There are two kinds of sports fans, one who likes to play sports, and the other who wants to enjoy watching someone else play sports. The sports industry is as old as the first Olympic games in ancient Greece. Ever since, it has been adored by millions of sports fans, be it sports persons or spectators.

These happenings drive mobile app developers to invest in sports mobile app development. This article will go through some key sport app features and estimated sports app development prices if you are also planning to invest in building a sports app. Then, reach out to a custom mobile app development company and properly estimate sports app development costs.

Facts and Stats Related to Sports Mobile App Market

Before we know about the sports app features and cost, let’s have a quick view of why sports mobile app development can be a good investment.

Here are some amazing facts and figures for you:

  • The sports market size of North America keeps growing with each passing year, and it is likely to reach 83.1 billion dollars by 2023.
  • The team’s brand value of the Dallas Cowboys sports teams has been ranked as the most expensive one in 2018, worth 4.8 billion dollars.

All these facts and figures justify that the people have been and will always be interested in sports. Thus the existing business owners in the sports industry should anticipate high revenues. They have provided that they have a full-proof business strategy, management, and planning.

So it would be best for you to step into the market with innovative approaches by building a sports app and launching it for the crowd.

Undoubtedly the idea is not just good. It’s great. But before you enter, you need to be clear about the sport app features you want to integrate into your sports mobile app as these features and functionalities will help you make your space in the competition.

Must-Have Sports App Features

Here is the list of must-have features one can expect from sports mobile app development:

1. Score Tracking and Scoreboard

One of the major reasons people install sports apps is to know the real-time scores of the sport. Best sports apps come equipped with real-time score tracking.

It also has an integrated scoreboard that allows users to see the real-time scores of the match. These scores keep on updating.

2. Communication Tools

These sports mobile apps are quite appealing to various users. Thus it is meaningful to make these apps as interactive as possible. The communication feature in the sports app allows sports enthusiasts to interact with each other.

It is a great feature while the fantasy game is going on or during the betting season. In simple words, it would be great community networking.

Let’s learn how to develop sports betting app.

3. Social Media Integration

A feature of social media integration is required for sports mobile app development. As every app in the market is equipped with social media platforms.

It allows the users to post the scores, routines, fitness statistics, and other sports-related information on media. Social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, and many more.

Users can copy the URL and send it to whoever they want to.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications are also one of the significant features every sports mobile app development should have. Especially for a true sports fan, it is one of the vital features.

Considering how fast things can occur globally, it is important to keep the users updated about everything. Therefore, you need to ensure that the app should notify every detail, as users should not miss anything.

It is the point where push notifications come into the picture. You must use this feature appropriately. If you make too much use of this feature, then you might get the risk of spamming them and eventually making your users uninstall your sports app.

You are required to share correct information to your users. In brief, features of push notifications are used to share timely alerts and not results.

5. Live Streaming

As mentioned earlier, steaming is quite common nowadays. Moreover, most sports enthusiasts like to watch their favorite sports from their homes, way to work, and other comforting places.

Thus the sports app features of live streaming are important to incorporate in your app.

6. GPS

The sports app features of GPS will allow users to keep informed about the sports events that are going to take place around them. They can also make use of this feature to find sports coaches in their area.

7. News Feed

Integrating a news feed in your sports mobile app would be a great opportunity to keep your users constantly interested in your app.

To ensure that not a single user misses out on the news, then it would be highly recommended for you integrate push notifications in the app.

Apart from the sports news, you can inform your users with tournament tables, the performance of sports teams, or sportspeople. It would be a great perk for your app users.

Suppose you are planning to build a dedicated sports app for a specific team or team sports tournament. Then you can also integrate a section of the matchday center.

It would be a great information hum that will include all the relevant data regarding their fantasy games. Data like scores, highlights from the dame, press conferences, tournament tables, and many more should be shared with the users.

Learn more about the cost of developing a fantasy sports mobile app like Dream11.

