The realm of the future UI looks quite promising. Natural language & voice systems ensure this. It has been quite a journey starting from punch cards, green screens, GUIs, and touch-based computers in the shape of Smartphones that can lead anyone to build an app like Amazon Alexa.

The present era is now going gaga over technologies like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant & a lot more. The improvement & efficiency graph of almost every app development agency in the past few years has been enormous.

As per a recent survey, more than 60% of searches are going to be voice searches by the year 2020. These voice assistant applications act in response to voice commands & offer precise information to users regarding their queries.

This is driving many budding developers or businessmen to build an app like Amazon Alexa. Applications can integrate natural language & voice capabilities with the help of cloud solutions. Many people hire iPhone app developers for the same as well.

Let us learn here how the shift took place toward this avant-garde voice technology.

Understanding the shift

The ever-transforming demands of users all over the globe are the reason for the shift to the voice user interface. Gone are those days when we needed our fingers to search for something on the Internet! Verbal instructions are enough these days!

Incorporation of these capabilities in an application is no hassle nowadays. But it will be the wrong notion to think that such technologies are just limited to Amazon or Apple.

Any interested person can now build an app like Amazon Alexa by several services like music app development & music streaming app development. The team of developers can voice-enable any device with unlocked APIs.

How does a personal assistant app become a part of the lifestyle?

When the question is, how to make a voice assistant, people must understand the essence of such apps.

Merging as seamlessly as ever, voice app assistance applications make everyday life much more convenient & opportune. Here are some vital points to justify its presence in everyday life:

#1. Fast

Starting from how we talk, eat, or work, everything in today’s world is fast. This is also applicable to touch which is definitely faster than the touch recognition technology.

A person just needs to pick up his device & just ask. A talking Google app like Siri took the Internet world by storm on its release. Communication can never get any simpler than this.

#2. Captivating

Booking movie tickets, making dinner reservations, searching for information, booking any service, asking for music recommendations, can now be done simply with voice.

Even anyone can search for food recipes with voice. So much can be done with the help of apps like Alexa personal assistant. The level of fascination for these apps in young, as well as adults, is an ever-increasing one.

#3. Untroubled operation guaranteed

The interface that you need to input to build an app like Amazon Alexa must be very easy to use. The app should do all the work for the user.

#4. Emotional affection

Even if people differentiate between Alexa vs. Google Assistant, both function almost in the same way.

The applications tend to produce a chimera of attachments with all users that again adds up to the factor of intimacy. It also becomes an important tip of contact between the business & the consumer.

Technologies present in mobile assistants:

To build an AI assistant, it is important to integrate some important technologies. Alexa programming is the reason for its popularity.

It is avant-garde, high-end & next-gen. The technologies that you must integrate with your assistant device or app are:

☛ Tagging [Intelligence]

With this feature, the voice assistant can apprehend exactly the user’s query

☛ Voice recognition

If we look at the best assistant app for Android, we will discover that voice recognition is the feature that drives these apps.

☛ STT or Speech to text engine

The voice of the user converts to text with the help of this engine. The voice can be of the users or any other audio clip as well.

☛ Noise reduction engine

Any exterior environment noise this engine will cut off so that the app doesn’t need to work with too much stimulus for the purpose of proper processing.

☛ TTS or text to speech engine

Text conversion to speech takes place with the help of this engine. It is very beneficial when users are busy in some activities.

Particularly this feature plays a vital role in civilizing the assistant.

☛ Voice biometrics

The app with this authentication procedure apprehends the voice of each person.

☛ Speech compression engine

This technology compress’s users’ voices so that it reaches the server more rapidly.

Process of building voice assistants

A lot goes into the process when it comes to building apps like Amazon Alexa. This is usually carried out with three methods.

  • When developers integrate voice assistant technology to the Smartphone app with API assistance, it is known as the junior method.
  • The second method includes constructing a voice assistant with the utilization of APIs & open-source services.
  • The third way includes the development of a voice assistant right from scratch following the integration of the assistant in the mobile application.

#1. Junior method

The process includes the incorporation of trusted technologies into the existing applications. You will need the kit for it for integrating into the mobile application.

The kit describes the intents as the request types. It also clarifies the types. All that is needed is grouping it into domains.

#2. Middle method

This way is applicable for people who have insight into machine learning.

A few tools that prove to be helpful in the creation of AI assistant applications along with web services & mobile are:

  • Jasper

With the ability to learn & listening, this service is for people who are seeking to construct most of the hunk of the app.

  • Melissa

This has the ability of speaking, noise reading, etc

#3. Senior method

This is meant for diehard developers carrying previous experience in the development of machine learning applications right from scratch.

  • Amazon ML

This machine-learning service helps developers get hands-on intricate machine-learning applications. This receives support from several data sources. Developers use the MYSQL database for constructing data source objects in Amazon RedShift.

This AML technology is dynamic & scalable which makes it one of the most sought-after apps.

  • Google’s TensorFlow

This carries a flexible structure which is actually an open-source software library.

Developers can employ this on numerous servers and mobile devices. Using this is very easy as it’s portable & flexible.

Tips to follow when developing a voice assistant app:

☛ Prioritize the end-user

End-user who are the end-users, common queries they might have for the assistant app & their age is important questions to address.

To build an app like Amazon Alexa successfully, you need to emphasize the end-users.

☛ Select features carefully

Be it a personal assistant in a Python app or Google Assistant SDK, the incorporation of correct features can break or make the game.

Not only the app must function seamlessly but it must be feature-enriched as well. This ensures that the app can operate perfectly in regard to every single task.

☛ Getting hands-on the correct platform

Any budding entrepreneur can now build an app like Amazon Alexa if they do their groundwork properly. One of the most important parts of building voice assistant apps is by researching the platforms that already exist.

The platforms available for the development of the same are just too many in the current times.

So it is advisable to jot down the feature list first & simultaneously study existing platforms. This will make selecting the correct platform as easy as a piece of cake.

Cost breakdown

Investing a considerable amount of money makes it even easier to develop the best assistant app for Android. This is because integrating several features that users can use for convenience on an ongoing basis requires capital.

Depending on the features & complexity of the particular voice assistant app idea will mainly decide the budget. Be it any mobile app development project, learning about the budget first is important so that all things can be planned accordingly.

The approximate cost estimate to build an app like Amazon Alexa will be $15,000 – $50,000. However, it might also differ from country to country.

It is sensible to first do the homework for indulging in such projects properly.

Summing it up

There is no hesitation about the reality that AI is one of the most sought-after trends. Nowadays several medium and large-sized organizations are integrating AI functionality into their devices.

The Android app Development Company of today’s time is helping them accomplish such goals. These companies are a storehouse of experienced & expert application developers who are celebrated for their perfect app development services.

Not just this but they have worked for a wide array of industry verticals as well.

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