When you are young, you have much more time to travel than those who graduated and need to work full-time can explore traveling areas with the help of top travel apps.

Indeed, college is a perfect period to explore new things, and while you can always pay for essays to complete the tasks and free up some time, there is nothing that can stop you from visiting new cities and countries.

In the era of digitalization, planning a trip becomes easier: you can buy tickets online, research the cheapest hostels and rooms, and create a list of places you want to see.

There are many helpful resources, including mobile apps that are aimed to help you in arranging a trip, and in this guide, we will cover the top useful software for your smartphone that will do the job for you.

Top Travel Apps for your Perfect Trip:

There is an unlimited number of helpful apps for travelers available in stores, and it’s quite difficult to guess which one is good and which one will let you down in the most important moment.

If you are looking to start your own business in the traveling field you can hire an app developer to make it a successful app.

We have looked through hundreds of them, sorted them out into categories, and united them into one very helpful list for every traveler by top travel apps.

Tickets and Transportation:

☛ Sky Scanner

This is probably the best tool for finding the cheapest and most convenient flights. The app uses over 1K sources and looks through millions of flights to provide you with the best options.

In the chart, you can see the cheapest days during the month and receive notifications about price changes;

☛ Skiplagged

Sky Scanner is a wonderful app, but this one takes finding cheap deals to a completely new level with the feature «Hidden City.» How it works: you choose the route New York – Virginia, and the ticket costs too much.

Then you click on this feature and find a flight New York – Virginia – Florida and get off at a layover instead of the final destination.

We recommend flying with one airline not to lose your baggage and choose carry-on only;

☛ Air Help

There are so many apps helping to book a flight, but who will help you once your flight is delayed or canceled? This app knows EU and US laws and is able to help you receive compensation making this process easier and more understandable.

From your side, you have to type in your flight information, describe the problem, and wait for the claim to be successful. The app takes 25% of the payout in this case and nothing in case your claim fails;

☛ Citymapper

You can sometimes get a great experience just by using the city’s public transport system. It is cheap, convenient, and can quickly get you to the required places.

Usually, all apps for navigation are based on car driving, but in this one, you can use the best route based on transport schedule and app’s recommendations, alerts, and time changes.


☛ Hostel World

Just like famous Booking.com, the app searches the best deals for your stay.

It has convenient filters, descriptions, interactive maps, and search, and it’s very user-friendly. Here you can find a cheap but comfortable option for any city you are heading to;

☛ Hotel Tonight

The app is known and loved by travelers for awesome last-minute discounts it provides for empty hotel rooms.

You can use a convenient search and map, check reviews, or contact a 24/7 support service for more information. When you are stuck somewhere and don’t want to spend much money, this is your best option;

☛ Couchsurfing

This resource is very popular, although many people have not tried it yet. We recommend you try: the website features people from different cities and countries who are ready to provide you with free accommodation and even guiding services.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the locals and learn more about the place from people actually living there.

You can also use the Hangouts option to connect with other travelers and meet for a walk, coffee, or tourist attractions. This is a perfect socializing and budget for top travel apps;

☛ Airbnb

At this resource, you also have an opportunity to meet locals as you can rent a couch, room, or the entire apartment or house (just compared to Couchsurfing, it`s not free).

Besides, you can also order local activities like cooking pasta in Italy and surfing in Australia. The app has a lot to offer based on your goals and interests.

Planning and Necessities:

☛ Pack Point

Not everyone likes packing: it is time-consuming, and in 90% of cases, you forget some important stuff at home. If that sounds like you, this app will be your best assistant.

When you download the app, you should indicate whether you are a man or woman, and based on this, it will prepare the list of things you should pack.

You can apply customization and receive recommendations based on the weather forecast, places you will visit, planned activities, and the duration of the trip;

☛ Time shifter

When you fly to different time zones, jet lag is the worst thing that could happen. Going to bed when you should be awake, full of energy, and enjoying your trip sucks.

