Are you a Fitness Geek? Do you how to develop a Women’s Health Tracking App? Let’s find out in this Blog!

A combination of the digital industry and healthcare industry has resulted in an extraordinary range of mobile apps. In the past few years, the use of health apps has increased to a substantial extent.

Mobile healthcare solutions have successfully brought a positive change in the lives of people. Even though fitness-tracking apps already have an established audience now, the market for women’s health-tracking apps is still not established.

However, increasing awareness among women and devices like Fitbit for tracking various health metrics has garnered more attention towards Femtech.

Femtech might be a new term for you and we will explain the concept next. Meanwhile, if you are already interested in the idea of women health tracking app development, then start searching for a mobile app development company.

What is Femtech?

Femtech or female technology means any software, product, or service that uses technology to improve the health of women. Digital technology is used to give women access to applications and use the same to track and address the various health concerns of women.

The term Femtech was first used by the CEO of Clue. The clue is a period tracking app.

In case you are wondering why the a sudden need for Femtech? It is because of the change in the role of women over time. Female health has been ignored for years, but now as they are becoming significant contributors to the growth of households and economies alike, importance is being given to women’s health.

In simpler terms, Femtech is all about making the lives of women easier with the help of digital technology. It can be either a menstrual tracker app or a pregnancy tracker app. Again these are just examples, and Femtech covers a whole lot more for maintaining the health of women.

Benefits of Women Health App Development

The women’s health applications available in the market right now are primarily for period tracking.

Women can track their menstrual cycles, check their overall body health, predict ovulation, etc. These apps will enable women to understand and respond to their health issues.

Moreover, access to these applications is not limited to women. Their doctors and physicians can also use the data to better understand patients.

We are discussing the benefits of using a women’s health tracking app in detail below.

☛ Women Can Better Control Their Lives & Health

The idea of Femtech is to give women more control over their health and well-being. A women’s health app gives insights to the users from time to time so they can make an informed decision when the time comes. It also spreads scientific awareness among women about their health.

☛ In Time Diagnosis & Treatment of Health Issues

Apart from understanding their health and bodies, Femtech will enable women to timely detect any health issues and take corrective actions for the same.

☛ Better Access to Healthcare in Remote Areas

In the current times, it is essential that healthcare is made accessible to women in all areas. As there is taboo around the health issues of women, they either avoid going to the doctors or makes it harder for them to openly consult their doctors. The increasing number of health tracking apps has made healthcare virtually accessible to women across the globe.

Essential Features To Include In Women’s Health Tracker App:

Health Tracker App

To make your women’s health tracking app successful, it is important to include features that make it a complete solution for the users.

The following are some recommended features when you plan to develop a women’s health tracking app.

☛ Sign Up

A simple rule to increase your app’s popularity among users is to make it user-friendly. While designing the onboarding process for your women’s health-tracking app, you have two options.

Either go for the standard sign-up process with the user’s email ID or give the option of social media integration. A simple onboarding process will give an initial idea to your users about the app.

Therefore, make sure it is as convenient as possible.

☛ Detailed Health Profile

Many times users are scared of signing up for women’s health tracking apps due to the overwhelming number of questions asked at the beginning.

If possible give them the option to skip the signup and ask only basic questions initially. The basic questions can be related to their weight, height, allergies, and menstruation cycle.

Avoid a whole lot of extra questions and instead, try and provide relevant and personalized content once someone starts using the application.

☛ Period Tracker

Period Tracker is an essential ingredient of any women’s health tracking app. Such applications get a wider audience eventually. The period-tracking feature will allow the users to visually track and analyze the changes in their well-being.

Some of the factors that can be tracked are upcoming PMS time, present date of the cycle, fertility period, etc. Also, keep in mind that the interface should be visually appealing and not provide too much information.

☛ Notifications

The number and timing of your app’s notifications can make or break it. The right number of notifications or reminders will increase its reliability quotient.

The notifications can also be divided into three types. Daily log entries, medicine reminders, and reminders about the next phase of their cycle.

One way to increase the usability of your app is to analyze all the data received and include functionality that alerts the users about potential health concerns.

☛ Symptom Tracking & Analysis

Symptoms tracker functionality will make the women’s health tracking app more interactive. The app can provide regular readings based on the symptoms and patterns.

Modern technologies like AI and machine learning will help you implement this functionality flawlessly.

Furthermore, if your app also supports wearable devices such as a fitness tracker watch, then you can collect more data to analyze and provide accurate readings.

☛ Digital Consultation

Digital consultation makes sense as the whole purpose of creating the app was to make healthcare more accessible to women.

Even though AI is used in most apps in their chat API, there may be a lot of detailed or complicated questions that women need to ask doctors. That’s why digital consultation is needed.

You can always partner with professionals who are on board to offer online advice or medication to the patients.

☛ Refer & Earn

The refer and earn feature is a lucrative one. You can not only expand your user base but give your existing users some benefits in exchange for their help.

Thus, a win-win situation for all parties involved.

What Are The Problems In Developing A Woman’s Health Tracking App?

Even though it seems all perfect on the outside, there are challenges in developing any kind of application. A woman’s health tracking app is no different. Some of the potential challenges are discussed below:

☛ Experts

The experts or specialists you convince to work with your app play an integral role. The absence of experts will result in the analytical inaccuracy of the collected data.

If you want to create an app that helps women with their symptoms and cycle then it is absolutely necessary to have a team of specialists on board.

☛ App Design

Everyone knows the importance of visual appeal. It plays a crucial role in keeping your audience engaged with the app.

As mentioned earlier, there is still taboo around topics of women’s health, they don’t prefer anyone to know what they are up to when they open the application.

As we are talking about the target audience, there are chances that other genders also use the app. Therefore, make sure that the UI/UX design of your app doesn’t relate to a specific audience.

☛ Data Privacy

The increasing concerns around data privacy might refrain people from signing up for your application. To make them feel assured about their data’s privacy, make it clear how the app will be using their data. Moreover, every country has different laws regarding data. So, you need to know the compliance laws before launching your app in a country.

Popular Women’s Health Tracking Apps:

☛ Clue

Clue App

The clue is a period tracker app online which is accurate and user-friendly. It is not only the most popular one but also a top-rated application.

Clue helps women keep a track of their menstruation and ovulation cycles. The app uses Machine Learning to inform the users in advance about their PMS, fertile, and infertile days.

A user can track all changes related to their menstruation cycle in a period calendar.

☛ Flo

Flo App

While Clue uses Machine learning, Flo makes use of AI. It is also a period, ovulation, and fertility tracker. Flo app is well-known for its accurate time tracker, ovulation calendar, and pregnancy calculator.

If a user regularly enters their data in the Flo app, it can give more precise information about the user’s menstruation and ovulation cycles.

To say the least, if you want to keep an accurate track of your overall menstrual health then Flo is the app.

☛ Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles App

It is a cycle tracker and contraceptive app. The primary purpose of using the Natural Cycles app for women is to choose when they want to get pregnant and when they want to avoid one.

Other women’s health tracking apps measure the basal body temperature at one-tenth of a degree. Whereas Natural Cycles measure it at one-hundredth of a degree.


In the present conditions, when women have become significant contributors to the economy of world, it is necessary to take care of their well-being too.

That is what a women’s health tracking app is for. If you are interested in developing one then you understand the condition of women in the country you are planning to launch the app.

Understanding their needs will help you design a better application that will be eventually successful amongst the users as it caters to their requirements. You can also check out what your competitors lack to get an edge over them.

Whatever Android or iPhone app development company you hire for your project will definitely help you with all the research. Go ahead and make efforts to bring your dream app alive on the screens!

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