Are you looking for Heart Rate Monitor Apps for 2020? Let’s find out which Heart Rate Monitor App is the Best!

Being a smart, smartphone user do you know that these mobile tracks your visual data as well? And this data is used by the various health apps to show you the results.

If you are an iPhone user and use an iWatch you must know how useful it is. You can also synchronize this watch with several other useful apps to get beneficial health data.

Data provided by the Heart Rate Monitor App includes heartbeat rate, blood pressure measurement, and many other things.

But what if you are not an iPhone user? Well don’t worry; these amazing apps are also available for android phone users.

You can synchronize these apps with any wearable watch device and can get the results. These apps help you to be aware of your health and other relevant data.

It is also true that the iPhone has an inbuilt app to show this data, but these third-party apps have more features than the inbuilt apps. Here you get a detailed analysis of the health.

These apps show you the data while running or even while exercising. Getting awareness of the health parameters like your blood pressure and heartbeat helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps of 2020:

Here is the list of the top 10 heart rate monitoring apps that you must try in 2020. These apps will keep you up to date with health analysis.

The best thing about these apps, you can save the data and show it to your doctor, in case required.

1. Instant Heart Rate App

Instant Heart Rate

You don’t have to put a strap on your wrist to check the heartbeat anymore. There are some heart rate monitor apps to do this. The instant heart rate is one of them.

This app will check your heartbeat whenever you put your figure on the camera of your phone. This heart rate app is one of the best heart rate monitor app android.

This helps you to measure the heartbeat and pulse rate within 10 seconds, without wearing a pulse watch.

Features of Instant Heart Rate App:

  • It does not require any strap.
  • This heart rate tracker is very time efficient. It gives you the results within 10 seconds.
  • Along with android, it is one of the best iPhone heart rate monitor apps.

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2. MyWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor App

This app is another best heart rate monitor apps. It will not just show you the heartbeat data but also do many more for you. You can save maps offline in this app.

This is one of the best compatible apps with heart rate monitor apps for iPhone. This feature makes it compatible with the best heart rate monitor watch.

This app allows you to track pulse rate, heart rate, and calorie consumption. This makes it a combination of the pulse app and the heart monitor app.

It is a Bluetooth heart rate monitor app that keeps the data of your health.

Features of MyWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor App:

  • It stores the data of the user’s heartbeat.
  • It tracks the user’s location.
  • Besides that, it provides an offline map to the user.

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3. Qardio Heart Health App

Qardio Heart Health

It is the next best heart rate monitor app. This cardiogram app is also working as a blood pressure app for users. It measures the blood pressure of the user as well.

Along with that, it shows the weight-related data to the users. Any iPhone App Development Company can help you to create this type of Heart Health App.

This heart health app is available on iPhone as well. Qardio Heart Health app is a mixture of blood pressure app and heart rate monitors for android & iPhone.

Features of Qardio Heart Health App:

  • This android and iPhone heart rate monitor is clinically valid.
  • Besides that this android & apple watch heart monitor provides you the charts of all the health data for the proper analysis.
  • In this heartbeat rate app, you get multiple methods of tracking your health.

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4. Heart Watch App

Heart Watch

In this free heart rate app, you get a very informative health analysis while running. You can track your heartbeats even while sitting somewhere, resting on the couch, or running in the ground.

It is well-known that while working out your heart rate gets higher. This app provides you with a static view of the data all the time so that you can analyze it in a better way.

It is considered one of the best watch heart rate monitors. This apple watch heart rate monitor is available for iOS.

Features of Heart Watch:

  • It gives alerts to users on time.
  • Along with that, you can track the daily insights of the health data on your mobile.
  • Users can track multiple things at the same time.

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5. Heart Analyzer App

Heart Analyzer

In this app, you will get a clear and graphical representation of your heart data. Along with this, you will get a snapshot of daily health-related activities on your phone.