This app was created based on science and is now used by astronauts and athletes to feel better. It works in the following ways: you receive suggestions on when it’s better to be exposed to the sun, when you should stop drinking coffee, and when it’s nice to sleep.

What is more important is that it takes into account your sleep habits, and daily routine, so it gives you personalized advice that is easy to follow;

☛ Wi-Fi finder

The worst thing for a traveler is to be left without an Internet connection (probably, it’s the worst thing for everyone today). This app receives information from a crowd-sourced database and finds the nearest Wi-Fi spots with good speed.

When you open the app, you just see the map and locations around where you can receive access to the web – hotels, bars, and other public places.

Its main advantage is the feature showing how quickly each of these Wi-Fi networks responds to your queries – sending emails, googling the nearest hotel, web-browsing, playing games online or chatting by video;

☛ Meetup

If you travel alone (or even if you don`t), it’s always nice to meet new people who share your interests. You spend time together in a new city, help each other to create great pictures, and just have fun attending tourist attractions and trying local cuisine.

This app connects people with common interests and currently has over 45 million users with $330 groups, so you are very likely to find someone around.


☛ You Trip

Using this app, you can pay via over a hundred currencies with no extra fees. It sounds amazing for an avid traveler, right? The app serves as your mobile wallet and, what is more important, it comes with a physical card.

You can use built-in currency exchange and save money on rates and local payments;

☛ Trail Wallet

Budgeting is important, but many of us fail to budget in USD, not to mention foreign currency.

Compared to other budgeting apps, this one easily converts your expenses to another currency and back, so you will always have an understanding of how much you have spent and where to start saving.

The app is extremely user-friendly: it even has a cartoon assistant that walks you through all features. You can set your budget for a certain period and track expenses;

☛ Globe Tips

If you always doubt how many tips to give, this task becomes much harder when you are in another country using foreign currency.

The salary of service staff depends on the country: in some cases, people are paid hourly while in some tips make up the biggest part of their earnings.

Nobody likes to spend extra, especially when they don`t need to, but not tipping at all may be even worse. The app becomes your lifesaver: instead of stressing out on the acceptable amount of tips, it provides you with a tipping calculator.

You only have to scan your bill (or type in manually), pick a required country, and use the chart of percentages you would like to pick.

The app will suggest and calculate the total, tax, and tips even if you are sharing the bill with your friends. Customization is also possible;

☛ Split Wise

Going to a café or restaurant with friends, you are likely to share your bill. Another option is to pay for everyone and then request their shares which is too complicated, stressful, and inconvenient.

It becomes more difficult when you are abroad, so instead of calculating, use this app. This automatically sorts the bill positions and calculates how much you owe. It also has a PayPal integration to share expenses at once.

Navigation and Itinerary in Top Travel Apps:

☛ Lonely Planet

If you travel a lot, you have probably read something from this publisher.

The app produced by this company has around 9K city guides that allow you to discover new places, eat, sleep, and shop in different cities with ease among all the top travel apps.

All guides are packed with must-see lists with city insights, hidden places, phrasebook, and the option of reserving tickets;

☛ All Trails

If you love being outdoors, this app will provide you with over 100K trail maps that you can sort based on the distance you want to go, the complexity of the route, type of activity, current accessibility, and possible attractions.

It also has GPS tracking that keeps you updated on the progress, pace, speed, etc.;

☛ TripIt

The app helps you organize your itinerary and manage everything in one place.

You just need to send your flights, hotels, car rental, and other confirmations to the email indicated in the app, and it will automatically create the itinerary and keep you updated on your future plans.

It is probably the best way to organize all your bookings through top travel apps if you travel a lot.


These are just some of the top travel apps for travelers you can find in the App Store and Google Play Market this year.

If you want to make your own travel app then you can contact the app development company.

Of course, the majority of them require subscription or upgrading to the payment plan, but it’s totally worth it: eventually, you deserve to have a perfect, well-planned, and hassle-free trip.