Remember times when we used to send text messages for chatting with our friends and family? Those days are now gone. It’s the best time to build an app like ShareChat as today everything is digitalized.

We only need an internet connection to talk with each other. Not only talk, but we can also do video calls; send video, pictures, and audio messages with few clicks.

There are plenty of apps like ShareChat available in the market. Some of the popular ones are Whatsapp, ShareChat, telegram, Wechat, and many more. The app development agency develops these kinds of apps as per the demand.

Are you also thinking about how to build an app like ShareChat and what it takes? If yes, then this article will let you know about all the things you need to now to build an app like ShareChat.


To build an app like ShareChat you must know about ShareChat first. To know ShareChat app information you can refer below. You will get an insight into it. All other ShareChat app information is available on their official chat.

ShareChat allows you to share opinions, going live, and make new friends. You can avail of these features in your native language.

If you also want to build an app like ShareChat you can contact any App development agency. If you want it for iPhone also then you can hire an iOS app developer or an iPhone app development company.

ShareChat app developers are 3 IIT pass outs who developed it as one of their projects. ShareChat app developers didn’t expect their app to get such a huge success. Hard work always pays off. You can download the Share chat download app on Android as well as iPhone.

Features required building app like ShareChat:

Now, when you know what share chat is and what it does. Let’s know what features you will need to build an app like ShareChat.

#1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are automatic messages sent by an app to the user when the app is not in use. This feature is very useful as your customer will be able to know updates even when the app is not in use.

This will help you to bring them back on your app again and again. So, this feature must be there in your ShareChat app alternative.

#2. Group Chats

Group chat option should be there in your chat app. People often like to chat and share in groups. This helps them to share things with many people at a time.

So, group chats are very important. This feature is available on almost every Indian online chatting apps.

#3. Video and Voice calls

Distances can apart us from our family and friends but video calls help us to talk to them face to face. It connects people. That’s why your app must contain voice and video call features to engage the audience on the app.

This also eliminates the need for a different online video chat app in India.

#4. Sharing video and images

When you are chatting with someone you must have felt like sharing videos and images in middle. That’s what Indian online chatting apps should be for.

Sharing anything you need. So, this feature is a must.

#5. Sharing location and status

Don’t forget to add the feature of sharing statuses in the app. People like to do it these days. They share their mood, food, and much more on statuses like on ShareChat video status.

Also, sharing location is an important feature. This helps people to know each other’s location if they wish to do that. ShareChat video status and location both need to build an app like ShareChat.

Skills required building app like ShareChat:

Now let’s look at the skills required in app development agency or like ShareChat app developer to build such apps. You can hire your developer based on these skills.

#1. Android app development

Make sure that the app developer you hire must be familiar with the android operating system. The reason behind this is that 780 million people in India use Android mobile phones. So, your app must be android friendly. Otherwise, it would exclude a lot of people.

#2. HTML5

HTML5 is a new version of the HTML language. HTML is a programming language that is used to structure the content and display it on the websites. Your developer must be familiar with HTML5.

You can create a well-designed and attractive website for your app. The website for any app is a necessary thing. You cannot develop an app without developing it’s a website first.

#3. iPhone App Development

Android indeed is the most used operating system but the iPhone is also very famous. It is a sign of richness. If you want to make your app accessible everywhere then your developer must know how to develop an iPhone app along with an android one.

Make sure you hire an iOS app developer so that your app can run on iPhone too. For a better experience, developers consider hiring an iPhone app development company.

#4. Mobile app development

It is the basic skill you required to develop an app. Your developer must be knowing how to develop the ShareChat app alternative but he may not be experienced.

To develop such kind of app you need an experienced developer who must have experience in mobile app development.

#5. PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is generally used for managing things like databases and content on websites. PHP is an important element of developing an app because of its uses.

So, make sure that your developer must know and use PHP in developing your Indian online chatting apps.

Now, when you know about the skills required for building chat apps like share chat. Let’s see some of the best alternative ShareChat.

Best Alternative ShareChat: 2020 best chat apps:

#1. Houseparty

Houseparty is a face to face chatting and social network app. Which connects you with different people worldwide? You can make new friends very easily by video calling them.

Talking on video calls helps you connect more easily than on chatting. Houseparty app is available on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Chrome also. Isn’t it amazing?

So, now you can predict that to make your app successful you must need to develop it in such a way that it should be available for users on any platform.

#2. Snapchat Chat 2.0

It is another version or app launched by Snapchat itself. This was launched so that people can do video chat easily. In this new version, you can do video chat with the person when he or she is online.

You can do the video call using the on tap feature on the app. Even you can send videos and audios, watch them, listen to them, and make new friends.

You can also interact with new people using different video chat options. It’s just not only a Snapchat but a video chat too. Download it now t experiences all the features.

#3. Squad

Squad’s tagline is “Be together when apart”. Well, the tagline says it all. It is the best alternative ShareChat because it has all the features Snapchat can give you.

It has become very popular with time. You can easily predict by this that what your main aim is. Your main aim is to connect people even when they are apart.

Squad allows you to video call with 6 people in one call only. It uses HD quality video chat if your connection is good enough.

The squad is designed to make a safe place for teen girls. It is secure and has good policies related to spam and other related stuff.

#4. Casper

Caper was developed to overcome some of the drawbacks of Snapchat. In Casper, you can take screenshots of chat or images sent by other people. The person will not get any notification about the screenshot you have taken.

Unlike Snapchat that does notify people. You can also forward any story of yours to in Casper to your friends available on Snapchat. So, don’t you think is all any user wants?

Try to embark on all these properties in your app so that it can become famous too. All these males it a good alternative for ShareChat also.

#5. Scribble Chat

Scribble Chat is a gaming app that also allows you to chat with other players. It provides you the best experience of making new friends while playing.

Also, you can enjoy the app even when no one is online. You can find online new players when none of your friends is online. You can chat and do a lot of fun with your new friends on Scribble chat.


You can also think about adding this feature in your app so your app can be an all in one alternative to ShareChat as well as all these apps in the market.

So, keep the features of ShareChat and all these alternative apps in your mind before building an app like ShareChat.

I hope to read this you are clear how you can build an app like ShareChat.

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