In the state of this pandemic, the fear of contagious disease has driven all the working force and students into their homes. The growing pace of the Coronavirus spread has created a sense of fear amongst the local public.

Industries and companies need to come to the rescue. There is an acute need for revisiting of industries and businesses to make the national economy stable. The assistance of conferencing apps has helped them a lot.

On the other hand, colleges and schools cannot shut their doors due to these circumstances for a long. The wake of the pandemic has introduced a new trend of schooling called ‘online schooling’.

Video conferencing applications have made all these hassles possible.

The need for Video Conferencing App

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Video conferencing apps are the segment that has increased its development pace in this catastrophe. The requirement in the time of pandemic did not introduce the conferencing app for the first time.

The need for such applications has always been a requirement for the conduction of online meetings across the world. Video conferencing apps are the alternative left when the government has banned and discontinued physical gatherings.

Another requirement for such conferencing apps is omnipresent. The main intention of developing such applications was to link or create a link among different audiences that are a large distance apart.

Before the pandemic, the use of such applications was not so popular or notary which is drastically increased this time.

☛ Zoom Video Conferencing App

The headquarters of Zoom are meanwhile based in the US. It is not wrong to declare Zoom as one of the best video conferencing apps for android.

From the very first beginning of its release Zoom has caught widespread attention due to the ease and flexibility it offers on the single platform.

The Zoom application has made online operations easy and affordable for the local population. The Zoom application is now available on iOS and other platforms.

Later, the main consumers of the applications are people from big corporations and industries. It was so fruitful for all of them to conduct meetings of about an unlimited count of participants.

Zoom’s clouding meeting app has made cloud meetings possible to a certain extent. Anyone can conduct a cloud meeting of about 25 participants for about 40 minutes for free. For unlimited access, there are certain subscription plans.

Video conferencing costs vary from application to application. Zoom video conferencing pricing includes three subscription plans:

  • Pro – $14.99 per host per month
  • Business – $19.99 per host per month
  • Enterprise – $ 19.99 per host per month

What are the key Features of Zoom?

Zoom has several robust features that are so mandated in any video conferencing app. The thing that should be kept in mind while designing such applications is the easy accessibility of its features. Zoom has made this possible.

Unlike other platforms, the application of Zoom does not imply the use of complex procedures for conducting online meetings. The following procedures are quite simple and can easily be by-hearted after proper use.

Such accessibility over the platform makes it one of the best video conferencing apps for android. Here is a detailed list of all the notary features of the Zoom application.

1. Logging into the account

This is a common feature for several websites and applications. This is also one of the most secure procedures to protect privacy online.

The participants and the host need to log in or sign up for their accounts before accessing the application.

2. Access to virtual background

Many users widely accepted this robust feature of the Zoom application. This feature helps the consumer to enhance the background and change it alternatively.

This feature is unavailable in many of the other video conferencing apps available on the same platform.

3. Calendar

This feature helps the host to conduct or pre-plan the meeting in any of the time frames considering a hassle-free environment for the same.

This integrated feature widely helps and enhances the traffic of people in the application.

4. Screen share

This application has fulfilled this necessity. There is an acute requirement of sharing documents and other files while conducting the meeting.

In such a situation the host or any of the participants need not leave the platform for presenting the same. Rather, in such cases the application lets the participants share the screen amongst all the members of the conference.

5. Beautification

This feature is like social media filters with which you can change and edit your appearance in the call. Teenagers widely accept this feature.

This is an attractive option that increases the traffic of another segment of society in the application.

These are some of the features of the Zoom application. There is a long list of other features that are available on this platform. Regular users widely accept

Video conferencing apps like Zoom are due to the wide scope of features and accessibility available on these platforms.

Current Growth and Success of Video Conferencing Applications

This segment mainly deals with the statistics and analysis of the current growth of the Zoom application. On online platforms, Zoom has emerged as one of the best video-conferencing applications.

The application has about more than 74 million downloads in both the android and apple app stores. It also emerged as the most downloaded application from 26 March to 1 April 2020 with about 3.2 million downloads.

Tiktok at 1.9 million and Hangouts meet at 1.2 million following the Zoom application. The conferencing app had about 100 million annual meetings in the year 2015. In March 2020 the number of meetings increased to 200 million in just one single day.

The development rate of the application has reached an extraordinary rate of about 730%.

Is it Affordable to Develop an Application like Zoom?

Zoom App

It is the segment for which the above whole discussion was made. It is possible to develop an application like Zoom via several means but it is important to care for several factors into consideration.

A large number of factors influence the cost of getting an app developed which an android app development company largely considers. The above discussion is more than enough to prove why such applications are in great demand throughout the world.

While designing such features one should not ignore all the factors that are responsible for the success of the application and cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an Application like Zoom

Certain factors highly decide the total cost of any application in any of the platforms. The cost to develop apps like Zoom varies along with the following features.

Back-end development is the first thing that should be kept while developing such an application is the cost of back-end development. The cost to develop apps like zoom starts from this very first factor.

For the proper functioning of the conference app creating a flawless server, portion is a must. Professional experts highly recommend creating a personal server with assistance from scratch.

Designing the application is also an important part. The Design of the UI/UX should be intuitive and attractive for the success of the application. It is important to design the features in a way to make the application easy to use and handle.

The long part that has discussed above is to give the proper insights into what are the necessary features while designing a video conferencing app like Zoom.

The cost of getting an app developed is also based on which platform anyone is using the application. Take the concern of Swift or Objective-C for an android application or iOS development.

The assistance of such third party services is quite helpful in simplification of the whole process.

Hiring App Developing Company:

A number of factors largely influence the cost to develop an app like Zoom. Many developers tend to sell their services online mode. Some might think of the assistance of a freelance app developer for the same.

Android app development companies provide top-notch services for the same. Hiring app developers provide the benefits of certain other amenities which are unavailable in other developing sources.

Developing or Hiring Android app developers for designing video conferencing apps may not be so easy. Analysis suggests considering several factors before arriving at a particular conclusion.

To hire an android app development company always consider the experience and the qualification of the workers. The services of companies range from cheap to extreme rates.

For a flawless design, one should spend some money on the design of the features.

How much does it Cost to Develop an App like Zoom?

No one can exactly suggest a particular Cost to Develop an App like Zoom. Based on features the cost varies. Some developers take interest in designing several features for the video-conferencing application.

Generally, the price range to develop an app like Zoom starts from $10000 – $60000 for each platform of iOS and Android.

In such cases, the cost to develop an app like Zoom will touch the sky. It is possible to build an integrated application at reasonable rates by choosing some of the mandated features.


Cost to Develop an App like Zoom is a fruitful option to excel in business. A large amount of the public is relying on such applications for their day-to-day administration.

Hire android app developer is a better option to develop a top-quality application by the hands of experts. If someone is planning to develop such a conferencing app, there is an acute need to research thoroughly throughout the web for the classy features of the application.

After spending significant time in research, choose the best among the feasible options. If developers develop the content with great concern and generosity, undoubtedly the application will excel.

Want to Develop Cloud App like Zoom?