The COVID 19 global pandemic has transformed our daily routines. Lockdown and social distancing have transformed the way we socialize and connect with humans. This pandemic has shifted our focus to glance at other communication and entertainment alternatives online.

Thus it has increased the time people spend on digital devices. As a result, social media platforms have accepted a considerable amount of acceleration.

As per the reports of October 2020, more than 4 billion people worldwide invest their time on social media every month. Moreover, there has been the latest addition to this social media genre.

The clubhouse app is an emerging social media platform leader. This article will discuss the cost of building a clubhouse-like app development, must-have features, tech stack, and many more.

About Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse is an invitation-only drop-in audio, social media chat platform available on iOS and Android platforms.

These social media platforms can be used for audio communication through separate rooms. The capacity of each room in the clubhouse-like app development is 5000 people.

The clubhouse app can present users with virtual rooms for live discussions as it provides an opportunity for people to come up and become the speaker or take part in the conversation as a listener.

In the Clubhouse, there is no sharing of texts, pictures, or videos. It is only an audio chat platform.

☛ More about the Clubhouse App:

  • Developed By: Clubhouse was developed by Exploration Co.
  • CEO: Krut Schrader
  • The Clubhouse was founded in 2020
  • Headquarters: New York City
  • Valuation: $4 Billion

Required Features for Clubhouse-Like App Development

1. Generating Profiles

The clubhouse app is developed with a basic profile generating process. Users are only required to put in their name and phone number while signing up in the app.

The username (the name of the candidate) is one that users have to book in advance. Thus, for the time being, users are not allowed to enter the application.

2. Clubhouse Hallway

Clubhouse hallway is the critical feed of the audio networking app. It is a feed where users can look at the present and ongoing chat rooms.

The scheduled rooms and clubs that you follow are also displayed on top of the hallway so that you can get easy access to the room.

✍ Right from the hallway, you can:

  • find someone by using their name or keyword.
  • You can invite anyone to join the Clubhouse.
  • Easily manage your clubhouse profile.

3. Clubhouse Rooms

The clubhouse rooms provide you with a view of the name of people present in the room. It also provides you insights into the topic they are conversing about.

These clubhouse rooms can also be looked upon as podcasts. This section of clubhouse app architecture provides you with the feasibility of listening in on a conversation.

You can mute/leave the room whenever you want to explore other active rooms in the hallway. Once you enter the room, you will get details of the speaker, moderator, and listener/audience actively listening to the conversation.

4. Clubhouse App Clubs

The Clubhouse-like app provides you with the ease to create clubs within the app. Furthermore, it allows you to create communities within this platform to manage numerous conversations and meetups with other members.

There are mainly 4 types of active memberships inside a club. These are founders, members, admin, and followers.

5. Notifications

The clubhouse app’s push notification strategy is pretty direct. As soon as you click on the notification icon, you get access to various numbers of notifications like

  • New followers.
  • While any of your connections is speaking in the room.
  • While any of your connections invites you to enter a room.
  • When someone whom you follow schedules a room.

6. Clubhouse Invitations

If you want to invite someone to be a part of the Clubhouse, you must have their contact in your phone. As soon as you connect your address book with the Clubhouse, you can see the people who are already a part of the application.

You can also search for the people you want to follow and invite more people to the application.

7. Moderation

One of the sections where the clubhouse app faces significant issues is the poor moderation in the chat rooms as there have been various filed complaints from the users about the abusive, racist, and sexist talks in the rooms.

Therefore, it is required for such audio chat applications to have a proper moderation space in every room. These moderations should drop the speaker or restrict the audience’s interaction which is hurting the sentiments of the people in the room.

8. Timely Reminders

In clubhouse-like app development, it is not possible to record or store live conversations. Thus, users must get quick reminders whenever their preferred speakers or topic-based rooms have liver conversations.

They should not miss such opportunities. Thus, the clubhouse app architecture is integrated with a solid and prompt reminder and notification system to ensure such situations do not come up.

9. Following Speakers And Trends

There is an integrated feature of following speakers and trends. With this, users can follow their preferred speakers or trends they like to hear from or hear about.

This feature enables users to stay updated with all the activities of the speakers or about their preferred topics.

10. Activity

The activity area in the clubhouse app will develop a history of all the interactions you have had to date. Here you will get to see all the accounts that you have been following.

