The digital evolution has entirely modified the technological world. Advanced, helpful, and interesting android app ideas are making its niche much more popular with successful app development like Tinder, Uber, Spotify, and many more. Are you in search of trending app ideas? Here we have made a list of android app ideas for beginners, earnings, and those who want to take over the app world.

Here in this article, along with new app ideas, we have also made a list that can be considered by people who are searching for trending android app ideas for beginners. This list is made after analyzing the market requirement and available resources as a business owner.

While analyzing stats and data, it came across that over 72% of the smartphones are operated on Android OS. In addition to that, we also enable institutes/companies/organizations or others to build a customized android app to communicate with their users 24/7 through simple app ideas. A wide range of successful, popular, and reliable business ideas can be developed using android apps. You can reach out to the top android app development agency for further assistance. They can suggest some amazing android app ideas and help you build unique, interesting, and useful apps.

What is Android Application Development?

Android software development is a process through which mobile apps are built for Android operating system devices. It is stated that Android apps can be scripted using Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages by using these software development kits (SDK). The use of other languages is also possible. The non-Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages like Javascript, C, C++, or assembly, Go, and others require the help of JVM language code that tools like confined API support could supply. 

Some programming tools and languages enable cross-platform app support (i.e., iOS and Android). Language support, development environments, and third-party tools have continued to evolve and expand since the initial SDK launched in 2008.

Do You Feel Believing Android App Ideas Are A Costly Bet?

If you feel that building android app ideas are a costly bet, then it is not true. These Days to building a mobile application is much cheaper as most of the app cost depends on the functionality, layout, and features you integrate into your app. Thus building a mobile app starts from $500 to $10,000.

Here we have listed some of the top trending android app ideas for you, so let us look into them in detail.

1. Live Video Streaming App

Live Video Streaming App Idea

Times have evolved, and nowadays, anyone can become a content creator. Developing a live video streaming app is one of the trending app ideas to make it a huge hit. A live video stream mobile app enables users to create content, record it and publish it in real day and time. There are numerous mobile apps where users consume previously published videos. In contrast, a live streaming app will provide them with an opportunity where you provide them with a chance to connect to their users in real time. Thus an android app idea of developing a live video streaming app for the global cannabis community can be a great idea and would be accepted and appreciated by people.

2. Airbnb for Cars App

Short-distance traveling has been solved long back by developing android apps like Uber, Lyft, Didi and Grab. Still, people often find it difficult to travel long distances until Airbnb for cars is launched in the market. Until then, users had to rely entirely on the car rental companies before Airbnb for cars, but it was not easy. Car rental agencies and traditional taxi services come with many challenges and confusion. Like confusing pricing, timing issues, no confirmation of a specific car to be delivered, limited pick up and drop locations and many more.

With the development of Airbnb for cars, the problem is now solved to all these issues. It provides users with peer-to-peer car-sharing services. For example, turo is a two-sided website that enables people to rent their vehicles to others. This is something going a lot in demand; thus, these kinds of android app ideas can be a great help, as your business can boom in no time. This is one of the reasons why Airbnb for cars stands on the list of most trending app ideas for 2022.

3. Scan and Shop App

Airbnb for Cars App Ideas

It is a type of online shopping android application. People generally search for a product they want to see, and they write the entire brand and product name in the search button. With the development of scan-to-shop mobile applications, now your phone can read an image of the product and provide you with a list of similar kinds of options while you do grocery or fashion shopping. Users can select from the best options available and then buy them online. Interesting, isn’t it? 

You can build these android app ideas as a scan-to-shop app can be a great thing for your marketplace, and it will also provide you with an edge over your competitors and help you compete against top apps like eBay and other online shopping websites.

It could be best to reach out to top mobile app development firms who previously have experience working in Machine and deep learning, Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence services. This will help you achieve a successful and happening supermarket checkout app.

4. Virtual Health App

Virtual Health App Ideas

One simple but new app idea that you can not miss out upon is the virtual health app, as there lies no doubt that the COVID 19 global pandemic has made a significant change in the way medical care should be treated. Thus, in that case, virtual healthcare has taken a lot of attention from users with massive margins. Initially, a patient met with an off-site medical consultant for even a single problem at their nearest clinic. But with the android app ideas of virtual healthcare apps, doctors can see the patients, ask for the symptoms and consult their medication over a voice or video call. They can also take timely checkups of their patients and watch their progress report.

