There are apps like Eventbrite that help people to search as well as book tickets for upcoming events. When you build an event app like Eventbrite, people will be able to find fun activities happening near them.

Humans are social creatures. What can be better than events, right? So, events will never be out of fashion. Unlike earlier times, people now use local events apps to find out about events near them.

If you are thinking that the Eventbrite app will be just like a social service, then you are wrong. You can monetize the app in multiple ways. Consulting an app development agency will give you a better idea about creating an all events app.

Let’s move to the primary question – How to create an Eventbrite app? The step-by-step guide is as follows:

First Things First, Know the Market!

You cannot jump into the water before knowing its depth. In the same way, you can’t create an event app without knowing about your competitors.

Before entering a market, it is important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Also, knowing their USP can help.

In the case of event management applications, some of the competitors are:

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is believed to be the best app for local events. Apart from common people, event organizers can also use this app. The app has an in-built system for payments, analytics, and support.

It helps in reaching a wider audience with the help of social media integration. Even though it is the best event app, it is constantly improvising.

2. Facebook Local

There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t use Facebook or didn’t use it even once. So, undoubtedly Facebook Local is one of the apps you want to check before heading out.

Having trouble with last-minute plans? Browse through Facebook Local! An interesting thing is that you can see the check-ins of your friends and read reviews too.

3. DoStuff

In the year 2006, this app was created in Austin, Texas. Since its establishment, the app has grown in terms of the network. The app is now available in 20 major cities in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Local influencers create all the content on the platform. They list down events and prepare detailed city guides. You have the option to browse events on the basis of categories or check the ‘what’s happening today’ column.

4. YPlan

It is a London-based app created in 2012. The USP of this social event planning app is that people can get inexpensive last-minute deals.

In the initial phase, every third Londoner had this app on their iPhone. If you are planning to go for custom iPhone app development, then YPlan can be an inspiration.

YPlan was a startup but in 2016, it joined hands with a global media and entertainment company, Time Out Group.

What is the Development Stages to Build an Event App like Eventbrite?

☛ Attractive Design

We don’t think you really need an explanation for this one. The app design is the first thing your users will see. A user-friendly UI and an easy to navigate app can go a long way in helping to become popular.

☛ Custom Filters

Users love an easy-to-navigate app. So, it is necessary that all the information on the app is properly categorized. That will make it easy for the users to find out the information they need.

☛ Include Local Payment Solutions

Usually, services like Eventbrite use global payment options. But it is a possibility that not all such payment options will be available everywhere.

☛ Build A Community

The social media integration feature will allow your users to invite their friends to the platform. Another way to build a community is to include the in-app communication option. All these small things can make your app the best app to find local events.

☛ Bonus Systems & Loyalty Programs

Do you want to retain your existing customers? Offering discounts and similar incentives are the best ways! You can improvise in this area and increase the retention rate.

Essential Features to Build Event App like Eventbrite

☛ Feature list for the users:

✍ Registration & Event Management

This feature will have basic options like a preview, edit, and delete. You can also consider adding the description along with audio/video content.

✍ Ticket Management

When you build an event app like Eventbrite, consider including the option to create custom tickets or e-tickets. Irrespective of the ticket type, users will require a form to get the attendee’s details.

✍ Event Cancellation

The event cancellation will allow you to inform the attendees about canceling an event via email.

✍ Reporting & Analytics

The event organizers can keep a track of the tickets, events, income, etc. That way they can know the business’s progress and understand the event-goers preferences too.

✍ Communication

Means of communication like messaging or comments on event updates will help increase the engagement rate.

✍ Payments

Multiple payment options like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal will increase the convenience level.

✍ Refunds

Your customers will appreciate it if there are clear and written rules about refunds.

✍ Verification

The verification will work in two ways. Firstly, check whether your customer is a real person. Secondly, verify the event-goer before going ahead with the payment.

✍ Risk Management

It will act as insurance for fraudulent businesses. Event-goers will have the option to report an event for multiple reasons like fraud, cancellation, copyright, etc.

☛ Feature list for event-goers:

✍ Registration

Make sure that registration for event-goers is easy. It will be good if you give options to sign in using email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

✍ Search & Filters

Nothing will attract event-goers more than being able to find something quickly. Optimize the search results on the basis of location, type, price, and date.

In the case of an app like Eventbrite app Android, it can be done using Google Search API. In the case of iOS, take the help of the Lookup API.

✍ Event Feed

It will show the list of events that align with event-goers preferences. This is an important aspect to consider when you build an event app like Eventbrite.

✍ Ticket Management

The eventgoers usually need a summary of the booked tickets. Such an option will reduce the chances of cancellation/refund requests.

✍ Book Timer

The book timer feature is an amazing addition. The event goer will be able to hold a ticket till the transaction is complete.

✍ Waitlist Option

The feature will notify an attendee whenever there is a ticket available for events searched in the past.

✍ Event Tracking

This is a feature for the attendee’s personal account. He/she will be able to follow the event that they got tickets to. If you add the option to follow other events too, then your app like Eventbrite mobile app can be quite popular.

✍ Push Notifications

They act like subtle reminders about any events coming up or special offers.

Now, you know what is essential for creating the best app for events. But how to earn from it? Following are some of the monetization models you can use.

App Monetization Models

☛ Service Fees

Many event apps use this business model. Generally, organizers list their events for free. But when it comes to selling tickets, they pay certain fees. The fee rate can be flat or on a percentage basis.

Eventbrite’s business model is built on the service fees concept. The only difference is that the service fees are different in different countries. The rate of service fees depends on the payout in the country.

☛ External Ads

An event app is not only for event organizers and event-goers. It also gives local businesses a chance to become visible to the audience. The app owner can display external ads.

The ads will be the external revenue for the business. An app owner has the option to display ads on the homepage or include sponsored push notifications.

☛ Leverage Partnerships

Joining hands with local businesses can also prove to be a great way to add to the revenue stream. For instance, you can partner with a cab service or popular food joints.

In this way, you can add value to your services and the local businesses also get a chance to reach a wider audience.

What is the Cost to Build an Event App like Eventbrite?

The cost to build an event app like Eventbrite will largely depend on factors like the number of features, the platform you choose, the development team, the location of the development team, etc.

All of these factors are equally important for the success of an application. So, it is recommended to do some research on your own before making some official decisions.

If you are stuck in the process, any of the Android app development services that you choose will gladly help you out. They can even guide you in making some crucial decisions related to the app.

Whatever features or app platform you decide on, always keep in mind your target audience. Ultimately, they are the ones you want to impress. So, it is important to know the target audience well too.


Are you gaining interest in creating a local events app? So you see a profitable opportunity? Our expert team of professionals is here to take your idea further and make it a success! Just reach out to us at [email protected]!

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