Progress and innovation are perhaps the most important thing that people are following in the twenty-fifth century. They set out to bring us all the possibilities of life and made our lives tremendously fast.

It’s the ultimate source of helping to absorb new information and books. But, as we all know that reading is a time-consuming process, it requires full attention and dedication.

And in this time of the century, no one has that much time for it. The app for audiobooks comes in handy because you can easily read on it while you’re working, working outside.

If you want to have an app to listen to audiobooks, then you have to wait for some time to get the book recommendations. After that, you can get an audiobook and start enjoying it.

With the help of it, you can easily read many things in one place. It also allows you to have a virtual bookshelf and track the progress of your reading list.

If you want to build an app like audible, then we are here to help you to move further.

Read all the various aspects involved in a detailed guide to developing android apps.

Why Would You Build an App Like Audible?

According to recent studies, the number of audible book apps is growing constantly. Here are some of the big reasons you would like to develop android apps like Audible for audiobooks.

  • It tends to become the biggest growth potential in the publishing market. And with its help of it, many app development companies are getting profits.
  • Now people are starting to get their virtual library, and this app lets them read on the go. It doesn’t matter where they are or in which situation they are. It’s making everyone’s daily life much easier.
  • The audible app for audiobooks is the best illustration that one can have. It comes up with some amazing features that help to provide a high-quality user experience.
  • Before, people couldn’t use apps to listen to audiobooks. They used to listen through CDs and then transfer that audio to a player or phone. With all this understanding, great applications like audible made people more interested in books.
  • There are a lot of potentials in audible book apps. That’s why many investors and custom mobile app development company are looking for opportunities to join and benefit from market growth.

From Where You Can Get The Audible App Android Content?

This question may seem a little confusing to you at first. To clear all your confusion we have some tips for you that you will have to follow to create audible book apps:

☛ Actual Books

First, all you have to do is remove the dust from your microphone and create an audible application of your own. Then hire someone who can work as a voice artist in your library, and that will look much more interesting.

Also, you need a lot of time, money, and dedication to make that place. You can create a place where you will have a library rich enough for the interest of your audience.

☛ Marketplace

If you have a less artistic and practical use, you may prefer to use ACX which is a marketplace. It’s a great platform that brings together all the people involved in the process of creating and publishing audiobooks.

It has another great feature that can deliver all the products directly to the desired destination like Audible, iTunes, etc.


The API is one of the great and easiest options for selling audiobooks.

You can find many companies that prefer to share audiobooks through API links. Because it can provide a different level of control over the products.

Findaway is the best example of it since it has over 100,000 items and a large number of followers.

☛ Additional Content

The strategy of a successful business always meets the demand and goes a long way.

When the primary goal of the app is to sell subscriptions for audiobooks, complementary activities should go hand in hand. They should anticipate their client’s needs even before they realize them.

To achieve this effect, books were introduced, followed by sharing options, offline downloads, customer reviews, channels, and fully personalized suggestions.

These are the main points you have to keep in mind to launch an audible app.

You Have To Choose The Right Business Model  To Build App Like Audible

So far, the best-priced model that seems to follow is Audible. It is an early subscription type of service with a specific trial period. Once subscribed, you will have to access the entire catalog, and with it, you can get a free book per month.

The lowest charge for the application’s subscription is $7.95 per month. It offers no credit but allows users to choose audiobooks, originals of the audible, and other audio content without a time limit.

It also gives users a monthly credit with the ability to upgrade two credits per month with a 30% discount at only $14.95.

Other giants like iTunes,, and Downpour also work by following the same way.

There is an app called Scribd that used to offer access to as many titles as possible. However, as profits are not satisfied, they soon switch to a limited monthly subscription.

You should look for a model that can widen your audience while satisfying the content owners.

With the unique idea and strategy of the best app development services, you can create an application. They surely will help you choose the suitable model for you.

What Are The Most Required Features You Can Add To Build an App Like Audible?

☛ Sign Up/ Sign In

The user of the application should be able to sign up and sign in quickly. You can easily link the app to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp so that users can access it easily.

☛ Play/Pause

The user can play and pause the audiobook easily. As an owner, you can add a special feature to bookmark individual chapters.

You can also add a feature called the quick-forward button that helps users to reach the desired location of the audiobook quickly. This feature is very useful when you want to skip some parts of a chapter.

☛ Background Play

The application should play comfortably in the background without interfering with other processes of the phone. You should keep a sufficient amount if the user does not accidentally press a button that hinders the experience.

This feature is especially useful in situations where the public transport system is crowded.

☛ Manage Subscriptions

This feature will help the admin to manage the various subscriptions, and the admin is also able to see how many users have received the service.

☛ Social Media Sharing

To keep your app busy, another thing you can try is for users to share the audiobooks they purchased with their friends on social media. This will bring new users to your app.

☛ Variable Speed

If a user has a problem understanding more clearly, slowing down playback can help users achieve that. Some users prefer to listen to books in repeat mode or listen to the book until an idea comes to mind.

☛ Need for a robust team

A team & the quality of work of that team is what shapes the future of apps like Audible. To build an app like audible, these are the team members you need:

  • UX & UI designer
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Developers
  • Team managers
  • Project manager
  • Quality analyst

Cost Breakdown

The cost depends on many things that you will have to face if you want to build an app for audiobooks. This includes some best features and functionality, the level of complexity, and the number of third-party plugins in the app you choose to develop.

If you want to build your audiobook, the first thing you have to do is analyze the market. You can also consult with some people from different companies, and it will be the right choice.

An experienced company can give you an idea of the price range you are going for.

But, if you are building the app for iOS users, then you can go for an iPhone app development company. It will be a bit costly for you, but this is the best option.

The more you want to make your app productive, the more you have to invest in it.

For example, if you are living in the US, you have to spend $110-190 per hour to develop the application. And in India, you can add all the functionalities can build the app at $20-$70 per hour.

Final Words To Say

The demand for audible book apps is increasing to make people’s work easier. Also, it has a lot of potential for both investment and innovation.

It is currently standing in its early stages, but it can be profitable financially with the proper application of the concept.

This article can provide you with all the information needed to shape the idea to launch the Audible app. And this is the only thing that makes it come alive.

Are you wanting to build apps like audible and are looking for the best iOS app development company? Then do contact us and share your ideas with us to fulfill your dream.

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