Developing such android app ideas also allows patients to find professionals and the second-best option online easily. Thus it is one of the amazing app ideas if you own any medical practice or pharmacy.

5. Custom-Cake Ordering App

Android app ideas like cake ordering apps can sound unusual, but most fail to have a good interface. Furthermore, people choose it as a rare option to order customized cakes. Developing platforms for these new app ideas can be a great opportunity for bakers known for their creative custom cakes. It can also open wide gates for home bakers looking for a digital platform for their business who might find this a great opportunity to reach out to people and grow their business.

These custom cake ordering apps can also work as great gift ideas to surprise and make your loved ones feel more special. You can also enable the customers to add their favorite ingredient combinations with customized ingredients and share images directly through the mobile app portal or social media integration. This will help you to boost your social media network.

6. Audio-Based Social Apps like Clubhouse

clubhouse app idea

While you reach out for new social media app ideas, these android app ideas can be great for you. An audio-based social media application can be one of the great alternatives to a text-based social media application. In addition to this, mobile users are hearing too much more audio than they used to have before, and the recent audio boom is propelling the industry ahead. Read more on the cost of building a Clubhouse app.

So it is quite advisable to build a forum that enables artists to interact with their audiences in real-time as it happens in Clubhouse. Therefore the Clubhouse is a voice-only social media application that has gained a lot of attention, and the users are captivated by it. So if you are looking out to develop a unique and trending app, this could be a great concept to try.

7. Hotel Booking App

Virtual Health App Ideas
The hotel booking app is one of the mobile phone apps that connects users to a wide range of online hotel booking services at diverse price points. While a user chooses the best hotels from the long list, they are directly routed to the appropriate payment site in the app itself. These android app ideas are being included in this list because they are very limited to hotel owners and business owners who don’t own a hotel and are yet to launch a hotel booking mobile application in the hospitality industry.

8. Fitness App

Fitness App Ideas

These people are influenced towards a healthy lifestyle. In that case, a mobile fitness application for a healthy life can help fitness individuals look at their activities with the help of certified nutrition experts, pathologists, and health coaches to reduce the risks of lifestyle disorders. Developing fitness application features and functionalities will also offer users additional informative data like oxygen level, pulse rate, and heart rate. This would motivate fitness fans to match their performances to aspire and baseline to boost their fitness. So if you are from the fitness or nutrition industry, you can’t miss out on this app idea.

Check out this: How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App.

9. Social Media App

Social Media App Ideas

Social media applications are one of the most well-known and in-demand mobile apps in a social networking platform that would help people to interact remotely with others around the globe. Most people devote 60% of their time to social media chatting or communicating with new people. Voice calls, video calls, chat, map integration, anonymity, and the ability to exchange videos, photographs, and documents are all made available on this social networking platform. Thus, these android app ideas for developing a social networking platform are among the most successful ones for beginners. Read more on the best social media apps to download and install.

10. Investment App

Investment App Ideas

People get stuck with investing and stock trading in loads of funds and earnings. Therefore, investment mobile app development is one of the best concepts to instantly make investment and trading decisions based on market analysis, research, and valuation. They will invest on your behalf. Users will choose how much they want to share in a portfolio and how much they want to borrow. These kinds of android app ideas will put your companies in the headlines.


Do you have any mobile app ideas that you would like to build for your business, like a management app, dating app, mail navigation app, or something else? If that is the case, reach out to some of the best android app development agencies. Share your amazing app ideas with them, and they will suggest some more, and together we can develop a responsive, helpful, advanced, and successful application.

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These quick steps can help you to validate your app idea:
  • Study and understand your niche-market thoroughly
  • Design customer journey maps
  • Finalize on MVP features
  • Develop and test prototypes
  • Gather user feedback

  • Research your idea
  • Find an Android app development agency
  • Decide feature lists
  • Design and develop

Here are some of the most necessary apps:
  • Symptoms tracker app
  • Telemedicine app
  • Diet and nutrition app
  • Food delivery apps
  • Meditation app
  • Community video call app
  • Location tracking app