Translation apps in the current times hold a lot of importance. Learning languages faster is nowadays possible with the best language translation apps.

Gone are those days when foreigners felt the need for a human translator especially while traveling.

More & more applications are now flooding the market because of high-end app development services. Especially students who are seeking to learn new languages can highly benefit from these apps.

Here, we have picked a list of noteworthy apps that can help in various ways.

List of best language translator apps

#1. Google Translate

The best translation app of today’s time is Google Translate. This language service is a constantly innovating one. Android & iOS apps and web platforms are highly beneficial for users.

The typed translation attribute of this word translation app offers support for 103 varied languages. Out of these 103, 52 languages operate offline. So even if you are on remote travel plans, you can easily use this application.

This is one of the best language translation apps due to its Word Lens characteristic. This alerts consumers to point their smartphone camera at a close-by sign or a portion of text.

This feature then converts the original picture with the AR text superimposition in the individual’s chosen language.

✍ Features

  • Users can copy the text in an application & strike the Google Translate symbol for translating
  • Users can translate text in pictures instantaneously. All they need to do is point the camera.
  • Users can log in for syncing phrasebook between desktop & application
  • Importing or taking photos is possible for superior quality translations

#2. TextGrabber

Suppose you are sitting across a person who speaks in a language unknown to you. It is quite intimidating, right? But if you had to read street signs or electronic manuals in a foreign language, you would freak out.

However, there is this best Spanish translator app, TextGrabber, the scenario changes. There is a reason why this one receives the label as the best language translation apps.

All you need to do is point the smartphone camera at the unreadable text. The app will translate it instantly into a language that you are comfortable in.

✍ Features

  • Text recognition occurs in more than 60 languages. Even without Wi-Fi or 4G, users can use this application
  • Font sizes are adjustable. People who have poor eyesight can receive assistance from the audio prompts feature of the app
  • After digitization, the links, email address & phone numbers become clickable. The real-time recognition mode of the app is based on the ABBYY RTR SDK technology. This digitizes published text directly on the phone’s camera screen but without taking any photographs.

#3. BK Translate

Among language translation apps, this is quite renowned as it includes a collection of translation apps. You can understand the distinction between each app as per the language.

Every app will translate between the particular second language & English. It is applicable for typing, handwriting & speech.

It is doable for both complete sentences & individual words. The app’s UI is simple & the apps come for free.

✍ Features

  • Amazing user experience
  • BK translation apps can easily discover & translate all hand-written texts

#4. Dictionary Linguee

When looking for voice translation apps, you must consider this. This is actually an online dictionary that functions effectively for short phrases & individual words.

You can access it on desktop & mobile. It supports several popular languages. The app’s UI is very easy to use. Moreover, there is audio pronunciation & offline support available as well.

This also comes among the best language translator apps as it is highly functional for text translators. You can actually witness translations along with example sentences.

By this, you can receive the concept for specific utilization of a phrase or word. Ads will never bother you with this app!

✍ Features

  • Reliability is the biggest feature of this app. This is because the credit for its creation goes to more than 400 lexicographers
  • This dictionary comes for free
  • The dictionaries are also bio-directional. It means users can search simultaneously in English to Spanish & Spanish to English
  • Incorporating a translation search engine, this app offers users access to more than 1 billion translations from the web

#5. iTranslate Voice 3

There is no hesitation in putting this app among the best language translation apps. You can get a handy professional translator at all times with this.

But it will never dig a hole in your pocket. This app facilitates voice-to-voice communication across various languages.

Even if you just speak into your Smartphone, the application will translate & speak. You can get that specific sentence in full 42 languages.

This feature makes the app earn the title of a renowned voice translation app as well.

✍ Features

  • Users can transcript, copy, share, or export
  • The voice chats feature is beneficial
  • There is a phrasebook within the app as well. For all moments, users can get hands-on with the correct phrase
  • Switching between various dialects is possible while translating

#6. Microsoft translator

Fundamentally, if there was a Microsoft edition of Google translate, then this would be it. One of the most sought-after language translation apps supports manifold languages.

It can even operate offline. One vital aspect of this app is, two-way conversations transaction is possible with 100 individuals at once.

The app includes pronunciation support, substitute translation options, a phrasebook, and a lot more.

If you are looking for on the go translation apps Android, then this is the one for you.

✍ Features

  • Text transition possible for more than 70 languages
  • Users can share translations with many other apps via context menu translation
  • Camera transaction possible for translating images within screenshots & photos
  • Users can pin & save their most recurrent transactions for using later

#7. TripLingo

The nuances associated with etiquette, slang & local customs are just too many. So how do you deal with that? You can now easily use the best language translation apps like TripLingo.

This app operates by taking a more holistic approach to dealing with challenges associated with language. It is not just the finest voice translation app, but it is a currency converter as well.

The app comes with quizzes and flashcards, 4 slang levels & a culture crash course along with necessary phrases & expressions.

✍ Features

  • Audio lessons available
  • More than 2000 phrases accessible per language & in 13 languages
  • There is a Wi-Fi dialer available as well. Users can call any USA phone number with this feature
  • The audio files are professionally recorded & there are 30,000+ files

#8. Reverso dictionary

Your search for a good translation app can end with the Reverso dictionary. It is a multilingual dictionary supporting a wide array of languages.

The application is also a home for example sentences, word games for the purpose of memorization, audio pronunciations, etc.

There is offline support available as well. The app comprises the infrequent connection bug.

✍ Features

  • Mastering a foreign language is easier because of the writing, speaking, and reading feature
  • Users can select a text & receive instant translation while reading some content on the browser
  • Users just need to say an expression of type and they can grab the transactions instantly
  • Depending on the search history, the app also offers quizzes & flashcards. This largely helps in enhancing language skills

#9. MyLingo

You are a Spanish speaker & fond of English movies? This calls for downloading the best Spanish-to-English translator app.

myLINGO is one of the best language translation apps that Spanish speaking people can benefit from. By this, theatre options will never become scarce for them.

Even real-time translation is offered by the app in movie theatres. This is because they are in association with Paramount. Disney and Sony.

✍ Features

  • Audio tracks of the translated language available in excellent quality
  • The app uses a technology that syncs the tracks automatically for playing in real time.

#10. Dict Box

Be it English, Korean, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, or Hindi, you can translate into any language with Dict Box.

Counted among the best language translation apps, this multilingual dictionary is still turning heads. There are many camera features that users can benefit from.

The design of the app is simple yet attractive. A layman can also easily use this app.

If you use the free version, there will be a restraint on some features but you can unlock those with the premium version.

✍ Features

  • Pronunciation available for all texts
  • Review words available with flashcards
  • Translation of words is possible by the camera
  • The app carries the capability of discovering similar sentences or phrases

Wrapping it up

Right from promoting convenience to enhancing global communication, there are several best language translation apps today. Growing demand is the reason for the such insurgency.

With all the features as discussed above, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In fact, several budding entrepreneurs & startup owners are thinking to develop Android apps. But if you have a translation app idea then you are just one decision away from availing of app development services.

If you want to hire an iOS app developer, we are at your service at all times. Get in touch with us today.

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