Do you mostly read your Books from eBook Reader App? If so, do you know what is the cost of development? Let’s find out the Cost to Develop an App like Kindle!

People love to read books. It helps them to increase their intellect, make them wiser, and keep them engaged. But sometimes it becomes hectic to keep the book all time with you.


In this case, apps like Kindle are like a blessing to the readers. In the Kindle app, people can read any of their favorite books on their mobile phones. The best thing about the Kindle app is that it provides an excellent experience to the readers.

If you already are a kindle reader then you might know this thing. The best thing about being an ebook reader is that you don’t have to carry a book all the time with you. It means you can be a kindle reader online.

There are several books that you can read as an online kindle reader. You should know that the kindle online reading feature provides you an ebook store. This online store makes kindle read online the best ebook reader app.

This reading app is the best book reader app among the entire ebook app category. I hope that you are aware of the fact that what is an ebook. In simple words, an e-book is the electronic form of any book.

It can be academic, novel, horror, or fiction. It is well known that online book-reading apps are trending a lot nowadays. If you are also a thing to develop an eBook Reader App Like Kindle, you should do proper research in advance.

It includes the Cost to Develop an App like Kindle. In this all process you need to take the help of an Android App Development Company. But, they will create this app for the iPhone as well.

Let us know about the features and facts of the kindle app for android and iPhone. But before that let us know what a Kindle app is exactly.

What is Kindle?

Amazon Kindle App

You must have heard about the Kindle reading app. It is an online book-reading app developed by Amazon. It is the best thing that book readers can have.

Readers can open this ebook reader app on any device, whether it’s a mobile or a tablet. You can enjoy reading for several hours.

The best thing is that kindle book readers can enjoy reading various stories on a single platform. And the cost of using is very nominal.

What are the Features of the Kindle eBook App?

There are several features that this online reading app does have. Let us check out the major ones first.

☛ Easy Login & Registration:

The first feature of this app is, easy to install, register, and log in. There is no complex process for registration on this app. It doesn’t matter whether you are an android ebook reader or iPhone eBook reader.

In both cases, you will have a smooth user experience. After registering, the reader gets credentials and easy access to the kindle library.

The kindle apps android and the kindle apps iPhone, both will provide the same books to the user. Besides that kindle app’s cost of installation is zero. Anybody can download it for free from the play store.

☛ Accessible to Every Device:

The next feature of the Amazon Kindle is that it is accessible on almost every device. If you have a mobile then it’s perfect, but in case you have a tablet or desktop, it works with the same efficiency.

There is no restriction on the type of device that you have. It is available on multi-platforms.

☛ Access to the Night Mode:

Most of the time, you get time to read at night. But reading on a mobile device for so long can make a bad impact on your eyes.

Kindle understands this feature, so you get access to the night mode in the kindle book reading app. If you are reading the book during the night, you can turn on the night mode.

In this way, your eyes will feel relaxed for a longer time and you can also enjoy reading your favorite book online.

☛ Availability in Multi-Languages:

It doesn’t matter in which country you live or what language you speak. Kindle has overcome all these limitations for its users. You can enjoy your favorite book in your language.

It can be English, French, or Spanish. You select and start reading.

☛ Estimated Time to Read:

It is one of the best features that this app provides. It gives the idea to the users about the time to read in advance. In this way, you can choose a book to read according to the availability of the time.

☛ Overview:

The next top feature that comes in the list is that in this app you will get an overview of everything. You can get an idea of the book before starting to read it.

It will show you the content list, time to read per page, and other measures like the total number of pages. So it becomes easier to read, in simple words the user gets the idea of almost everything in advance.

☛ Push Notification:

This is the next best feature of the Amazon Kindle. The users get notified every time there is a new update on the book store. This is the best way of keeping the user engaged.

Because getting the app downloaded by the users is not the only purpose of the app developers. It’s also the logins and the time that users spend on the app.

☛ The Facility of integrating with other Social Media:

Sharing is something that always provides you with a different level of joy and happiness. This reading app has integrated the option of sharing your reads on other social media as well.

The users are free to rate the reading experience with their social media friends. It keeps them excited and creates interest in other people as well.

☛ Audiobooks:

In today’s busy world, nobody has time to sit and then read. Some people have an interest in stories but they find reading a little hectic process.

In this case, audiobooks are like a blessing. People love to hear stories. They love this feature. After all that can be better than, somebody ready a book for them, it’s amazing.

This feature allows them to enjoy the book even while running and walking.

☛ Offline Reading

On the Kindle reading app, readers can enjoy reading their favorite books offline as well. It is not necessary to be online always to read the book on Kindle. It works even if you are facing the problem of a poor internet connection.

So, these are the top feature of Kindle that you must amend in the reading app that you are planning to develop.

Cost to Develop App like Kindle:

Amazon Kindle Tablet App

You should know the fact that it’s not a single person who is going to create this app. There will be several professionals who play an important role in this process. These are:

  • 1 project manager
  • 1 UI/UX designer
  • 1–2 developers for each platform (iOS, Android)
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1–2 QA specialists

These are the most essential professionals. You will need them in the development of But app. There are going to be more people. So, the cost of development will depend on all these factors.

After that, it also depends on the features and complexities of the app that you are going to create. The more complex it will be the more costly it is going to be.

The next development cost deciding factor is the choice of app Development Company. Some reputed companies charge a lot, but, some can do the same work for you at the same cost.

Including all these factors, the general cost of the app development is going to be around $32,000. If you want some advanced or extra features the cost will increase.


Now you know how to make an ebook and all the features of the app Kindle. You also have an estimated idea of the Cost to Develop an App like Kindle.

All you need to do is to hire the best android or iPhone App Development Company now. Tell them whatever you want and get the best eBook app.