The OfferUp app, which was launched back in the year 2011, is one of the leaders in the local nut and sales market. It enables itself to build an iPhone app and develop an Android app for itself instead of just an online website.

That has also the most reputable business which entails private ownership. It has its base in Pacific Northwest and has crossed the $1B valuations after raising an amount of $130M in late 2016.

It’s easy to build an app like OfferUp because it is made to be easy to use, trustworthy, and straightforward. An app like offer up is a way for people to buy and sell in virtual communities.

OfferUp app reviews suggest that it is popular among people that have been among the top five most popular shopping apps.

The Offerup app for Android and IOS was launched in 2011 by Nick Huzar and Arean van Veelen, and its headquarter locates in Bellevue, Washington.

Based on statistics and figures, there are more than 44 million users who have registered themselves on the Offerup App platform. One of the apps similar to Offerup is Letgo.

How Does Offerup work?

Mobile apps like Offerup provide opportunities for sellers to advertise their products. Does OfferUp charge a fee?  The answer is yes. They have additional charges for the selling of each product.

People can use the Offerup App platform for the advertisement of their products rather than wasting time by looking for local buyers. Here are a few key points to describe how it works:

  • Users can come on board easily just by taps, and can also start the processes of selling and buying within minutes.
  • Sellers can easily create ads for their products with the help of OfferUp once they come on board. They can easily connect with potential buyers through this app.
  • The Offerup platform also allows direct communication, and they discuss the information concerning the products, with the sellers through chat or call, which are in-built into the app. Sellers can upload photos of items by using an inbuilt camera within the app.

What kind of products sells or are bought through this OfferUp App?

The Offerup selling app provides the user with the opportunity to sell products by uploading photos of them quickly. By doing this, another user can easily buy the products after checking them.

☛ Here’s a list of items that sells on the OfferUp app:

  • Clothes
  • Electronic gadgets and products
  • Sports Equipments
  • Household goods
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Tickets
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools, machine parts
  • Shoes

Aside from this, there are several other products that sell on this App. It prohibits selling some products like alcohol, offensive items, or gift cards. One can build an iPhone app or develop android apps like OfferUp and Letgo.

How to build an App like OfferUp?

Here is a quick guide to creating an App like OfferUp or Letgo, for both iOS as well as Android users:

    • An analysis should be conducted of the best-selling apps in order to get an idea about how one should create the App.
    • A business model should then be created for the same local buy and sell app.
    • In the next step, a tech stack should be chosen to build one’s app.
    • After this, one should select the right development company for the app, based on the tech stack.
    • In this next step, an attractive UI and UC of one’s buy and sell app is supposed to be built.
    • Then, one should go for website development which is meant for the purpose of the startup and has similar features.
    • An integrated getaway for payment is suggestable because it is right for one’s business and also for customers.
    • One should create a very unique and good brand name for themselves and then promote their app accordingly.
    • People who are interested in making the app should protect themselves from fraud and should take measures accordingly.
    • Keep innovating with new features.

The best shortcut to creating an app is to partner up with the best mobile development company. They can take half of the tasks and efficiently complete them.

☛ How much does it cost to build an App like OfferUp?

The cost of building an app like OfferUp depends on the technology behind the app, be it IOS or Android, or both.

Aside from this, it depends on the design of the app, its modules and functionality, prototype and development, and finally, the developer’s experience.

If we talk about the timeline then designing the app would approximately take 7 days, followed by the app development which would take 25 days for both IOS and Android.

Web Backend and APIs take 30 days and the testing, bug fixing, and deployment take 5 working days.

Here is a cost break up of building the app:

      • The cost of developing wireframes for an app like OfferUp would be around $500-$1000.
      • The design of the app is both vital and crucial, and it would cost around $5000 to $10,000 to make the designs.
      • Keeping all of these into consideration, the total expense to make an application like OfferUp would be around $40K to $50K.

How does OfferUp make money?

Here is a detailed discussion of some of the monetization model methods in details:

☛ Advertisement

Sellers can sell their products fast by listing them in the features tab. The ads for their products can be displayed on every page. This helps in generating a fair amount of revenue for the sellers.

☛ Transaction fees

The platform for the OfferUp app charges a commission to users in the form of transaction fees which are the service fees or charges for shipping.

☛ Investors

The root of the Offerup application is strengthened by backing itself up with a robust set of investors.

☛ Commission

The OfferUp selling app charges an amount for commission, to the sellers for every deal made on the app.

☛ Membership or Subscription fees

To gain access to an additional set of features, the sellers or buyers have to pay a certain sum of money.

What are some of the top features of apps like Letgo and OfferUp?

☛ Profile

The user can create their profile on the app to buy and sell items, and this profile will provide them with a summary of products that are their favorites along with active posts.

☛ Home

The home icon on the OfferUp application shows where a user can search for products and view items that are the most popular. One can view these items and also customize and set up settings such as location permissions and camera.

☛ Camera

The app has a feature a camera that helps the seller take pictures of items and products that they wish to sell.

☛ Categories

With this feature, one can get to buy products from generalized categories like showpieces, office supplies, gardening equipment, electronics, etc.

☛ App Design

The app is designed essentially to attract customers. Though one may think about the mobile app development services and the amount, it may cost to design an app like OfferUp or Letgo, whereas it all depends on the level of designing requirement one wants.

☛ Chat

This feature enables one to talk to the people who posted the sale. One can bargain and learn about the product or even ask questions before finalizing the deal using the same.

Here is a step-by-step elaborated process of building an app like OfferUp:

      • An analysis of the best-selling app is conducted
      • A business model is created for one’s local buy and sell app
      • A tech stack on which the app builds is chosen
      • An attractive UX and UI is built for the buying and selling app
      • One can select the right app development company based on the tech stack
      • One needs to steer clear and consider taking fraud protection measures
      • An integrated payment gateway that is right for one’s business and customers is created
      • One can promote the app by creating the right brand name
      • Also can go for the development of websites for the startup with similar features
      • One can keep innovating with new features

☛ What does the cost of the Offerup app depend upon?

      • App technology
      • App designing
      • Modules and functionality
      • Prototyping and development
      • Developer’s experience

What are the Benefits of launching an app like OfferUp?

If a person is thinking of starting a new online marketplace, then launching an app like OfferUp is a great idea. This one can build an app like Offerup, which is in high demand today because it offers the best way of selling and buying items with ease.

The work of the admin is to manage apps and panels. Apps like OfferUp help in generating revenue in various ways, as discussed earlier.


Thus, building an app like OfferUp and using them as a local marketplace is safe and secure. Offerup is ethical and has a zero-tolerance policy for the violation of good citizenship.

There’s no discrimination and misinterpretation based on race or ethnicity, and there is also no place for scams.

They have efficient customer care experts and offer full security in due course of service. They set fair prices and also reasonable offers, which makes everyone feel like they have gotten a good deal.

Apps like OfferUp aim towards providing a perfect marketplace equilibrium and offer prices and offers which reflect the real value of things that helped them get there.

Aside from this, they give thorough descriptions of every product that is being sold on the marketplace and provide the opportunity for transparent conversations and communication about the details of an offer, and this helps everyone find success quickly.

According to OfferUp, it is 80% successful when one shows up, and the other 20% is for being on time.

They believe in clear-cut and proper communication between buyers and sellers concerning the product and say that one should not flake at the last moment.

Even if they have found another buyer, they should let each other know to maintain professionalism. If you want to take your business to the next level, then contact us for further reference.

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