It will also display all the tasks you have been doing lately on the app and find out who joined the social media app recently. You also get access to all the club people who are part of the upcoming occasions.

11. Topics

The topics of the rooms are basically like tags of the rooms. The Clubhouse provides a long list of topics to make it possible for people to search for the appropriate room for their interests.

The speaker can allocate topics when they develop the room. The users can use these topics to find their preferred room. These features make the app experience intuitive and straightforward for all.

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Let’s Learn How to Develop a Live Audio Chat App Like Clubhouse in 2021

Now we are a step ahead, as we have already learned about the application features. So let’s overview what we need to develop clubhouse-like app development.

First, there are some defined steps one need to follow to develop an app like Clubhouse:

☛ Step – 1

Suppose you have decided to enter the market with an intuitive voice chat app. You also need to understand that developing an app like Clubhouse is not an easy task.

At first, you are required to carefully pick and decide which mobile application development services you want to opt for. Therefore, we recommend hiring custom android app development experts who will help you build your solution from scratch.

They can also guide you through all the processes starting from the discovery phase and releasing and launching your mobile app in the markets.

☛ Step – 2

It is one of the most significant steps in the discovery phase. The app development experts always suggest their clients for this part.

The information gathered during this stage will help you establish the scope of work, time frame, and plan to implement tasks for the project.

This will help you ensure that the customer gets a quality software product to meet the prearranged requirements.

✍ The analysis is essential to:

  • Explain the goals and requirements of the users.
  • Comprehend the context of the product’s use.
  • Search for new ideas for development.
  • Understand your users’ expectations, like reduced user’s desire to download the application, expectations regarding security, and many more.

In the course of the discovery phase, our experts search for the client’s wishes. After that, the market analysis is carried out, and the project description is developed.

This approach helps to minimize the number of modifications held during the development process.

The scope of the project is decided with other vital factors like the type of solutions required, features integrated, the cost of building a clubhouse, and many more.

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Clubhouse App Tech Stack

Here is the list of popularly used clubhouse app tech stacks:

  • Android Development: Kotlin
  • iOS Development: Swift
  • Back-end Development: Node.js
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure
  • Database: SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Real-time analytics: Azure Stream Analytics
  • Notifications: Google Cloud Messaging, Apple push notifications
  • Voice Stream API: Live Sports
  • Geo-location: Google Maps API

Cost of Building a Clubhouse in 2021

The cost of building a clubhouse-like app depends on several factors. First, it is nearly impossible to supply you with a detailed estimation without having a deep understanding of your projects, expectations, requirements, and plans.

The cost of building a clubhouse also depends on the country of your development team. It is cheaper to outsource app development to popular destinations like Ukraine than to hire an in-house team.

Like for instance, the approximate prices of app development would be as following:

  • Prototype development: $20,000
  • MVP development: $50,000
  • Full-featured product development: $150,000

The prices for voice streaming API have a massive impact on the overall development cost. If you wish to learn more about clubhouse app pricing, and viable MVP, enter your domain name and enhance your app with a unique set of features.

Then, with expert mobile application development services, you can successfully launch a high-quality audio-based social app when users require it the most.


As per Statista, with about 4.66 billion internet users, 92.6% of them are mobile device users. Thus online apps have proved to be extremely useful and profitable.

The Clubhouse is such a kind of social media app. This app has provided immense opportunities and possibilities to become a dominating app in the market.

Thus, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, and many more are also developing alternative apps like Clubhouse.

Thus it is the right time for you to launch your clubhouse-like app development and be in the race. It is also crucial for you to have the proper report of features, functionalities, and the cost of building a clubhouse.

Once you have your expectations and specifications set, you can search for top custom android app development companies to help you in clubhouse-like app development.

cost of building a clubhouse


Cross-platform application development is all about developing a single application that can function on several operating systems. Rather than developing different app versions for each platform.

The tech stack of an app depends on various factors, like features and functionalities to be integrated, security, and many more. The most common and basic tech stack of clubhouse apps is Kotlin, Swift, Node.Js, AWS, Azure, SQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud Messaging, and Google Maps API.

The time taken to build a voice chat app depends on the complexity of the app. Approximately the time taken to build an audio chat social app can take 1500 hours for one platform. It includes the work of all the app developers.