Do you how much cost it will take to build an eCommerce website in WooCommerce? Let’s find out the WooCommerce Pricing!

Guaranteeing incredible scalability, limitless freedom, high margins, access to a global market; the benefits of running an online store are many. But first, you will need an eCommerce platform for building the online website.

WooCommerce is an open-source and free eCommerce platform that lets you build an online store exactly of your choice. You can add the WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress website & get started within a few minutes.

Learning about WooCommerce pricing is important for initiating the process. If you do not feel so confident in doing it yourself, you can always contact a WooCommerce Development Company for setting up your online store professionally.

eCommerce Usage Statistics

Hosting & Domain Names

Before learning the cost of making a website by using WooCommerce, special emphasis needs to be put on hosting & domain fees.

WooCommerce is a plugin for which you will require a WordPress website that can aptly apply plugins. The first and foremost step that you need to take is picking the host for the store & purchases a plan.

The online store pricing can easily stay within the budget if you go as per the recommendations of WordPress & WooCommerce. Both of these recommend hosts such as Pressable, SiteGround, etc.

Though these hosts are amazing, to begin with, in case you will be operating a big site or if you are migrating to an eCommerce store, then you must operate with a host that carries particular WooCommerce expertise.

At, you will also come across a WordPress business plan that permits sites for uploading plugins.

☛ What to bear in mind while choosing a Host?

Both the WordPress cost & Woocommerce Pricing will depend on the hosting you choose.

These are the points you must keep in mind while choosing one:

  • Is customer service good? – You need to check whether there is a sound customer service accessible 24*7 at times when customers forward query or not. Phone calls, forums, and live chat must be accessible support methods. Also, you must check whether they are charging an extra support fee or not.
  • What is the exact server uptime? – The percentage of the website & time servers is up & running is known as the uptime. Your goal over here is to acquire a percentage as high as possible.
  • How many websites are on the server? – When you have employed a shared hosting plan, the resources are dispersed between all the various other websites that are on a similar server. When there are a lot of websites, it can slow down especially during peak times.
  • What are the security features offered? – Email spam filters, automatic backups, and malware prevention are the security features that you must look for.
  • How is the performance of the host on speed? – A speedy website always begins with the host. Go through customer reviews for learning about their experiences. Also, monitoring high-level resource allocation like CPU & RAM and SSD servers from time to time is necessary.
  • Is it possible to easily scale? – As the website grows, you must ensure that you are able to upgrade the hosting plan and there must be no need to migrate.

☛ Do you know the best part about the Cost of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce offers you the liberty of gaining more control over the amount you invest & the time of investing as compared to other eCommerce platforms. So don’t worry when you ask yourself how much does WordPress cost when starting the process of creating an online store.

When it comes to Woocommerce Pricing in regards to Hosting, it can be low such as $3.95 every month and also high like $5,000 every month. The initial fees of all hosts are low.

Also, you can get hands-on discounts while purchasing the hosting services for two or more than two years.

So now what is the next cost?

Registration of the website or domain name is the upcoming cost. Similar to hosting, this also comes at a reasonably priced introductory price that generates over time. When you purchase for several years, you can even get hands-on discounts. You can anticipate the fee to be around $15 every year for every domain name that you employ.

In several hosts, you will also be given chances to perform free domain searches. By this, you can discover from prior whether the name that you have chosen is already taken or not. You can easily buy a domain name from the host or even from domain registrars such as Godaddy.

Hosting costs – $120 every year on an average
Domain registration – On average it is $1 but it can be more pricey if you buy domains from private sellers

WooCommerce Themes & eCommerce – Whether to pay or not

Multilignual Store WooCommerce

Now that you know what is WooCommerce and some of the Woocommerce Pricing, in the next part we will be talking about optional costs. The eCommerce website theme is the first one we will talk about.

It is very evident by now that you know the availability of numerous themes in various WordPress plans. Some of the themes are even optimized for the plugin, WooCommerce.

If your eCommerce business is a new one & when you are a novice, it is best to start with Storefront as this is the official theme of WooCommerce. This is because it is simple & well-designed.