This is the facility this best free apple watch apps provide you. In case you get the paid version of the app you will get some advanced features as well.

These features include the full customization of the data with a deeper analytics report.

Features of Heart Analyzer:

  • This app provides you with very clear and advanced health reports.
  • Along with it, you will get health graphs daily.
  • Furthermore, you can measure the daily heart rate with a single click.

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6. Heart Graph App

It is a very user-friendly app that tracks heart rate. Along with that, it gives a very easy-to-understand graphical representation to the user.

This app also helps your doctor to interpret the results with a better understanding. This app is very easy to handle and useful to track your daily activities.

Another benefit of this app, it can be paired with iWatch and gives apple watch heart rate.

This amazing app tracks the heartbeat of the user even when you are dancing or sleeping. What would be better than that? You can also get an apple watch app for android to get this graph.

Features of Heart Graph:

  • It provides you the real-time graphs.
  • The best feature of this app; is you will get no ads while using this app.
  • Furthermore, you can check your daily session offline as well.

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7. Cardiogram App


It is the next best health app for your Apple watch. It is a featured heart rate app that tracks your heart rate on the iWatch and then converts it into a robust tracking device.

This will provide you with real-time results in the form of a graph. You can synchronize this cardiogram with the mobile phone very easily. It also helps you to visualize and compare your workout with other people.

It helps you to get other good health habits as well. In this habit tab, you can achieve better fitness goals and a big relief from stress.

The best thing about using this app is, you don’t need to have an iPhone only to use it. In simple words, it is a standalone app.

Features of Cardiogram:

  • Cardiogram helps two family members to access the data.
  • After that, it gives you the facility of converting the health data into pdf form.
  • The next feature of this app. You get daily health trends.

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8. Zones for Training

Zones for Training App

It is the next comprehensive app for heart-rate monitoring. You can synchronize this app with your mobile phone. This app gets synchronized with your mobile phone in the best possible manner.

It comes with some handy features on the apple watch. You can check your heartbeat rate by tapping on the apple watch.

This is so easy, you can do it while walking, running, or exercising. Furthermore, there is no need to bring your iPhone when you are using this app because it captures all the necessary data.

Features of Zone for Training app:

  • This app provides you the daily insights.
  • After that, it keeps the weekly workout track.
  • Also, it supports 70 different types of workouts.

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9. Heart Rate Monitor App

This is another best app to monitor heart rate. This app works in clear daylight as well to deliver you the best results.

The users just have to put his/her figure on the camera and then tap on them. You will get the results displayed in a fraction of a second.

Features of Heart Rate Monitor App:

  • First of all, you get the results in a few seconds.
  • Furthermore, you will get the results in the form of graphs.
  • The best thing about this app, it is easy to use.

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10. Pulse App

Pulse Heart App

Finally, comes the Pulse app. This app checks the pulse of the user with various other features. This app calculates the heartbeat rate and blood pressure very quickly.

You just have to put your finger on it and you will get the results. Furthermore, this app uses the camera of your mobile phone to provide this data.

Features off Pulse App:

  • It provides you with a heart rate zone calculator.
  • After that, you can save the history of the app in this app.
  • Next feature of this app, you get weekly insights into the heartbeat and other health data.

These were the top 10 apps that you are suggested to download on your smartphone if you are a health-conscious or a fitness freak.


You can get deep insights and an in-depth look at your vitals using these apps. No matter whether you have an android phone or iPhone, you can have them.

We have seen that most of the apps are available on iOS but don’t get dishearten, Android App Development Company is also focusing on that. You have some heart rate monitor apps for android as well.

All the detailed analyses and features of the apps are given above. Some of them provide you with the heartbeat rate only; some provide a combination of heartbeat rate and blood pressure.

In addition to that, some heartbeat rate apps provide you the calorie consumption as an additional feature. The features of these apps do not end here only.

Some heartbeat rate monitoring apps also provide you access to the offline location. Hence you can choose according to your requirements.

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