Food-ordering mobile apps are in huge demand. Their need and usage are increasing. The9se applications allow food retailers like restaurants to create their online presence. So, let’s find out the Cost to Develop an App Like Talabat.

Through this, retailers can increase their business traffic and get more customers to buy food. You can enjoy delicacies in the comfort of your home, thanks to this type of food delivery apps.

Online Food Delivery Market Size

Also, in the era of COVID-19, where people avoid contact with people, food delivery mobile apps can get a huge boon. There are many benefits that a customer can achieve;

  • Safe delivery of Food
  • Contactless and Hygienic
  • Safety precautions for employees are also taken care of

☛ Above are the reasons which make applications like Talabat, a necessity

One of the most desired food delivery mobile apps is Talabat. It is a well-known food company that lets customers order food online.

Talabat is an application that originated in Qatar which helps to order food from the comfort of their home. It lets people search for near restaurants and the meals they prepare.

You can also review your final order after adding it to your cart. The best thing about these applications is as you can make changes by letting the restaurant know.

Now, after selecting all their food preferences, one can very place an order for it. Apart from food choice, one can also choose the payment method.

There are various payment methods for any food delivery app like Talabat. This food delivery app makes customers’ life a lot easier. One doesn’t need to wait in long queues when they order food from a mobile food delivery app.

Talabat is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. It must be one of the features of your food ordering application. As you develop your food delivery app, it is important to target a varied audience at once.

This is mandatory to increase the crowd on your platform. One of the possible ways to do it is to make your food delivery app available both on Apple and Android phones.

Your reach will increase. The output will make it popular amongst your customers.

Talabat covers the major regions in and around Qatar. This includes regions like Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and UAE.

This, in fact, is very important for learning. As you develop a mobile app, make sure to list all the major regions in and around the city.

Structure of an Online Food Delivery App:

☛ Very First and Foremost Step

Penning down the idea into a proper structure should be your plan.

You should list out what you wish to include, or else you may end up with an application that may not work.

The first step to developing a food ordering app is, to understand the functioning or structure of the app.

You must know how the industry works and in which key areas you must invest to make your business much success. If you a novice, our advice is to go to a mobile app development company for a better understanding of the process.

Here you can find many services for both iOS or Android platforms. Hence you can choose to either hire an Android app developer or hire an iPhone app developer.

Successful apps like Talabat work on a three-tier structure:

Application for Customers:

Online Food Delivery App

This is the application available for download on the Play Store or Apple store. If you are a business owner or the owner of the app, you can choose to display safe delivery options.

You must also be sure that your application is easy to use. This is important at the customer level as the target audience can be anyone. You can include various apps supporting local languages like English, French, and Latin.

Doing this will make it popular amongst people as they browse your app and order food for themselves. Keep the number of options of technicalities as less as possible.

Stage 1: Admin level

  • This is where the order is processed at the restaurant level. This is the most critical tier of a food app.
  • This step is important as here you can manage your orders, their status, and their processing. Other than that, information on people connected with you.
  • This is the section where you can update menu cards, prices, and reviews too for your food place.
  • Hence, this is where extra care must be taken. Guide your app developer to make this platform more secure than the rest of the two.

Stage 2: Delivery boy level

  • On this level, the delivery boy picks up the food.
  • This is where the food is transferred from the restaurant to your home. This can be accessed only by the registered delivery boys.
  • They pick up the customer’s food order and take them through a vehicle to the location asked.
  • 9/10 applications work on the geo-tracking system making it appropriate for users. This helps to track the rider who picked up your food for delivery.

A Catch for the Restaurant Owner:

As per a survey, all major food delivery apps take a commission to

Many food delivery apps get a small commission from restaurants or stores registered or working with them. You can also include as many restaurants as possible and earn through the commission.

Note that this monetary compensation is eligible to be paid by the restaurants only and not the customers.

Food Delivery App Features:

Food Delivery App Development Features

  • Use of CRM: Various companies have excelled in CRM. By including them, you can build a list of a good amount of satisfied customers.
  • Lingual: This is important. For the locales to reach your business, make sure that your application has support for various regional languages.
  • Offers: Provide your customers with various coupons. This is the most crucial trick to keep the customers engaged in using your app as frequently as possible.
  • Notifications: Using the notification panel of your customer’s mobile, you can more engage in your business. Notify them of your latest offers, or when they place orders, be sure to inform them about the order and its status. You can also use GPS for location tracking and its display on the customer’s device.
  • Reviews: Reviews make a huge change. Ask your users to provide you with as many reviews as possible. And not only getting the ratings will help. You must also work on the reviews honestly.
  • Easy Signup: You can keep the Signup process easy. Methods like registering through mobile number, or Facebook or Gmail account.
  • Various payment methods: Major food delivery apps, give customers to choice of payment options. You can give customers the option to pay via credit card, net banking, and wallets.

☛ Food Delivery App Development Cost

If you are into this with no doubt, then the estimated cost for developing any food ordering app like Talabat can cost you no less than $20,000.

However, various factors decide the pricing of your food ordering app development like the app’s features, design, and UI/UX.

Here we have discussed some relevant factors which will help you decide what can be the actual cost of developing a food-ordering app.

What is your Target Platform?

Think about it. On which platform do you want your app to work iOS, Android, or both? While a native food delivery app will cost you something more than $15,000 an app that works on both iOS and Android will cost you more than $20,000.

☛ Your desired User-Interface

This is what butter to the bread is. A simple yet attractive and easy-to-use interface can do wonders for your business.

A simple and easy-to-use interface will attract more customers. Hence, keep your eyes here too.

To develop such an ideal GUI, you must hire a professional developer. And based on his work, he will charge you.

☛ Cost to Develop App Like Talabat

Cost to Develop App like Talabat

This factor can adversely affect your pocket. Decide what features you want and if you want a basic, moderate, or modern app. The more complex it gets, the more expensive it gets.

The price of basic features ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. And the modern app starts at $30,000.

☛ App Development Team

See, there are two methods to develop an application. The first one is to hire a team of professional software developers.

These are professionals whose daily job is to design some extraordinarily fluent apps and earn a huge amount of money. Or you can also hire an in-house developer. It is totally up to you.

However, if you are thinking of something big like the Talabat food ordering mobile app, you will not be satisfied with an In-house app developer hence, you must hire a team of professionals.

This team will collect all the resources possible from the market and use them judiciously in your app development.


Above we have tried to list everything that is essential for you to understand related to food delivery apps and also you know about the Cost to Develop an App Like Talabat.

Money is valuable and before investing anywhere, you must know where you are investing and how much can you earn profit.

Based on our research, you can know, how you can invest more, or curb your expenses while developing your food ordering app.

Want to Build an App like Talabat?