You can even get hands-on accessible child themes that are particularly designed for a plethora of industries. There are options to modify every theme & you can do it in a straightforward manner from WordPress Customizer.

Noteworthy support is put forward by WooCommerce that proves to be very useful when some trouble arises. You can also find a variety of WordCamps and WordPress meetups where you have the option of interacting with experts who have earlier volunteered for solving problems.

If you have picked a free theme, you must go with the one that is maintained very well. It must also be crafted by a developer carrying experience in working with WooCommerce.

Reasons why you should purchase themes from WooCommerce developer and not use a free one:

  • Free themes carry restricted functions
  • Paid themes go through regular updating by developers
  • Free themes also look quite similar which is why the website won’t appear to be unique
  • Paid themes offer excellent customer service but the free ones only provide Q&A board

Paid WooCommerce and WordPress themes cost approximately around $20 to $100 every year.

Theme cost – $0 to 100 every year

Costs of Store Management:

The cost of running a website needs to be evaluated carefully if you want a hassle-free process for creating your online store.

Handling an online store comes with various other essential functions as well such as payment gateways, shipping, etc. Each function comes with its own expenses.

☛ Payment gateways

You can securely & safely accept online payments with payment gateways. Each one of these differs in structure & cost and WooCommerce integrates with every major option.

You will really be making an affordable choice if you choose PayPal. When you have a basic account, there is no need to disburse a monthly fee but you will have to pay 2.9%+0.30 cents every sale to the payment gateway.

By this customers will be directed to PayPal’s website where they will be able to disburse with their credit card or from their account.

In case you are seeking to accept the credit card payments directly on the website, you will need to upgrade to the version called PayPal Pro. This will cost you an extra $30.00 every month.

Shipping costs – $0 to $108 every year on an average
Costs of payment gateway – 2.9%+0.30 cents every sale + a monthly fee – $0 to $30 each month on an average

☛ Shipping

WooCommerce offers options for free shipping, local pickup, or flat rate shipping. When you have a small business, these choices are adequate.

The WooCommerce Shipping Extension is free of cost & it links to USPS. You will be able to print the shipping labels easily from the WordPress dashboard. This will help in saving money as well.

In case you are looking for advanced choices, you can pick from shipping extensions such as ShipStation Integration that begins at $9 every month, Distance Rate Shipping that begins at $79, Table Rate Shipping that starts at $99.

Running costs of WooCommerce – SEO, security, and communications

Numerous free tools are accessible within WooCommerce – some are modified for WooCommerce and some are borrowed from WP. The purpose of extensions here is to function like plugins for none other than WooCommerce.

By this, you can easily add functionality to shipping, checkout and payment gateways, and a lot more.

When it is about creating your eCommerce store with WooCommerce WordPress, you must never neglect these two features.

☛ SEO or Search Engine Optimization

You can largely enhance the search engine rankings of your website with tools like All In One SEO & Yoast as these offer excellent functionality & suggestions.

With both, you will be able to get hands-on free options and also paid plan upgrades.

☛ Customer communications

You can get to more customers for encouraging repeat buying, thanking them for orders with the help of email marketing. WooCommerce incorporates numerous email marketing tools such as MailChimp that begins at $9.99 every month & Jilt that begins at $29 every month.

WooCommerce integration lets you sync products and customers seamlessly.

Security – Free – $300 every year
Communications – Free – $348 every year
SSL Certificate – Usually free but can cost till $65 every year
SEO – Free – $79 every year

WooCommerce Mobile App


If you have the potential of customizing WooCommerce, it goes far beyond just fabricating an exclusive look & functionality. The customization will always incorporate the costs linked with mounting & operating an online store.

With so much to achieve with WooCommerce, you will really be surprised to learn about WooCommerce pricing. Even when the budget is not so high, you can craft a fully functioning store for the price of a hosting plan & domain name.

It is as low as $135 every year. But well-funded stores can invest a lot more if they need. With some amount of customization, you can initiate the process at approximately $1,000. Develop a fantastic online store by taking services from a sound eCommerce Development company. Reach out to us today.

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