While most people think of Netflix as one of the oldest video streaming services, Hulu launched a year later in 2006. Although it never expanded beyond the U.S. territories, it remains one of the top video streaming apps with movies, shows, and Live TV. It would be a great opportunity to build an app like Hulu.

As the Hulu video streaming app is made and owned by Disney, the introduction of Disney Plus has put Hulu in an unusual place. But as a video streaming service provider, it offers a unique service with some great original content.

This application is not available outside the United States, but that may change soon.

Below, you will find all the aspects of this android video streaming app and some tips on how you can build an app like Hulu, so please read all the aspects very carefully!

Why Can Hulu Be One Of The Best Video Streaming Apps For You?

As many people look for popular network TV shows, some episodes that can be available on TV 24 hours after the broadcast, Hulu is the best option for them. You will also find this application cheaper than Netflix, and also offers entry-level plans with maximum savings. But one that we want you to know is that it’s ad-supported.

  • This application will also give you the selection option of additional content through add-ons. And you can also get accessibility to Live TV channels. Until the end, you can bundle it with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for one low price.
  • The Hulu video streaming app has its original show and also offers more when it comes to network TV programming. You will also get a huge collection of movies from different genres.

How Much Does The Streaming Video Service Cost?

If you can keep up with the ads, Hulu can be one of the cheapest android video streaming apps for you. Because it has been offering great value for the amount of content on offer.

Its more expansive plans don’t give the same value, but for some users, it may still be a good choice.

Here are the Hulu subscription plans we picked for you:

  • With the first subscription, you will get access to a streaming library with ads that cost $5.99.
  • Its second subscription allows you to access the streaming library without ads and it will cost $11.99.
  • In its third subscription, you will access the streaming library with ads and 60+ Live TV channels at $54.99.
  • With its last subscription, you can access the library without ads and 60+ Live TV channels that will cost $60.99.

If you want to cover all your streaming needs, then there’s a plan at the same price as the standard Netflix plan at $12.99. The plan includes Disney Plus, Hulu without ads, and ESPN Plus.

How Can You Build An App Like Hulu?

The development of an app like Hulu video streaming service provider is not as hard as it seems. If you want to achieve this, you have to add various types of streaming services to the application.

Go through some important steps that we described below:

1. Find Your Niches

The first is to determine what content your application will stream to users. To give you a clue on profitable stream niches, we collected several ideas below:

✍ Entertainment

You will find some apps like Hulu and Netflix that show us that entertainment streaming video services are very profitable.

The audience is more than enough to accommodate the new video streaming service provider.

✍ Fitness

Fitness is another potential niche for VOD services. Many people would love to subscribe to fitness-related videos. So it will be a great idea to make your dream application unique from others.

For gaining more users, you can add different categories like dance training, yoga, or a healthy diet.

2. Decide On The Availability Of Content

As content is the main thing of your on-demand video streaming service, you should know what your content will be.

You can also collaborate with video distributors to make unique content. But for that, you will have to have a license for public performances.

To deal with this, you can rent a movie from an authorized distributor with a license. You can also contact the copyright holder.

3. Choose The Right Monetization Model

You can choose from three methods of video monetization for your proposed on-demand video streaming service:

✍ Pay-per-view

It is the best pricing scheme so users have to pay to watch each video. If you want to create a streaming platform for broadcasting, trade shows, and sporting events, you can apply this model.

✍ Advertising

If you apply this monetization model, then your platform can become popular among users.

✍ Subscription

As you may recall, Hulu uses this exact monetization strategy which is used by one-tired professional broadcasters. This model charges customers a monthly fee to access any content library.

4. Learn About All The Requirements Of Video Streaming Apps

To perform your video well, you need to balance the performance features below:

✍ Internet Speed

Internet speed affects the application’s ability to stream on-demand videos. The minimum Internet speed for streaming movies is 2 MB/s. And, also your Internet speed must be higher to broadcast in HD.

✍ Network Connectivity

Make sure that your online streaming platform is growing fast. To achieve this, you need to use a content distribution network in your service. Through CDN, you can manage significant traffic.

✍ Security

On consumer devices, you need to consider content protection from unauthorized access.

Consider the following to ensure your streaming video service is secure:

  • Network background serves 24-hour monitoring in case of server failure and provides content availability.
  • Token protection prevents access to third-party source videos without your consent.
  • Geographical constraints exclude locations due to the license agreement.
  • Watermarking provides an additional layer of live stream protection.

5. Develop MVP, An On-demand Video Streaming Service Provider

This is the last part of our video streaming app-making guide. At this stage, you have to clarify the functional and non-functional requirements, set deadlines, and think about making a suitable design for your application.

In the section below, we wrote about the essential MVP features that you must add to your application.

✍ Registration

The first step to building an app like Hulu is to add the registration process. To save time, users can register via email or an application through social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

And registration is very important as you will have your users’ information with you.

✍ Personal Accounts

A video streaming service provider should allow its users to create their accounts and manage their all data. Users should also be able to manage their payment options in the application.

✍ Filters

Users like to pick the genres they like. You should add a filter feature in the application so that users can filter the genre. You can add some genres like comedy and drama, crime and justice, action and adventure, or news and headline instances.

✍ Home

A home section is a place where users can easily find suggestions on the content they see and like. Also, they will be able to find what might be interesting to them.

Social Media Sharing

Many users like to share the content with others they see. That’s why one-click sharing will be appreciated by users.

✍ Payment Methods

Video streaming apps should offer a variety of payment methods for different users. Different users prefer different payment methods such as credit cards, and debit cards. Many users also use prepaid credit cards for web and mobile applications.

✍ Review And Ratings

You have to add reviews and rating features so that users can rate the content they watch. This will help you attract users to your content.

6. Gather Feedback

After launching these MVP features, you have to gather some user feedback from your application. You have to know how the users like those features.

After that, you can ask your users about what features they would like in your application. According to their preferences, you can add those features to the android video streaming app.

You can also gather their feedback using these ways:

  • Social Media.
  • Pools.
  • Email Survey.

Cost BreakDown: Video Streaming App like Hulu

If you want to build an app like Hulu, then you have to keep in mind its cost. The cost of making a new video streaming application depends on various factors.

Those include the features and functions that will be available on different platforms such as Android and iOS. So it would be to develop Android Apps and iOS Apps. For the best support, you can hire an iPhone app developer.

In the United States, for example, it would cost about $100,000 annually. And in the UK, the cost of making apps like Hulu and Netflix will be about $90,000. And in Eastern European Countries, you can invest less than $40,000.


These are the perfect skills and sharp knowledge you have to gain if you want to build an app like Hulu. If you follow these highlighted points before making an online video streaming application, then you are set to go.

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