The market competition is increasing rapidly with the evolving options of the real estate industry. In this era, promoting your services through conventional methods of advertising is not as effective as you think.

Many companies are reaching out to application technology for real estate app developers who want to build a real estate app like Trulia. They are hiring more mobile app development services to create real estate app.

Are you a person who is dreaming to differentiate your real estate company from the other mainstream realtors in the market? Well, yes, you can do that.

But for that, you can build a real estate app like Trulia. In addition to these, you need to apply your time and energy in many areas of real estate app development.

To shape your application idea project, you need to choose the option of a good and trusted real estate mobile app builder. They will hire the right team that can build real estate app like Trulia.

Now let’s get started with an explanation of every important factor that affects real estate app development.

You May Ask Why These Applications Made A Huge Difference In The Real Estate Industries

  • First, applications like Zillow and Trulia can solve the headaches of many people who are hunting for houses to live in. These applications offer the cheapest and great options for them on their device. They don’t have to move from their place to have a better place.
  • Secondly, they can keep property lists updated and make sure there are no redundant lists on the board.

The most important thing is that these applications played with a great niche in the market like real estate. They helped people to create an audience for their purposes and win the majority in the market.

What do You need To Know If You Want To Build a Real Estate App Like Trulia Rental App?

If you decide to develop an application like Trulia rental app, it would be worthwhile to let you know some of their prominent features. It will save you some time for competitive research.

An application like the Trulia android app can provide you with a detailed list of properties for search, sale, and rent.

Let’s take a look at the elements that you have to put in while developing an app like Trulia real estate.

#1. Databases Are The Most Important Part

Don’t ever forget that this is the most essential part of your application. While this is an “invisible” feature, your application won’t understand much at all without it. We are talking about property databases in the city/country you are living in.

The Trulia real estate app uses every source of data to manage the search. Since this app aimed to target the U.S market, many companies have access to its data of it. Those companies are:

  • National Association Of Realtors
  • Multiple Listing Service.

You should look for the NAR frameworks in your country if you want to build applications similar to the Trulia rent estimate.

So, here we hope it’s clear that to prepare the database for your application you need to find the right organizations or associations.

Other ways to prepare your database are for sale by owners and properties sold by third-party owners.

You can use the APIs provided by Zillow and Trulia if you want to access a database of areas where applications work.

#2. Onboarding/ Sign-up

This is known as a welcome screen which is a common element that every application should have.

  • This feature helps users by informing them of the basics of your real estate search app. Onboarding helps in presenting the app easily and does not disappoint the users.
  • Besides, by applying user profiles ( this requires your sign-up feature ) you can significantly increase the UX. So, for example, all the users can get more content according to their needs, compare and store their interests, and many more features.
  • The created profile will consider the applications to get to know the users better and give them suggestions and solutions accordingly.

#3. Search And Filter

We already mentioned the importance of having an extensive database of features in the article, so what is the challenge here? The challenge here is to make an effective feature with which users will be able to get the most relevant results quickly.

We all know that buying or renting is not a part of a joke, so the more aspects you consider, the better for the users.

Of course, the list mentioned below is very important, and you need to add these to your application which will help users to search and filter:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Property Type
  • Listing Type
  • Year
  • Plot Size
  • Square foot range
  • You can also add some extra facilities here like laundry, parking, a pool, a balcony, etc.

But if you want to make it better, we strongly recommend you implement additional filter-type functionality. If you hire an android app developer for this, it can be a bit better for you.

#4. Map Functionality

If you are making a mobile application similar to the real estate Trulia app, then you have to pay attention to the in-app map. Let’s take a closer look!

The rent Trulia app allows a bunch of great and somewhat unexpected figures to be displayed on the map.

This allows all the buyers and tenants to discover the city or district where people live.

Do you want to know what local information the Trulia rent estimate app provides the users? Here you go:

  • Crime rates
  • The location with ratings
  • Nearby shops
  • Also, let users know about the possibility of natural disasters
  • Local population
  • Boundaries
  • Traffic
  • The opinion of locals

Now you are wondering how they manage to get all this information. But we are here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as you.

For example, in the United States, data. gove provides more than 8,000 datasets on crime, demographics, and more.

Many cities and countries have open databases as information spreads around the world. Thus, if you want to build a real estate app like Trulia, finding the right source doesn’t seem like a challenge.

#5. Apartment Details

Now we are at the part where it means the most to the users.

In addition to the details of the surroundings, real estate apps like Trulia provide details of the listed features. You have to follow the same rules work here: if you want a better view, you have to make information accessible here.

These are the points you should cover while building a real estate search app:

  • Price
  • Address
  • Photos
  • Monthly mortgage
  • Square foot range
  • Price of every square foot
  • The number of rooms
  • Property type
  • Agent description
  • Year
  • You can add additional features such as parking, flooring, cooling, ac systems, furniture, and more things that seem important.

One more thing you can do. It would be great if you provide users with a list of similar homes within the same price and location through your app.

It is advisable to have the opinion that the house you are currently exploring does not suit you for one reason to another.

#6. Push Notification

As always, push notification is the most common and important part of your application. This feature encourages users to open your app more often and sometimes even if they don’t plan.

Here are some common cases you should know when you send push notifications and users will probably open them:

  • When they save or see the property its value decreases.
  • When a new home appears in the district where they previously searched.
  • Property updates.

So, these are the top 6 features that you have to keep in mind while the real estate app development.

Find Out The Right Real Estate Mobile App Builder Or Developer For Your App

Finding the right mobile app developer is the most important before you go for it. Here are some things you should know:

  • If you want to develop a real estate application for iPhone users, then you have to hire an iPhone app developer that can provide you the best iPhone app development services.
  • Similarly, you can hire an android app developer if you want to develop a real estate application for android users.

Cost to Build Real Estate App like Trulia: Breakdown

The cost of developing a real estate search app like Trulia depends upon a variety of factors and mobile app development services.

  • However, it will cost you around $10,000 if any agency works with a team of QA engineers, a testing team, and system administrators.
  • Also with the increasing number of features and specifications, the cost can reach around $40,000.


Lastly, we wanna say that you need to be clear with your expectations from the app before going further into the technical stack. For this, you have to give some time to the application and study marketplace.

Are you in search of the best mobile app development services? We are here to help! So don’t waste your time and just contact us right now.

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