Many modern parents, sooner or later, encounter a difficult situation when their child starts playing computer games instead of doing the tasks that will develop their intelligence.

Of course, we, as responsible parents, start taking immediate action in order to prevent our children from wasting hours a video games.

But a prohibited fruit tastes sweeter. The more we try to limit the time our kids spend playing video games, the more they hate our decision to do so. So what to do if your child doesn’t want to study and do their chores, and prefers video games to it?

First of all, are the games, indeed, so bad? Or are all of them so detrimental? You might get surprised, but you can turn your kids’ passion for gaming into the development of their intelligence, says That Video Game Blog. If you want to know how to stay tuned.

Can Video Games Make Your Kid Smarter?

Playing Video Games

☛ Learning Languages

Speaking foreign languages opens many doors in life. We definitely want our kids to learn them. We force them to spend hours in language schools and learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. There are few kids who don’t hate this torture.

Did you know that the language can be not only learned, but also acquired? And the second method is much more effective than forced studying.

When one of the most prominent linguists in the world, Noam Chomsky, said that the acquisition of language is the key to speaking it native-like, people were stunned.

But how to learn a new language the way kids acquire it from birth? Definitely, by constantly listening and speaking to native speakers. But it will cost you a fortune to hire a person who will constantly talk to your child in their target language.

But wait… We have video games. Many of them are team-oriented, which means that you have to communicate with the rest of the players in order to complete a task. Choose a game where the people who play are from the country whose language your kid learns.

In the beginning, it might be a bit challenging for your child. But little by little, they will start understanding what native speakers talk about and even take part in a conversation. Make sure the game is not cruel, and the child will play with their peers.

Playing with adults can bring unexpected outcomes when it comes to a new vocabulary. Swearing in a foreign language is a manifestation of an advanced level, but I don’t think you want this to be the first thing your kid learns.

Many people admit that they have learned their target language by playing games. Your child can be the case too.

☛ Working in Team

When it comes to team role-plays, there is another benefit to your child. Nowadays, being able to work in a team is very important. It’s handy during school projects, and university life and is indispensable for one’s job.

No matter how much we love our kids, we have to admit that sometimes they tend to be a bit egoistic. They are good players as individuals, but when it comes to group work, there are many difficulties.

But how to prepare a child for life when sometimes you need to be a part of a group and do the task assigned to you perfectly well?

Here, video games come in handy too. In many of them, each player has one role assigned to them, needs to communicate and discuss the strategy with other players, evaluate the skills of other members of the team and complete the tasks with other people.

There is no better practice for a child or a teenager of working in a group than playing video games. And it would be best if you kept this in mind.

☛ Developing Cognitive Abilities

The brain of each child and teenager needs constant exercise. Did you know that our frontal lobe completely develops only at the age of 25?

Before this stage, this is the task of parents and educational institutions to play the role of one’s frontal lobe and develop it as much as possible. Video games can also contribute to the well-being of one’s frontal lobe.

Most of them require solving difficult tasks and engaging logical and critical thinking under time pressure.

In many games, players have to create their own tactics and quickly change them if needed. Therefore, one’s strategic thinking is being developed by playing video games too.


Don’t scold your child for playing video games. Our generation might not understand that they can have a good impact on the intelligence of a child.

It’s better to choose the games together, and make the child feel supported and heard; meanwhile, we have a piece of mind that they don’t waste their time with the activity that doesn’t contribute to their development.

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