Messaging is one of the essential things in today’s life. We, being part of today’s generation, cannot survive without texting. Messaging is the form of communication used to communicate or be in touch with other people by writing digital text.

Slowly, the world is moving towards text message as the default way of communication. These days the messaging applications have 20% more active users than other social platforms.

Also, it started years ago with applications like AOL and instant messenger. The evolution took a hype and got spread like fire in the last few years.

Indeed, we all are blessed with this unique form of communication, which is always available and easily accessible at our fingertips.

Well, now as we know, messaging is a great way to be in touch with someone. It is essential to have the right knowledge of the best free messaging apps

And as we know, there are many free chat apps available. Also, 36% of the messaging app users have at least two messaging applications installed.

It is necessary to have the correct application on your phone, which provides us with complete security, privacy, and data protection.

In this post, we have mentioned the ten best messaging apps which you can use as free messaging apps. We are also sure that you will love these applications as they are totally secured and are up on the play store with the latest features.

Top 7 Best Free Messaging Apps In 2021:

Here we will present our top picks for the seven best free messaging apps. All the applications mentioned in the list are the best free chat apps. You can easily use them without paying any time of signup or membership fees.

1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the best and most popular messaging applications. The application comprises all the features that balance it make it one of the best among all the free messaging applications available out there.

Whatsapp is indubitably known as the king of free messaging apps. The application was launched back in 2009 and since then has gained billions of users worldwide.

Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014. Since then, the service has grown its users, features, and security to make it more user-friendly.

The application is a simple text messaging app that provides a simple interface to the users to share audio messages, text messages, and videos through a good and stable internet connection.

  • Top features of WhatsApp messenger application
    • One of the best and the most simple messaging application that you can use for safe messaging that too free of cost
    • You can easily create a group of more than 250 people all at once. One can share text messages, audio messages, videos, and gifs in the group
    • You can have unlimited conversations with your friends with this exclusive messenger app which protects your data by all means
    • Documents can be easily shared up to 100 MB, including all sorts of spreadsheets, presentations, and document files.
    • You can also share status and stories by capturing the live moments in the form of images or videos.
  • Download: Android & iOS

2. Viber – The one for making friends

vibe stands second in the list of free messaging apps. The app has excellent user bases in Russia, India, U.S, and brazil.

This free text messaging app provides the user with the ultimate combination of text and media messaging features with free video and voice calling services worldwide with a stable internet connection.

The service can also be extended to users who are not using Viber. You can also create a group of around members and can instantly send a voice note message.

The features come in handy when you are too busy to talk or feel super lazy to type. One of the best free chat apps, Viber also allows sending free video messaging applications for a more personal touch. One of the safest free messaging apps to use right away!

  • Top Features of the Viber messenger application:
    • You can enable smart notifications on Viber which will keep you updated by every single message sent to you by your friend or anyone else
    • Even you can easily switch between conversations if you have many discussions going on at the same time
    • You can also hide seen and online status to enhance your chat privacy
    • If you do not want certain messages to be present in your conversation, you can erase them with a delete feature!
    • The wifi sleep policy of the application prevents you from going offline by keeping your wifi always active.
  • Download: Android & iOS

3. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most secure free messaging apps. The specialty of the application is its high security provided by the mobile application developer to the users.

Like the other free messaging apps, you can also use telegram to send text messages, voice messages, images, and videos.

You can create group chats, but unlike other free messaging apps, which allow a maximum of 200-300 group participants to telegram, the best messaging app allows the users to create a group with whopping members of around 200,000 members!

Your conversations are safely stored in the Telegram cloud and can be easily accessed by telegram clients. One of the best features of the telegram application is the ‘secret chats.’

The part encrypts the messages from both ends. To send a new message, you can select the new secret letter from the chat menu.

  • Top Features of the telegram messaging application:
    • The telegram messenger application users can send their live location to each other just like WhatsApp
    • You can also schedule and silent the messages to be sent at a particular time. Further, you can also send some messages without sound so that the receiver sent gets disturbed
    • You can easily customize your application interface to your liking. You can choose from several themes and color combinations available
    • The applications help you in organizing your chats most efficiently by creating a folder of particle contact
    • Telegram also provides all the users with unlimited personal cloud storage space which is accessible from the left hamburger menu option
  • Download: Android & iOS

4. Kakao Talk

The Kakao Talk free messaging app is a little similar to Whatsapp messenger. Like WhatsApp, the application synchronizes the contact list on the phone and makes it easier for you to send messages to your friends and family members.

An application has an excellent user base of around 150 million users worldwide. The application allows fun, faster, and easy video calls with great connectivity with low internet data consumption.

The application is supported by operating systems like iOS, Windows OS, and Mac OS. The Kakao Talk application also allows users to make high-quality voice calls.

