Why does today’s business world go gaga over slack app development? It is because every business thrives on communication, notifications & collaboration in the current times.

Such services are abundantly available at mobile application development agency these days. An app like slack enables you to chat with your team members at any point in time.

Also sharing files and employing manifold integrations is a piece of cake with a messaging app like this. Irrespective of a business’s management style, niche, size, or industry, this app proves to be highly useful.

This is something that Google agrees with as well! This is a $4.5 billion market and with remote working continuing in all areas, entrepreneurs are too keen to know about how to create a messaging app like Slack.

Let us learn how we can create one from this blog post.

Essential features of apps like slack:

☛ Personalization

When you get into the world of instant messaging, all you need to think is about your users. Once they complete the registration procedure for your replica slack instant messenger app, users must receive the liberty of setting up their profile as per their preferences.

For instance, they can select photos, typos, nicknames, and fonts as per their choice. Changing status at any point in time must also be a hassle-free endeavor.

Personalization in real-time is one of the best attributes you will come across while indulging in slack app development. Such app experiences help you retain users for years after years.

☛ Push notifications

If there is any bridge that lies between your customers & your app like slack, it is definitely a push notification. When you craft a new messaging app, incorporating this feature is a must.

Pop-ups offer precise information to users regarding invitations or missing messages. Users can receive information from mailing notifications as well.

☛ Contact sharing

To create a messaging app, you need to understand how important it is to offer convenience to all users. You can definitely guarantee this with the help of the contact-sharing feature.

Users can easily exchange their contacts and also save each of the contacts in their respective contact lists.

☛ File sharing

It is true that team communication & team chat takes place at their best with the slack chat app. But when you think of building apps similar to Whatsapp or Slack, the presence of the file-sharing option is compulsory.

They must be easily able to share documents, videos, files, and music.

Best alternatives to the slack instant messenger app:

☛ Fleep

To use the application, all that one should know is the email of the recipient. The slack app is more like a sandbox. But contrary to this, Fleep lets its users interact with anybody using this application. A few differences are as follows:

You can use Fleep for free if your business does not require admin controls. The most cost-effective package is known as Fleep for business. However, it is not the same with apps like Slack.

As an open network, Fleep enables the communication between people who use this app. Just with the help of one account, you can be a member of manifold projects or teams. However, if you opt for slack app development, there will be a requisite for an account for every team.

☛ Microsoft teams

This now enjoys a very robust position in the market given its seamless integration with Office 365. This is very useful if your business wants to rely on this suite for all ongoing operations.

However, to set this application correctly, there will be a need for an experienced developer. You can actually use Teams free of cost which majorly varies with Slack. A few differences are as follows:

Screen sharing for Microsoft Teams is inaccessible in the free version but available in the plus & standard versions. However, in Slack, screen sharing is accessible in every plan.

Microsoft Teams come with an extra panel along with features like Teams, Files, and Activity. In Slack, there are manifold options for application customization. You can easily modify the app’s color as per your preferences.

☛ Ryver

The assimilation of task management & team communication makes River a highly sought-after Android chat application in today’s time. The river also carries integrations with Dropbox & Google Drive that enable you to select & upload files straightforwardly from the cloud.

It integrates 500+ varied apps via Zapier. Zapier lets you tackle 100 Zaps in the free plan. However, there is expenditure if your business requires several integrations on a daily basis.

In comparison with Slack, it is quite challenging to set up Zapier. Notification management & search options of Slack are highly intuitive & advanced.

Drawing a monetization plan

As you go through an Android chat app tutorial, you will always find that to progress with Slack app development, there is a need for a monetization plan.

These few techniques will help you draw a big sum of money.

  • Sell-in application ads are the very first inclusion that you must ask your developer to include. It can sometimes be a hassle for users but it will definitely be your major stream of revenue. To not frustrate your users much, you must allow your users to disable all the ads in their settings.
  • To earn a good amount of revenue, you can ask your developer to add customization such as chats, stickers, gifs, profiles, packs, etc.
  • A subscription model proves to be quite beneficial which is similar to the messaging app called Whatsapp. This is the same for other messaging apps too.

Develop a slack app with the correct technology stack

Just like any other application, the exact technology stack for Slack is also kept aloof from the public. There are manifold programming languages that enable the construction of any type of application.

Erlang, C/C++, and Java are a few of the popular languages. Apps like Slack are an amalgamation of React & Java. The reason why more & more people are using React as it functions very fast & well on iOS & Android devices.

Fast performance, low maintenance costs, decreased development time & intuitive UI & all-inclusive UX are some very vital reasons for choosing to React.

Cost to develop App like Slack: Breakdown

With technologies like Google drive, instant messaging & various other channels, the world of business has truly transformed. Thoughts like creating a slack messaging app are not very uncommon in today’s time.

Let us learn about the entire cost breakdown for advancing slack app development.

☛ Planning cost

This part describes how your business wants customers to see & send messages. Can the users communicate directly with one another and how will the payment procedure take place is some questions that will determine the planning cost.

Planning prior to anything is very important. The cost for the planning portion will be approximately around $4,000.

☛ Fixed costing

This part incorporates the breaking down of all features into backend, design, and frontend tasks. This is followed by the addition of entire hours.

Similar to the time required to develop mobile chatting apps, 145 hours is the time that takes for the design tasks & costs approximately $22,000.

Frontend tasks require 248 hours & costs around $55,900. Site marketing demands 70 hours & costs around $9,200.

☛ Maintenance costs

Along with the question of how to make a messaging app on Android, it is vital to keep the cost of maintenance in mind as well. Maintenance from time to time is very much necessary for several reasons.

Adding new functionality, bug fixing, OS transforming their guidelines, payment trends, and upgrades are a few of the reasons. The maintenance cost will range from $4,000 to $11,000 & can differ according to requisites.

Final Say

After learning about slack app development in detail, we definitely now know how these instant messaging apps are helping organizations.

Starting from team communication to rendering service to customers & responding to queries, apps like slack help businesses function seamlessly.

The area of custom Android app development is humungous. A non-coder or budding entrepreneur must hire an iPhone app developer to get along with the development procedures easily.

It is time to communicate if you want your messaging app to be the center of the limelight amidst the top apps in the town. Connect with us today.

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