Messaging has become a trend nowadays. More than that, it has become a necessity. There are various android chatting apps are available nowadays. In short messaging apps are very common in use nowadays.

It’s not only the WeChat, but there are also so many other chatting apps are available in the play stores. Most people like it because of the best quality of WeChat video chat. If you are also looking forward to creating an app like WeChat then this article is for you.

Here you will learn how to make a chat app that is similar to WeChat and what is the estimated Cost to Develop an App like WeChat. These things you must research at the starting stage.

What is the Cost to Develop App like WeChat?

Before starting to create messaging apps like WeChat you should know how much it cost to create an app with similar WeChat architecture. However, it is not fixed but it costs approximately around $20K to $30K to develop an app like this.

We are talking to create android chatting apps like WeChat and don’t know who created WeChat. Unfair, let us know about the founder of WeChat before moving forward.

Allen Zhang created this application. He has created an easy WeChat interface, that’s why people like it.
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What are the Features of WeChat?

Besides that, there are other WeChat features that attract users. Users can use WeChat mobile as well as on the desktop.

WeChat apps for android are used more than the desktop version. Are you looking for the answer to the question “How to build a messaging app”? Well here is the solution.

How to Build a Messaging App?

  • Are you thinking that how to create a chat application like WeChat? Hire the best custom mobile app development company to develop an app like this. Cost to Develop an App like WeChat is approximately the same as the Cost to Develop WeChat.
  • Developing an app is not an easy process and not everybody can do it? It will take you ages to create a chatting app if you will start learning from the start.
  • In this case, hiring experts is wisdom. Furthermore, if your targeted users have an android mobile phone, go to an Android app development agency. The cost to develop an app like WeChat in some companies is affordable. You must know that mobile apps for android mobile and iOS are different.

Do you know the history of WeChat?

Before developing any kind of app like this you must give a look at the history of WeChat:

  • Easy Download

They used a very tricky strategy when launched WeChat. Initially, WeChat was 2MB. So, it was easy for anybody to download it. After some time they added some features to it.

It upgraded to more MB then. These new WeChat features after the upgrades gave tough competition to the competitors.

  • Free Features:

The next awesome strategy they adopted was: to bait the customers for free. Yes, right. They offered most of the features free of cost to the users. This trick helped them to get a good customer count and loyalty.

  • Entertained the customers:

They did not restrict the customers to video chatting only. They did offer the feature of gaming to entertain their users as well. Now WeChat has not restricted up to Video chat only, people have started to use it for entertaining themselves. It was a plus point for the app developers.

  • It helped users to earn real money

Yes, it is true, after getting a good response from the users. WeChat offered a mini-program for the users. They offered money to the users for selling it further.

  • It helped the users to be social

WeChat developers didn’t stop here. They allowed users to become as social as they can. This app was not like other apps. It doesn’t connect you with your contacts only.

It allows you to connect with people nearby you. This was something very unique. People fell in love with this feature of WeChat.

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What all you need to create an App like WeChat?

  • First of all, you need a team of UI/UX.
  • The next thing that you need is a branding team.
  • Besides that, the backend infrastructure is also needed. It is required to handle the traffic and different functions.
  • Along with all these things it needs time investment for the testing purpose.

What are the hardships in the way of Creating a Messaging App?

It’s not that easy to do all this. It seems easy but in actual practice, there are some hardships that you will face. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to have patience because this will take time. Developing an app is not the work of one or two days. You have to research and then coding takes a lot of time. So you just can’t expect to create an app in the blink of an eye.
  • The next hurdle would be the budget. The cost to Develop an App like WeChat is not that cheap, it costs a lot. So you need to understand this fact in the beginning, otherwise, you will regret it.
  • Last but not least, you need to focus on the quality and the user experience of your developed app. It takes a lot of testing to get the best quality and ready to launch the app.

How other Messaging Apps are similar to WeChat?

  • Other similar apps also provide free calling and texting free to users.
  • Along with the video, audio calling, and texting facilities, they provide you amazing features like stickers and GIFs as well.
  • The best thing they provide end-to-end encryption for the users.
  • Another amazing feature that these messaging apps provide is the option to delete the already sent messages.

How can you make money with these Messaging Apps?

Making money through these apps is really very easy and simple.

  • First of all, you can earn from display ads. Let us take the example of WeChat. It has users more than 1 billion. So WeChat took advantage of it, they started generating huge revenue from display ads.
  • Like WeChat, you can also offer mini-programs for the users. In this way, you and your users both will earn and your app will get brand awareness to the next level. In simple words, you will reach the customers by the customers.
  • Entertain users, like WeChat, you can also add games to your messaging app. Make it more entertaining, provide the users with the best gaming entertainment to see the boom in the app installation.


These are some things that you must follow being an app developer. If you won’t do so, you are going to lag behind your competitors. And you won’t be able to make a good future for the application.

Hence be aware, attentive, and ready to implement these strategies. However, these are not the only things that you can do or you should do, you can use your ideas to enhance the features of the app as well.

The time has changed, the world has become digital, and so does the applications. You need to give something new to the users, only then they will be interested in you. Otherwise, there are thousands of applications in the market already.

Want to develop app like WeChat?