting app. Patient lawyers will boost the process of licensing and launching your betting app.

The procedure of getting a license is lengthy and burdensome. It may take up to a year or two to get your gambling license.

So it would be better if you choose your Top Mobile Application Development Company who would have previously worked in the gambling industry, as this will make your job easier and faster.

Developing a sports betting app may cost you approximately $20,000 and may take up your 4-5 months. But if you want to develop fully functional online betting apps for both platforms, you may need to increase your budget.

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sports betting app


Google lately allowed developers to launch sport betting apps on android and the apple play store. But still, there lies an age restriction for preventing young Childers from installing and using online betting applications. If you have all the gambling licenses and other required legal papers, it will become easy for you to upload your online betting application on the play store or app store. In case App store rules are quite similar to meet all the requirements and launch your app effortlessly.

Reasons why the William Hill betting app is the most popular sports betting app:
  • It allows full and partial cashouts
  • It is a beautifully designed and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Promotions perfect for first-time app users
  • Extensive range of bets

Must-have features of online sports betting app are:
  1. Sign up Login
  2. Wager Creation
  3. Lists of Wagers
  4. Wallets
  5. MEM
  6. Notifications
  7. Place in-play bets
  8. Match schedules