FauG app was released immediately after PUBG mobile got banned by the Indian government. This app is a creation of Bangalore-based nCore Games. FauG is a short form for Fearless and United Guard.

As action games are becoming popular, more and more people want to create popular games. But a lot goes behind in creating one. If you are planning to develop a mobile game, then this blog is for you.

While you plan for the game, you also need to search for a mobile game development company. Before we dive deep into developing a multiplayer action game, know the basics of FAUG.

About the FauG App

It is an Indian alternative to the popular game PUBG. The game is already trending due to the buzz around it. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar says that the game is in support of the Atma Nirbhar movement.

An interesting fact about this game is that 20% of the game’s net revenue will go to Bharat ke Veer. The first level of the game is based on the Galwan Valley incident where the Indian army engaged with the Chinese troops.

Right now, the game is available on Google Play Store. It is still not clear when it will be on the Apple App Store. Also, it is a misconception about the game that it is similar to PUBG. But we will clear that too by telling the differences.

How is FauG Different from PUBG?

  • FauG is from the action genre, and PUBG is a battle royale game. The developers are saying that it is not a competitor of PUBG in India.
  • FauG is made on the basis of real incidents while PUBG is not. The first episode of FauG may be made on the Galwan valley episode.
  • FauG is made in India. PUBG Mobile is the altered version of the original game created by PUBG Corporation in South Korea.
  • There can be privacy issues in PUBG Mobile Lite, as it is a foreign game. That is also the reason for its ban. This will not be the issue with FAUG as players’ information will stay in the country.
  • FauG app gives a fresh take on the internal issue of India. On the other hand, PUBG is a modified version of the original game. It is more likely that Indians will love the game they can relate to.

There are many differences in both games hence you can build a similar mobile game like PUBG.

Now that you know there is a difference between these two games, let us move on. Next, comes the main topic – how to build an app like FauG?

How to Develop an App like the FauG App?

Here is a complete guide to creating an app like FauG (Fearless and United Guard).

1. Brainstorm the USP

This form of entertainment already offers a lot of options. So, what will be your unique contribution? What will be the hook of your game that will set you apart? You need to find an answer to this question. Only then should you approach any of the mobile app development services.

This article is about building a game like FauG, but there is no point in copying it, right? You need to bring something valuable to this genre.

It can be new weapons, an immersive experience, or anything else. Keep in mind that the unique features should be able to keep the users engaged.

All in all, we are saying it is better to stay original. No one remembers the second person in the race.

2. Plan the Mobile App Development

Planning goes a long way on the road to success. Make a note of all the ideas and try to link them. PUBG does not have any plot or story and yet is successful. If you think the same way will work for you, then great. But if not, then it is better to prepare a plot of the story.

There is a chance that you are not able to join the dots. In that case, the Android app development company you partner with can help. Talk to them about your ideas. The team will assist in connecting the plot points and create a unique game.

3. Design & Develop the App

Designing the game will be a completely different task than planning. At this stage, you need to create levels, characters, weapons, vehicles, points system, rewards, etc. The final aim is to make the game attractive and increase the number of downloads.

Next comes development. For that, you will require a team of Indian game developers. Their experience and skills are what will make your dream project successful.

The best part of hiring a professional team is that you can leave the technical aspects to them. Developing a game involves complex and long processes that are not fun for everyone.

Again this is also easier said than done. Sometimes, finding the right Indian gaming companies can also prove to be quite a task. Do some basic research about a few companies, and you should be good to go. If you want to be more sure, then conduct detailed research before partnering with one.

4. App Platform

Choosing between the Android and iOS platforms is one of the initial decisions you should make. Both are leading platforms but have a different audience. Android has a larger market share. In the case of iOS, the audience is rich and loyal. iOS users will also be able to pay for in-app purchases like first aid kits, character upgrades, etc.

So, it is your choice about the type of audience you want to target. On the basis of your project plan, you choose the development platform.

5. Cost to Develop an App like FauG App

The cost of developing a game depends on a lot of factors. One thing is for sure that this is going to be a costly journey.

Starting from designing to development and testing will require an experienced team of professionals and time. Not to forget that the choice of platform will also have a direct impact on the cost.

Moreover, there are some aspects of your game that you can’t and shouldn’t compromise. The graphics can be good, but the background score and UX should be great and fun too.

Last but not least is the development company you choose. If you choose a mobile app development company in the USA, it will cost you more than the one in India. Hence, you should plan every part of the development project and do budgeting accordingly.

It is not possible to give the precise cost of the project without knowing the precise requirements. The average cost for the same will range between $40K – $50K.

6. A Well Planned Launch

Now that your project is in the hands of experts, it is time you start planning the launch. Developing a game is just the half-battle won. The other half is to keep it running after the release.

You should not forget the updates too. After all these things, you also need to prepare a marketing strategy.

A game should have timely updates, and the updates should contain some cool new additions too. If you come up with themes for famous holidays, then the app will be even more popular among gamers.


Launching a successful gaming app in the market can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You need a full-proof plan, an expert team of developers, and a robust marketing strategy. In the entire journey, a custom mobile app development company will guide you.

To make sure that the time, effort, and money invested in the FauG app-like project don’t go in vain, so suggested that everything is planned well. The battle royale genre may be expanding, but it is on you to make your mark in it.

Do you have a brilliant mobile game app idea in mind? Will you prefer to discuss it with a team of gaming experts? If yes, then reach out to our experienced developers at [email protected].

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FAU-G is an acronym for Fearless and United Guard, and the game is based on a real-life issue in India. The FAU-G game will start with the Galwan Valley backdrop, where the Indian army recently clashed with the Chinese troops.

The game is released only for Android devices and is available on the Google Play Store. There is no news from the developers about when it will be available for iOS devices.

The Fau-G game developers have clarified that it is not an Indian alternative to the famous PUBG game. So, there is no question of it replacing PUBG in India or anywhere else.