Also, there are much super fun and creative emoticons available to express your feelings regarding text messages. You can also share your live location with the help of this best free texting app.

Another fun feature of the application is free voice filter calls with talking tom and ben voice filters.

  • Top Features of the Kakao Talk messenger application:
    • You can use the mobile number identification feature provided by the application to check whether the user is genuine
    • The application also provides you with a free voice, video calls, and text messages t all the users
    • You can also have access to all the multimedia content such as songs and videos from artists and celebrities that you add as your friend
    • The application integrates your contact list and adds your friends automatically
    • You can use the funny voice filters and images filters which are inbuilt in the application
  • Download: Android & iOS

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is an application that has grown tremendously in the past few years. The application doesn’t need much introduction as it is already a super popular app that everyone has heard of.

The application has gained immense popularity as it allows you to share instant moments with everyone. The application’s landing page is the camera itself so that you can send the snaps to all your favorite people in a matter of seconds. So, please take a photo or a video and send it to your friends by simply adding a caption.

The best part of Snapchat is that it provides numerous filters, lenses, bitmojis, and all kinds of fun effects. The application offers free snap cloud storage in which you can store all your photos and videos on which you can have a glance whenever you want to.

One precaution that you need to take care of with these free chat apps is that people can easily take the screenshot of your snaps, and be mindful of what you snap about.

  • Top Features of the Snapchat application:
    • Snapping is the most important and exclusive feature of the application that allows you to share instant moments with your friends.
    • Later, you can also broadcast your snap in the form of the story available for the next 24 hours.
    • There is a wide range of lenses and various filters available on the application to create funny to event pictures.
    • The geo-filter feature of the application allows you to share your live location automatically.
    • You can also make voice and video calls through the Snapchat application. While calling also you can access all the voice and video filters.
  • Download: Android & iOS

6. KIK

Kik is another most popular messaging app. But unlike other free chat apps, the application does not have any dependency on phone numbers.,

This way, the user’s phone number remains secured. Instead, they have different usernames, to which they can have access.

The group chats on Kik messenger can hold up to 50 people at once. With this free messaging app, you can easily share images, videos, gifs, games, and memes. The application has redefined messaging apps.

The application can be downloaded for free from the respective operating system play store platforms. You can have the application on a web browser online too on your desktop.

  • Top Features of the Kik messenger application:
    • One of the application’s best features is that you can use the application without registering with your phone number.
    • All the Kik users are provided with separate barcodes that can be used to invite their friends and to add them to their contact list
    • Video and text group chats are also available within the application. You can easily add more than 50+ people to one group
    • Another super exciting and teen-oriented feature of the Kik application is the Kik bot shop that helps in having access to social interaction
    • When you send and receive messages, you are notified whenever the user gets the message
  • Download: Android

7. Signal

The signal is one of the most popular free messaging applications. The application is trusted by millions of users worldwide. The applications provide a single screen to the users for all your chats and a single compose button.

The app is also popularly known as the best WhatsApp alternative because of the mobile app developer’s very similar features.

You can even notice similar double ticks as that of WhatsApp in the signal app while texting. The double tick feature is used to denote the delivery status of the message.

The signal application also provides free one-to-one voice and video calling to other signal users. The chats and all the text messages are encrypted, just like other messages sent via the application.

The app uses end to end encryption to secure all the messages sent via the service. The announcement also has the facility to set the text message’s expiration time or the entire conversation.

Once your messages or chats are expired, they are no longer recoverable. Hence one of the best free messaging apps available.

  • Top features of the signal messenger application:
    • One of the safest messenger application available on the play store
    • The application provides you with a strong end to end encryption and hence no user records
    • You can set a screen lock pin on the signal application provided by the app
    • You can hide all the messages which pop up on your lock screen
    • Self-destructing statements are the best feature that can help you in having all sorts of confidential chats.
  • Download: Android & iOS

Which texting application should you choose?

So these are the top 7 free messaging applications mentioned above. You do not have to always think about which one to use before you text or call them.

Your decision also depends on the type of application they are using to send messages and voice calls. Therefore, make sure to choose convenience for you and provide complete security and protection to your data.

Also, these messaging applications have become daily essentials in our life. Hence make sure to choose the right application to stay in touch with all your close family member and friends.

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As of October 2020, two billion users were accessing WhatsApp messenger every month. The app’s reach is extreme in markets outside of the United States, and it is one of the most popular mobile social apps worldwide.

End-to-end encryption is a way of creating secure messaging apps by encrypting information. Only the players engaged in communication can read the messages, excluding Internet service providers, the app maker, the government, or anyone else. Currently, this method is the safest, most private method of messaging.

As of October 2020, two billion users were accessing WhatsApp messenger every month. The app’s reach is extreme in markets outside of the United States, and it is one of the most popular mobile social apps worldwide.