Do you know how the Navigation App works? Let’s find out how to build An Scalable Navigation App Like Waze!

Navigation apps are highly popular among users. In the coming years, you can expect an increase in people using location-based services.

If you are planning to build a navigation map app, then you are in the right direction. The most popular traffic map app is undoubtedly Google Maps but there is another one – Maze.

It is equally impressive. All the mobile application development services know about it due to its brilliance.

Do you want to build a navigation app like Waze? Then you are on the right page! You will find everything you need to know about it here. Also, this blog will guide you to create a scalable navigation app.

A Brief Introduction of the Waze App:

Navigation App Like Waze

In the year 2009, the company came into existence in Israel. By the year 2011, they had more than 1.5 million users in the country. This figure accounts for 20% of Israel’s total population.

More and more people were using the Waze navigation app to save some commute time.

The unique feature of Waze is that it is a community-driven GPS route navigation app. Community driven means the users submit data to the app like detailed directions, and travel times. People leave tips for other drivers.

For instance, where to turn and if they should take an alternate route. The traffic control app also collects speed and location information anonymously to improve the services.

The crowdsourcing feature enables users to post any navigation or mapping errors, and traffic accidents. Did you know that Waze is the official voice navigation app for Lyft? We guess that is the ultimate seal of approval any app needs.

By now you must be clear about the Waze traffic information app. Let’s move to the core part of the blog!

Primary Features of a Navigation App Like Waze:

#Feature 1: GPS Navigation

Waze Navigation App

A navigation app like Waze collects data from the satellite. But it can collect data from the community of users too. The app can collect data from users’ smartphones to compare the routes.

It can also use this information to monitor traffic and road hazards. It is difficult to calculate an optimum route. The app servers use routing algorithms to find the optimum route for a destination.

The route suggestions depend on the following settings:

  • Request to find the shortest/fastest route
  • Allow/avoid tolls
  • To allow dirt roads or not
  • To avoid major highways or not

The app should allow users to add a route as a favorite or include in a multi-destination plan. An iOS/Android navigation app can detect the speed of your vehicle. If you set a speed limit, the app can alert the user for the same.

#Feature 2: Authorization

Authorization is an important part of apps like Waze. Registration on the app will enable users to leave notes and reviews. Your users will also be able to chat with other users.

Keep this in mind when you plan to build a navigation app like Waze. It is more convenient for users when you give easy login options.

#Feature 3: Travel Management

The travel management feature will allow users to set destinations for upcoming dates. When the time comes to travel, everything can be set up in a few clicks. Another interesting feature to include is a reminder.

The app will remind users of the appropriate time to leave so they reach on time. A navigation app can also guide users to the nearest parking lot. This feature is a savior for people in unknown destinations.

#Feature 4: Voice Guidance

A user cannot pay attention anywhere else while driving. It is dangerous if a user looks at the map while driving. Therefore, the voice navigation feature.

It will give turn-by-turn directions and alerts to the users. The users can also turn off the voice navigation if it distracts them.

These are the basic functionalities you can include in your navigation app like Waze. What is the unique feature that Waze social GPS maps and traffic app implement? Find out below!

#Feature 5: Gamification

Gamification means adding game-like features in your app to increase user engagement. Humans are competitive and want achievements in everything they do.

People like the Waze real-time traffic app as they get appreciation from the community members. If you want to make your navigation app fun, then check out Waze’s gamification features.

Points System – Different actions will give your users different points. A user’s point total will be compared to other users in the community. The points system is to assign a rank to the user. A user will earn points whenever they provide some road information. As the points increase, the user’s rank also increases in the community.

Mood – Everyone will enjoy some emojis while they are stuck in traffic. When a user gains enough points, they can set a mood for others to see.

Carpooling – The users can get free gas by using the Waze carpool app. If other community members are going in the same direction, their names will pop up. Both riders and drivers can share the gas cost. Waze will set the ride payment in advance.

Candy – The Waze app has different candies with a particular number of points. A user can drive to the location of the candy. Those points will be added to the user’s account.

Beep Beep – It is a feature to greet other community members. A user will hear the sound of a horn when someone greets them.

Possible Integrations In A Navigation App:

Car GPS Navigation App

There is no dedicated Waze Android app. But you can use Waze for the Android platform through Android Auto. The following integrations will make your app successful in the market:

☛ Google Calendar

One of the Waze features is synchronization with Google Calendar. Users can easily plan trips. If the app is given permission to access calendars then it will list upcoming appointments.

☛ Spotify

Waze, and Spotify has joined hands to make your commute musical. If a user has both apps on their phone, they can access both apps. When a user integrates their Spotify account, they get suggestions without leaving Waze.

☛ Social Media

Social media integration will enable users to know the location of their friends and give them a lift. They can also update their friends about road repairs or an increase in fuel prices. The best part is that all of this can be done with a few taps.

What Technologies Will You Need For Your Navigation App?

Waze App Features

☛ Geolocation

It is more of a necessity as Geolocation will detect a device’s location. All smartphones come with GPS. GPS chips collect location and timing information that satellites send from space.

If a GPS signal is not available, an app can use information from cell towers. Apps rarely use this method when GPS is unavailable.

☛ Maps & Navigation

The first functionality in any GPS app is navigation. For custom routing solutions you can use Mapbox’s robust navigation SDKs and APIs. It also offers other advanced features and good performance.

☛ Authorization

Safety is any mobile app that is essential. The authorization process will allow access only to approved users. Generally, mobile apps complete authentication with email addresses/social media accounts. For social media logins, use Facebook SDK and Twitter Kit.

☛ Voice Instructions

You can engage your app users with turn-by-turn navigation. For that, you can use Mapbox Navigation SDK. It will give you all the necessary tools to add turn-by-turn navigation in your app.

It will take you a few minutes to implement the complete navigation view controller.

☛ Social Elements

Social elements are when a user can share content based on the locations in social media apps. You can also offer the option to users to add comments about traffic issues.

Another way to present opinions is through likes. If you want to include the real-time chat feature then use WebSockets.


Today, GPS navigation apps are an integral part of our daily lives. They become more important when we are traveling to a new place.

After reading this blog, you have all the necessary information to build a navigation app like Waze. developing a similar app is a complex process. But it can be easy if you hire some professional help.

Depending on your choice of platform, you can hire an iOS app developer or Android app developer. After that, all you need to do is present your app idea clearly to them.

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