Do you know that the current cash reserve ratio (CRR) is 4% in India? It means that with Rs. 4 as cash, a bank can lend for Rs. 100. Low CRR means that banks would have more money to invest and as a result, the interest rates will reduce. Trading app Development helps you to understand CRR and allows you to invest in the stock market.

The current era is all about trading app development and mobile trading apps. Gone were the days when investors had to deal with stock exchange agents.

Online trading apps have taken their place and it’s now a matter of a few clicks to invest in stocks.

That’s why the importance of trading app development has increased in the last 5 years. There are many good mobile trading apps available in the market. Among all these one of the best trading apps is Zerodha.

Zerodha is a trading platform app that has become the biggest stockbroker in India. It contributes about 15% of all Indian retail trading volumes.

You can now imagine how important mobile trading apps are. So, let’s now talk about the main aim of this blog. You must be here to know how to build a trading app like Zerodha.

Building the best trading app like Zerodha can be exaggerated but it would be simple if you know the right path.

In this blog, you will be able to know all the things that you need to consider while making the best trading app. To know this, first, you need to know about how this kind of online trading app works.

How the Best Stock Application- Zerodha Works?

Zerodha works on the principle of the online discount broker model. Online discount broker means those brokers that help to provide online brokerage services. The main benefit of the discount broker is that it helps the trader to do trading at a very low cost.

This best stock application uses the latest technologies for providing you the best trading services. The users can use the services and tools of Zerodha you have to register on its website.

You can also surf their website even without registering. It provides real-time data widgets to get order alerts, live ticks, and quotes.

Below are some of the major steps that need to follow on Zerodha. These steps will help you to know what you need to consider while trading app development of trading platform app.

  • Client Identification
  • KYC updation process
  • Client Categorization
  • Suspended Persons
  • Illiquid securities
  • Employee Training

The best stock broker app will give you contract notes and margin statements. You will get all these within 24 hours of your trade. They will provide clients with a client beneficiary account to maintain a client securities.

Also, the securities of Zerodha- trading apps India will be kept in a separate Demat account that is named as Zerodha beneficiary account.

Zerodha is known as one of the best online trading apps because it has the cheapest brokerage rates. The best stock application provides a specialized client code for trading. All the trades of clients are done through those client codes.

ZERODHA KITE – Trading Platform App

Zerodha Kite is a mobile app offered by Zerodha. It is available on both iOS and Android. This is a very important point to note while making the best stock broker app like Zerodha that your app must be supported by both android and iOS.

You can do this by hiring a good mobile app development agency. There can be two types of mobile development agency i.e. iPhone app development company and android app development services.

Android app development services include all the services you need to make an android app like Zerodha kite. Make your best mobile trading app to be portable with iOS too by hiring an iPhone app development company.

Now, let’s talk about Zerodha Kite so that you can be more clear about making your similar best mobile trading app.

Zerodha Kite is the best mobile trading platform that is ultra-fast with steaming market data, elegant UI, smart charts, and much more.

The main features of the Zerodha Kite app are mentioned below. You can refer to these features to make your best mobile trading app.


#1. Universal Trading Platform

The first and most important feature of the best mobile trading platform is that with this app you can search over 90,000 stocks and F&O contracts.

You can search them across multiple exchanges within a few seconds and clicks. Choose whatever stocks, metals, bonds, or anything you want without any delay or latency.

#2. Smooth and Attractive User Interface

The user interface of the best mobile trading platform is designed with the utmost care and hence it has a very sleep user interface.

It has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of users so that users can buy, sell, analyze, and manage their portfolio with just a few easy steps.

#3. 20 Market Depth and level 3 Data

The best stock broker app Zerodha provides its users access to 20 market depth and level 3 data. Level 3 data is very efficient in terms of knowing the market liquidity and gives you deeper insights into the same.

It also helps the users in developing sophisticated trading strategies.

#4. Latest Charting

Zerodha is the best app for trading as it provides the latest and most advanced charting options. It includes hundreds of tools, indicators, studies that you can apply to its customizable and effective charting interface.

It offers the largest amount of data among all the best apps for trading.

#5. Effective Baskets

You can create your own multi-stock baskets in the Zerodha Kite app. This feature is very unique and hence it makes it the best app for trading stocks.

You can also manage and execute your multi-stock baskets. You can use the real-time margins to build your strategies and spreading orders.

#6. Unlimited capacity of Extending

Zerodha is not only the best mobile stock app but it is a complete ecosystem. You can extend it to make innovative investment apps that can enhance your trading experience.

There is software available named Kite Connect APIs using which you can build your own best mobile stock app.

These were all the main and important features of Zerodha’s online stock trading app. You should consider all these features and try to add them to your similar online stock trading app like Zerodha.

Now, let’s discuss the tools, skills, and technologies that you will need to build an online stock trading app like Zerodha. 

Tools, Skills, and Technologies for the Best Stock Trader App

It is important to know about all the things required to build the best mobile stock app before actually developing it.

  • Java Programming Language: First of all, you will need the coding language to make your app code. It is the main part of any best stock trader app.
  • Net: It is a server for making a framework for dynamic web development.
  • HTML 5: HTML 5 is one of the best programming languages for structuring and presenting your content of the app.
  • Bootstrap: It is best for the front-end framework used by many mobile app development agencies for your mobile and web development.
  • Highcharts: To develop the charts and graphs on your best stock trader app.
  • Mobile App Developer: If you are not a developer then you will also need a skilled mobile app developer to get android app development services and trading app development.

So, these were the major tools and skills that you will need to develop the best stock application like the one and only Zerodha. Try to develop an effect that can be usable for the people in long term.

Building the Best Stock Application like Zerodha

Building the best stock application like Zerodha is the main objective of why you are here. So, let’s now understand the main crux of this objective.

The first and most important step is that you must hire a professional and skilled developer to do this for you. You can also hire an iPhone app development company to make your app portable with iOS devices.

Building good trading apps require a lot of real-time data. You need to make many reports as payment is not an easy job.

Good trading apps also allow traders to do a trade of even Rs 20 and allow you to invest in mutual funds. So, everything needs to be done very carefully and with hard work and determination for making good trading apps.

Zerodha is also one of the best trading apps for beginners. You must make your app usable for beginners also to increase its reach.

So, make sure that your app should also the best trading app for beginners. You can apply the above-mentioned things to build the best trading apps for beginners.


In the end, I would like to mention that trading app development will require a lot of effort and time but if you planning to develop one then you must not waste your time and start doing it now.

It is a very good business and can make a lot of profit for you if you do it the right way. Please, consider all the points mentioned in this blog. You will definitely see the difference on your own.

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