Do you like Domino’s Pizza? Let’s find out the Cost to Develop AR App Like Dominos!

The time has changed, everything has become online, and so has food ordering. Dominos Pizza App is the best example of that.

Who doesn’t know about the success and popularity of Domino’s pizza in the pizza industry? The app has been made very user-friendly. Along with that its unique user experience turns a customer into a loyal customer.

They love to visit the app again and again. All the process and mechanism of using this app is very sophisticated.

If you have ordered pizza from Domino’s pizza app ever then you must be aware of the fact that they keep trying each new technology in their app to make the pizza delivery smooth.

From voice recognition to 3D models Domino’s uses everything. This is done to make the reputation of the best online pizza delivery industry.

Introduction of Augmented Reality App Like Dominos:

Domino’s has already become a brand, a brand that every people know and like when it comes to ordering pizza online. If you are the one who is also willing to develop apps like Domino’s Pizza then choose a top Mobile App Development Company.

It is very important to make an app. You should also know that the main focus of domino’s app is to focus on AR technology, and it should be like that to compete with the competitors in the e-commerce industry.

Dominos AR App has got a lot of criticism in the industry to invest a lot of money in the Food Delivery App. But still, Domino’s kept winning the hearts of the customers and growing day by day.

Before knowing how to create a food delivery app, you should know that domino’s Pizza Delivery Apps make 60% of the total business. It means they sell 60% of the total sold pizzas online.

It’s an amazing fact. Besides that this app can be operated from any device very smoothly. Furthermore, its voice assistants, messengers, mobile AR app, and other smart appliances make it everyone’s favorite.

Here we also get to know about the estimated Cost to Develop AR App Like Dominos. Before that let us check out some features of the Domino’s Pizza app.

What are the Features of the AR App Like Dominos?

Dominos Pizza AR Application

☛ Mobile-Friendly:

There is no doubt that this app provides a wonderful experience to its customers irrespective of the device they are using.

But still, Domino’s is aware of the fact that people use their mobile devices more frequently as compared to the desktop and android. Hence they focus more on giving a smooth experience to their users on mobile phones.

They have created an excellent user interface for android mobile users as well as iOS mobile users. This binds its customers and makes them loyal customers forever. In this way, Dominos API reaches a big audience.

You will also be surprised to know about Domino’s Pizza Costs. It is very affordable. Anybody can easily afford it. Hence the cost of a Domino’s pizza did matter in its success as well as other factors.

You must keep the pricing policy also simple while launching an app like Dominos.

☛ Dinner Bell Feature:

This best feature of Domino’s pizza app though this feature is very new. In the Dominos dinner bell feature, you can set the order for a group. It can be your family or friend.

In this feature every time you will make an order the group will be notified about that. The amazing thing about this feature is that, once you set the order for the group, everyone will get notified and the app calls them to the dining table.

Isn’t it an amazing feature?

☛ Loyalty Program:

Dominos knows very well, that how to build trust among the customers. Its loyalty program is the best strategy for doing that. In a loyalty program, they give a lot of amazing offers and discounts to their loyal customers.

Because of these loyalty programs they have created a huge customer base. People like these programs and so they buy more pizzas.

☛ Payment Methods:

The next best feature of the Dominos pizza app is its payment gateway. They provide an excellent payment experience to their customers. They accept almost every payment method.

From credit cards to debit cards, anything can be used to place an order. Besides that they also accept, google pay, apple pay, and PayPal. So, users don’t feel any kind of restrictions.

It is a plus point in providing a better user experience.

☛ Dominos Tracker Watch:

Dominos Pizza Tracker Watch

The Dominos Tracker Watch helps customers to track their orders by using GPS. People like this feature a lot.

How to make an App Like Dominos Pizza?

It is the fact that you can’t make an app like Dominos on your own. It will take ages for you. But you can hire the best and top app development companies in the market.

You just them, they will do it for you. This is the best answer to your question “how to make an app like domino’s pizza”?

☛ The Estimated Cost to Develop AR App Like Dominos:

Along with knowing all the features of this app you should also know how much does it cost to make a pizza?

You should know that the average rate of developing an AR is around $80 to $120 per hour. And it takes around 700 hours to make an app like Dominos. So now you can calculate.

It will take approximately around $58,500 to $87,500 to develop an app like Dominos. However, the cost can vary. It depends on a number of other factors as well. It depends on the company that you are hiring for development.

Also, It depends on the region where you are hiring the company. It depends on the design of the app. Besides that, the features and other complexities of the app also matter.

The more complex or extra features your app will have, the more time it will take for development. The more time it takes for the development the more will be the cost.


Now you know about all the features and strategies of Domino’s pizza app. If you are also in the same way of making an online food/pizza delivery app then it is very important to study Domino’s pizza first.

How they work, what they provide to the customers, and why people love them. You must also try to imply the same things in your business.

Hire Android App Developer or iOS developer, who can meet all of your requirements and make an app like Domino’s pizza.

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