8. Sportspeople or Sports Teams Catalog

It is one of the significant sports app features of sports mobile app development. For example, suppose you are targeting to attract only the fans of a particular sports team.

It would be a great opportunity for you to enjoy getting acquainted with the stories of their favorite sportsmen and the history of the group as a whole.

9. Chat

The feature of audio or text chat will allow users to interact with each other. They can share news, discuss the game, and chat about their team or player with fellow users. These sports app features will help users to bond and build a community.

Here are new features of chatbots that are enhancing their features in upcoming years.

10. Payment Gateway

If you are looking forward to integrating in-app purchases, you must also consider incorporating several payment gateway options.

You can also make your payment gateway, but it would not be a great option for those operating something other than the gateway itself as a practice.

Getting the PCI (payment card industry) is a bit of a long, complicated and legal process. On the contrary, integrating a ready-made solution with a certificate will take up to 8 hours of working on average.

Here is the list of payment gateways for mobile apps to choose the best one for your mobile app.

11. Ticket Sale

Crazy and dedicated fans don’t miss out on any games of their favorite teams or sportspeople. So provided there is a payment gateway option integrated into your app, you should permit users to track and purchase the tickets directly from the app without leaving the app.

As an alternative to that, you can also look forward to integrating a third-party ticket sale service in your app. With this, your users will have to browse the tickets, and track the best prices, and availability, but have to make the final purchase on that service.

With this, you will get a fee for every transaction. As with this, you are providing a new lead for that third-party service.

12. Offline Mode

You must provide your users with access to some of the features of your app without the internet connection as it will prove to be a great opportunity for your app as it would be very convenient for its users.

How Much Does it Cost for Sports Mobile App Development?

There are few aspects of calculating the cost for sports mobile app development. Like:

  • Domain Registration: It can cost you about $10 to $20 per year to get a new domain.
  • The cost for data feeds will differ from $500 to $1000 as the price depends on the sports and requirement of data.
  • The legal fees can cost you about $1000 per year and are likely to vary depending on various geographical locations.
  • Annual maintenance of your app can cost around $1000 per year, depending on the levels of updates supported and your requirements.
  • Hosting a sports app can cost about $100 a year. It depends on the hosting services you choose and the traffic. Some extra dollars might cost if you want security features and regular website backups for your app.
  • The revenue model for your sports mobile app development will depend on the type of app you want to develop.
  • White label solutions are ready-made solutions that can be used easily. Further, if there is any terrific revenue opportunity, you can buy such solutions, and you do not have to get tense about marketing. Such types of white-label solutions can cost about $5,000 and more.
  • Suppose you want to develop a unique sports mobile app with a limited budget, custom UI/UX, and features. Then such custom solutions can cost you about $20,000 and more.
  • Suppose you have a big budget for sports mobile app development and can earn millions from their app. Then along with custom UI/UX and advanced features, they can integrate premium consultancy.


Sports mobile app development is a comprehensive approach to boost your enterprise accumulation. You were paired with added friction and better brand identification. But sports mobile app development can be an expense.

As the release time of any app is quite valuable. Thus you should not be in a hurry to start with development steps. The sports app development price will not be bothered in the long run, as it will catch off and get loads of revenue to your company.

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Our app development experts will understand your requirements with their expertise, advanced approach, and custom-made solutions. They will bring your idea into reality.

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In the fantasy sports app, the users are allowed to choose their desired team with real sports players. But before you select your team players, users have to deposit some defined amount in their account. Once users draft their team, they can join any league, contest, or tournament by paying a specific amount of money as a fee.

Fantasy sports mobile apps and platforms come with a wide range of gaming rules that involve participation fees. There are platforms like FanDuel as well as DraftKings that launch bumper contests with huge payouts and cash prizes. These companies earn a lot for their revenues by taking a cut.

Fantasy football is quite similar to sports in this regard. It’s a possibility that a team may win a one-off game through luck, but over the course of the season, the best will win to the top. Thus to conclude, fantasy football is not a form of gambling, it is a game of skill and not luck.